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365 Days

BY MARIA TITIZIAN In the absence of faith and hope and belief living can often be dwindled away, becoming mundane, a chore, destroying the core of what we were meant to do or be to others as human beings. These past few weeks we have been in a deep winter freeze in Yerevan. Temperatures have

The Armenian Istanbul

When my Marashtsi grandmother moved to Canada, I was 12 years old. I had only seen pictures of her. She was the typical Armenian grandmother of her generation, the survivor generation…plump, dressed in dark clothes, long, willowy white hair tied in a bun, round face, full lips and tired eyes. When she finally landed in Toronto, I thought my life would be complete. I had felt the absence of grandparents in my life and I was ready to embrace her wholly.

The Cycle of Life: 25 Years On

Every Armenian on the planet remembers the moment they heard the news.
On December 7, 1988 at exactly 11:41 AM the ground beneath our homeland shifted. When the earth stopped moving, 25,000 people were dead, tens of thousands were injured, and hundreds of thousands were left homeless as villages, towns and cities were devastated by an earthquake that was felt around the world.