Armenia Says Turkey ‘Squandered’ Trust As Negotiating Party

BELGIUM (RFE/RL)–Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian has again accused Turkey of foiling a rapprochement that would end nearly a century of feud between the two neighboring states.

He stressed that Ankara “has wasted its stock of confidence as a partner in negotiations” by advancing preconditions and breaking the agreed terms of the process that came to a standstill last month.

Sarkisian made the statement during a Tuesday meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen as part of his continuing visit to Belgium, his press office reported.

The Armenian president late last month announced the suspension of the parliamentary ratification of the Turkish-Armenian normalization protocols in Armenia and in doing so, in particular, cited Ankara’s repeated attempts to set preconditions and its failure to honor commitments regarding the timeframe of the ratification of the deal.

In his address to the nation in late April, Sarkisian, however, said he had decided not to withdraw Yerevan’s signature from the agreements inked last October at the request of the United States, Russia and other foreign powers that have strongly supported his policy of rapprochement with Turkey.

Sarkisian headed a delegation including Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, Economy Minister Nerses Yeritsian and other officials on a working visit to Belgium May 25-27. In Brussels the Armenian leader has been scheduled to hold a series of meetings with top European officials, including President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. Meetings with representatives of the Armenian organizations of Belgium and the Netherlands are also planned.

In Brussels the Armenian leader has been scheduled to hold a series of meetings with top European officials, including President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. Meetings with representatives of the Armenian organizations of Belgium and the Netherlands are also planned.

Sarkisian and NATO’s secretary general on Tuesday discussed issues pertaining to Armenia-NATO cooperation. Both sides, as reported by the Armenian president’s press office, praised progress made in these relations in the past decade.


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  1. Baruyr said:

    Well duhhh!!!!

    Turkey squandered Armenia’s trust just like Sarkisian squandered the trust of Armenians across the globe by repeatedly trying to sellout our cause for half smiles and chump change by ignoramus fat cats in DC and Brussels.

    Are there any shameless RA sympathizers online today who are usually so keen in trying to whitewash Sarkisian’s despicable record of defeatist actions?


  2. Barkev Asadourian said:


  3. MihranK said:

    Serzh should never be trusted, he has lost all respect and trust, his name will go down as the President who is prepared to sell Armenian National interests.

  4. eddy said:

    Armenian Diaspora should refuse to meet President Sarkisyan and his team,, if this not possible; Inthis cxase Diaspora should ask him tough questions. It is not so important what Sarkisyan says (who wil care what Sarkisyan said in X intervoew etc) more important is , what he has signed or is going to sign and the way which country is being governed!

    President Serzh Sargsyan might be a good commander/ general (and was) but he is a very bad – terrible – politician. Due to irresponsible and naïve actions of Serzh Sargsyan and his team Turkey managed to neutralize Armenian Diaspora. Today Serzh Sargsyan and Nalbandyan have become a tool in the hands of rulers in Baku and Ankara. Armenian Diaspora can no longer neutralize all damages which being caused by the authorities sitting in Marshal Bagramian str …

    Starting from 2008 ( bloody March events) Armenian Diaspora is dealing with pile of broken glasses caused by the authorities and opposition. The “hidden” negation of protocols and lies followed was just the peak of irresponsible politic pursed by Serzh Sargsyan and his team ( Creation of so called “Minster of Diaspora ” was part of the game – We should not forget Charles Aznavour- RA ambassador to Switzerland was even not allow to speak on April 24 2010!!) !

    In the same day as Turkey did singe the well known Protocols, Turkey freeze the ratification of protocols by putting the old preconditions and demanding even more (partially included in Protocols). Months later Serzh Sargsyan is playing game for the Armenian public and announcing in an address to the “nation” the “freezing” of the ratification of protocols. Ignoring the fact, that he has already sold out Diaspora and issue of Armenia Genocide to turkey without getting anything. Worse his actions increased the involvement of Turkey in NK issue and weakened Armenian Diaspora!

    Serzh Sargsyan is implementing a bad version of Levons foreign policy of 90´s (–(not even updated). Armenian Diaspora is not able to neutralize the damages caused by Sargsyan administration- It would be easier to deal with Ankara and Baku …!

    Maybe Aliyev´sregime can help us to get ride of these untalented politicians by passing a similar resolution in PACE. But I think Ankara and Baku have realized how valuable such untalented and naive politicians and bureaucrats indeed are!

  5. Armanen said:


    Serj has done quite well since he has been in office, especially when you look at the effects of the current economic crisis in Armenia and its major trading partners, such as Russia. His foreign policy has been pretty good too, he made turkey look like a joke. But you three, and I too many others, can’t see beyond your noses. Keep living it up in LA or wherever you may be and leave real political discussion to those who have more than a few ounces of grey matter.

  6. Zaven S. said:

    Hey Armanen! Save the melodrama kid and wake up to reality.

    If you and your ilk were as naive in dealing with Azerbaijan as you very clearly appear to be in dealing with Turkey, perhaps some of your misguided strategies could help in surrendering all of Artsakh as well…

    I wish your ilk all the best as only they appear to be “living it up” near the Black Sea Resorts off the backs of our cause, which by the way the rest of us haven’t forsaken for kickbacks.

    Best wishes from Canada!

  7. manooshag said:

    Hye Serge and Edward, you have shown over and over that you both are in the pockets of the world leaders who have not ANY interest in Haiastan’s future – Haiastan as a free entity. You both have done your ‘best’ (for yourselves) which has been the worst for the future of the citizens of Haiastan – our men, women and children who deserve well prepared Armenians who have the future of the Haiastan as their greatest priority. You might know that when Armenian was in 1918-1920 – for only two years – our greatest selfless patriots efforts were outstanding – evidently feelings Serge and Edward have none, sadly. NOW, leave Haiastan – move away, far away… not near any Armenians you might offend. Manooshag