White House Makes Bryza Nomination Official

WASHINGTON—The White House on Tuesday officially nominated Matthew Bryza as the next US Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

He currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian Affairs, and until recently was the US co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group that is mediating the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

As co-chairman, Bryza, who is married to Turkish author Zeyno Baran, enjoyed a rich relationship with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev and his close circle of leaders and advisers. Often times his controversial tenure as the US co-chairman was marred by his obvious support for Azerbaijan in the peace process and his denial of the Armenian Genocide.

“We look to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the full U.S. Senate to carefully scrutinize Mr. Bryza’s record, his formal testimony, and responses to the inquiries that he will face during his confirmation process,” said Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian.  “As we have outlined publicly on a number of occasions, we continue to have an array of concerns about Mr. Bryza’s conduct of U.S. diplomacy – as an NSC official, a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and as the U.S. negotiator in the Nagorno Karabagh peace process – and, as such, look forward to a vigorous process of advice and consent by the Senate.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will first tackle the nomination, and if approved, it will go to a vote to entire Senate.

The ANCA is urging Armenian Americans to appeal to their senators for scrutiny on Bryza’s nomination by joining the urgent action alert: http://www.capwiz.com/anca/issues/alert/?alertid=15062881&type=CO


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  1. Ishkhan babajanian MD said:


    US Dept. Dear Madam Secretary Candalisa Rice and Mr. Mathew Bryza. 1.5 million Armenian-American US taxpayers plus 6 million Armenian all over the world are very disappointed and angry for Mr. Mathew Bryza’s strange and biased announcement regarding Nagorno-Karabakh(Artsakh) conflict. He is acting very irresponsibly and making a tense situation even worse.

    We think he has no any historical knowledge about that region or people living there..

    Mr. Bryza you should know that more than a century Turks and later Azeris and Bolsheviks persecuted, oppressed and massacred Armenian people. There is centuries animosty between MuslemTurks, Azeris and Christian Armenians.Therefore it’s impossible that Karabakh(Artsakh) people will accept Azebaijani rule once again. Since Karabakh/Artsakh is a life and death issue for all Armenians I assure you that there will be a blood bath in Karabakh which will spread all over region if Azerbaijani regain Stalin created old borders.

    With all respect this young and inexperienced diplomate sometimes makes such unusual statements to make Turks happy But he is not realize that this kind announcements can create more problems in that region and will harm peace process intensifying an already volatile situation. At least he doesn’t even consider US Ambassador’s recent statement for Karabakh’s “self determination”

    Everyone (ncluding Mr.Bryza) should know and undersatand that N.Karabakh is our ancestral and bibilical land and it belong to their rightful historical owners. Armenians shed blood in Karabakh and they will never ever give up Karabakh back to Azerbaijan. If coerced into such a situation 7.5 million Armenians with one voice (and power) will fight to preserve Karabakh’s /Artsakh’s independence and freedom. In addition Armenians are never forget nor forgive such action, whoever is responsible for it.
    We beg you if you don’t care about justice, prejudice and/or massacre of this suffering Christian nation’s past history. at least don’t put US and the West oil Interests in jeopardy or ruin your legacy…

    Thank you

    Ishkhan Babajanian MD.



  2. Alex Postallian said:

    Matthew Bryza is a Jew,and married to a turk, what a dangerous combination for Armenia.H.Clinton head of the diplomatic corps knew.No help from him in the Azerbaijan situation.He is coming in with a cloud of bias surrounding him and try to DOUBLE TALK his way. He has been a supporter of YELLOW STAIN turkey for a long time…

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Dirty politics throwing Us—
    New cohorts arose from genocides;
    Once again,
    In… theirs planned slaughtering machines.

    I’m happy the earth is still flat
    And hopes to stay always flat
    People will walk hubris, pride
    Could be sold in any prize

    Till their turn arrives
    To through them in known graves,
    But, with cursed names.

  4. Zareh said:

    The guy is married with a turkish Baran. No wonder that he’s pro-turkish and anti-armenian. If he was married with an armenian he would be pro-armenian and anti-turkish. Azeri were unhappy with US attitute towards baku and were urging more respect. Now US sends a pro turkish/azeri packed up ambassador, so they happy. But so what, what influence does this have on actual policies? Let the sultan of twat marry also one zeri Kaziol and he will have a full set: Baran and Kaziol.

  5. Robert said:

    Oh wow! Now you realize that you can’t ALWAYS have things your way, no matter how much you whine and cry about it!! Listen to yourselves just once…you’re ALL like a group of spoiled brats! Now can you understand why the entire world is so sick and tired of you people!! Every year congress grits their teeth, knowing that, as usual, the whiners will be there trying ti jam down the throats of the legislators, and the American people, more of the 100 year-old continuos con job!! Instaed of acting like little spoiled children, always expecting, demading, being entitled to, etc, that the world owes you something and that they should do your dirty work for you, grow up and mature. Agree to an open public forum debate with us…with FULL media coverage! Then open up your archives in Yerevan and Boston, MA! That’s how you’ll start gettind some respect…BY BEGINNING TO EARN IT!! Until that time…Go cry me a river!!!

  6. Zareh said:

    Oh my littile “Robertik”, you changed your name from Ahmed to Robert hoping to be less ridiculous and pass off for a non-tukishlar?! Hahaha… You are right, you should be ashamed of your origins. Put Robert, Mattieuw, Henry, Jack or sth like that but don’t put Ahmed and such…, you know the general feelings of the most of the world towards you people…

  7. Alex Postallian said:

    Robert:I would rather shed a few honest tears then my country to be known as OLD YELLOW STAIN.In WW1 jerky or turkey was part of the Axis Germany/Austria.When they were soundlly beaten by an equal force of the Allies,They turned YELLOW,groveled on their knees,to join the Allies.So they toppled attaturkeys govtand turned their defeat and anger on the poor unarmed Armenians women,children and old people.That was their kind of fight.So robert call me crybaby,if you will,but I wont be remembered or my people,asYELLOW STAIN.I can always remove my coat,because I have no YELLOW STAIN up my back.The reason you were not taught that part of your heritage,they been trying to cover it up,,like the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.YES OLD YELLOW STAIN turkey.

  8. Edward said:

    Dearest Mongel Mongol ,robbie , what do you mean by `the whole world is sick & tired of you people`. The whole world is not you &yer mongel mongol boyfriends ahmak ahmed & murat & if the 3 of you cannot come in the lavatory of the turkish embassy on Cristopher street that`s no peason to indulge in yer half-witted bird-brained pathetic or in a word TURKISH gibberige.Dear dear ,do you know the meaning of the english expression `talking turkey`? Please robbie, all armenians are down on their knees begging you to stop the self-abuse for a moment,hard as it is for a Great turk like you, open a dictionary to see what it means and that`s what the whole world , not just the gay triplets of you ,thinks of when they hear a turk speaking.And , robbie, all armenians promise to cry you an ocean of rivers as soon as you learn to swim – we dont want to see such a marvellous turk of a camel drown leaving this world a poorer place.One thing more – what happened with yer promise to shut down the bloody racist & terrorist dashnak web-sites?We all know how much the promises of a turk are worth for ,but please try to convince Bill Gates,pres.Obama or at least your GP of yer noble intentions.

  9. Raaff said:

    Turkish hypocrisy and political game continued ….
    ——————————————————————— This misguided and brainwashed under fake names (possibly Turkish agents) by infiltrating in Armenian Media Desperately trying to put upside down the historical facts about Armenian Genocide They using all kind of false accusations toward Armenians. including world opinions Sir (Fake people) You must know that World are not sick and tired from Armenians but from your Government who denying Armenian Genocide and just now are killing Kurdish Women and Children inside and outside Turkey. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. What we see happening is that Turkish and some other country’s politicians meet behind closed doors and devise often unethical strategies for their gains. Since WWI, Turkey has been effective in marketing itself as a US ally, a Soviet ally, a Russian ally, a Muslim ally, an Iranian ally, a European ally, a Nazi ally, a Jewish ally, an Azeri ally, a Palestenian ally. They are even a Chechen ally and a de facto Al Queida ally. In the end their shortchange everyone but are conniving enough for none to notice.

  10. manooshag said:

    Hye, Robert the robot Turk, et al, educated with the lies of the Turkish educational system by their own
    lying leaders – and we see the results… robot robert, et al. Manooshag

  11. Harb said:

    Dr. Babajanian, I expect my country (USA) to vigorously pursue its own interests with the EU, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan-any country. Armenia doesn’t get a pass because my cultural lineage happens to be Armenian. If Bryza is judged by our State Department to be ready to effectively represent the interests of the USA in Azerbaijan and I have no reason to believe he can’t represent the interests of the USA, then I am ok with his appointment. The Turkish connection may help him be more effective. I expect the USA to be a strong spokesman for Armenian interests if and only if Armenian interests coincide with the interests of the USA. Mr. Bryza is not going to Azerbaijan to represent Armenian interests, he is there to push the interests of the USA.

  12. Alex Postallian said:

    I wish to thank MY AMERICA,as a ARMENIAN,that gave my parents haven.They were real Americans,worked hard,never asked for subsistence,patriotic,raised my brother and me.In later years,I asked my Dad,” how come you dont have the scared eyes,or looking over your shoulder any more.He said: I am an American,I dont have to worry anymore.He came from a little viilyet in turkey and only spoke turkish.I always resented it.Armenian is a beautiful spoken language,to the ears.turkish is a rough,gutteral sound,like coming from a pig pen.Yes,Dad, you dont have to worry anymore. R.I.P.