EU Leader Calls for Karabakh Membership in Europe

YEREVAN (Combined Source)—“The European Union should offer associate membership to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan,” said the former Speaker of Slovakia’s parliament at a press conference Tuesday after serving as an election observer in Sunday’s parliamentary vote in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

In highlighting the importance of resolving the Karabakh conflict to all of Europe, the former speaker, Frantisek Miklosko, said a model resembling the confederation with the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg—known as the Benelux model—could be applied to the region, once the countries accept European integration.

As a result of such a model, he said, the EU would promote the rapid development of the three countries and will prepare them as future candidates for EU membership.

“The future of all of Europe is being discussed in Nagorno-Karabakh today. I can compare Europe with a huge strong chain, though, the chain can be stronger if all its links are equally strong and there is no weak link,” Mikloško said, adding that the Karabakh conflict resolution is closely being watch by all of Europe.

Ruling out war as a solution, Miklosko emphasized the need for Azerbaijan to comprehend the urgency of the matter.

Milosko noted the positive efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group, adding, however, that “it has reached a deadlock now because it defends the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan on one hand and the right to self-determination of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh on the other hand.”

In discussing the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic elections, Milosko expressed surprise at European structures for not recognizing the elections.

“What does Europe accept if not democracy?” he said.

“The elections in Nagorno Karabakh were held in a free, democratic and exceptionally calm atmosphere, and fully corresponded to all EU standards,” Milosko told the press conference.


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  1. vahe said:

    yes the karabakh conflict resolution is being watched by all of europe, with each country serving it’s own interests and not keeping in mind the horrors armenians faced for around 70 years when artsakh was under azerbaijan. Why has no one recognized karabakh’s independence ? has the eu looked at how elections are held in azn or arm ? this was the only ‘democratic’ one out of all of them and eu does not seem to care ? and when will someone say something that there is no ‘azeri territotial integrity’ when most of it was armenian land to begin with ? not to mention that it was handed to them JUST after we faced a GENOCIDE ?!?! do yourselves a big favour and google ‘and the fraud had a name: azerbaijan, the real , the fake, and the absurd” and please share it with all your friends/families. god bless you all.

  2. Nairian said:

    Good for you Vahe and thank you for your justified post above that reflects both my thoughts and my feelings about our Artsakh. Why don’t they (all of Europe, America and Russia) get the hell out of our case and start bugging Turkey for Cyprus and the Genocide they committed with American guns to the poor civilian Greeks just in the mid 60’s and then they gulped Northern part of Cyprus. Just 70 years ago the villian Bolsheviks gave our Artsakh and our Nakhichevan to the “azeri” man-eater vermins. Our Armenian civilians have been eaten alive in Baku, Sumgeit and two other cities in “Azerbaijan”.

    European Union, U.S.A., Russia and France get the heck out of our little Artsakh lands that belonged to us for thousands of years. Not one inch of land must be given back to the “azeri” vermins. A country called “azerbaijan” never existed 100 years before to the east of Armenia and Artsakh. We won the war in Artsakh in 1994 and it is ours as it has been ours for thousands of years. Period!!

  3. Nairian said:

    A correction to my post above. We won the war in Artsakh in 1992 and Artsakh is part of Armenia, so everybody else HANDS OFF!!!

  4. Grish Begian said:

    Azerbaijan is a place where Shiite and Sunny Muslims are in fight over newly built ‘Mosques’ within their tribal population …Alyiev Sheikhdom will be a blood bath in the future time, Iran and Turkey are dominant power over Azerbaijan..EU leaders either are blind or do not care about this ancient oil supplier..Alyiev and his puppet friends are fully aware of that…he simply likes to dump his internal problems over Armenians and Artsakh..if this permanent corrupted horse, smell of civil war, he will unleash his disorganized and undisciplined troops over Artsakh, for his security..this is why his propaganda machine buzzing in their internal news and in European capitals, presenting Armenians as Azeri enemies and occupier of Gharehbagh..

  5. Katia K. said:

    The EU, US, Britain have all become a joke! The only reason why everyone descended upon Karabagh to examine the elections was to find something wrong so that they can use it against Karabagh’s self determination process. After seeing how smoothly everything went, they had the audacity to announce that the elections did not mean anything and that they still do not recognize Karabagh’s independence. Karabagh is going by the book, doing everything that qualifies as Democratic and the countries that supposedly promote Democracy are not recognizing it! I guess they only recognize the Democracies that are suitable to them. Like the Democracy of Turkey where Kurdish kids are thrown in jail, and journalists assassinated. Then again, you have to when your wife is Turkish. We have to announce this charade to the whole world and make a mockery out of these hypocrites. For the Armenians to survive an attempted ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan than fight a war that they did not start and go through hell to get a piece of their homeland, Karabagh, back to then be treated like an occupier is unbearably and insanely unjust. It goes to show that we have no friends in this world, and we better stand together in unity and strategic planning. I think it is time for Armenia to recommend that these countries review the region’s history, to remember that it is Karabagh and Nakhichevan’s territorial integrity that have been violated for 70 years when Stalin gave them to Azerbaijan, and while they are at it they should also review Democracy 101. And after making these recommendations, Armenia should officially recognize the independence of Karabagh. If we are waiting for these other countries to do so first, we might wait from here to eternity.

  6. Avanessian said:

    We do have to stick to-gether and fight for our rights;

  7. eddy said:

    EU , Russia and others should learn to respect Armenia including NKR!

    The key to the territorial integrity of Iran, China and Russian federation is in the hand of Armenia, as the key to “pan turan”. The same key could pay the way for “pan turan” and make out of so called “modern Turkey” a BIG MONSTER and a far more dangerous neighbour of Europe and others…….
    Armenia is not a country created by GB, US or gifted by UN Security Council! Armenians themselves have saved with there blood this small peace of there historic home land – Including NK!
    Armenia is Armenia; Armenia (including NKR) is the historic home land of Armenian while Turkey and “Republic of Azerbaijani” are in realty the adopted home land of “Turks” and “Tatar Turks”- or so called Azerbaijani as Stalin used to call them!” ……………….
    PS: Today NK issue and “refuges” being abused and used skilfully by Turkey and rules in Baku to spread nationalism within Iranian Azeri’s: Rulers in Baku know that NK was never part of an independent Azerbaijani republic- Republic of Azerbaijan is a land created by Turkish war lord Nuri Pasha back on 1918 on parts of Historic Armenia! .

  8. manooshag said:

    Hye, Serge/Edward – did you comprehend that an honest election was held in Artsakh? That’s what dedicated Armenians – the world over – seek for our Haiastan… You are not, nor can you be the honest leaders of our Haiastan so, take your leave – now – and allow honest dedicated patriots save our Haiastan… (remembering our patriots-all- including those of the two (2) years before Armenia became
    USSR republic)… By leaving, now, you take away your convoluted mentality, give all Armenians across the world hooys – which Haiastan deserves, is worthy of…

  9. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    I fully agree with Nairian and Katia K, i just want to add something that Armenian leaders should be more influential, how many years we have to wait until Artsalh/Karabagh to be recognized as a democratic independent autonomy, it is up to Artsakh/Karabagh to decide their own faith. Anybody remembers where Haidar Aliev, though it was Soviet Union Passport, but his place of birth was officially written: NAKHIJEVAN, ARMENIA, i never forget that at that time he was calling himself Armenian by birth. Second, I fully agree with Manooshag, i couldn’t write more what she put down on Serge Sargsyan and Edward Nalbandian, i just want to tell them leave your jobs, both of you are not educated politically enough to rule our beloved country Armenia, the sooner the better, give way to politically correct ones who are knowledgeable, smart, understand what the enemy’s intention is, both of you either coward and naive, or you are bribed by superpowers for your own pocket to have a luxurious lives with your families.The world is watching your weakness, otherwise you should recognize Artsakh/Karabagh as a free country by the choice of its people, you even should ask our rights from Azerbaijan our Nakhijevan 70 yrs ago when the dictator, Joseph Stalin, gave it to Azerbaijan by his choice, to benefit from the oil and gas there. Damn him, he always put our Armenian soldiers upfront when there was a war to be killed first. I want to remind both Armenians and Azerbaijanis, that Haider Alief’s USSR passport showe his birth place Nakhijevan, Armenia, then why Azeris, with their brain drain so called President who makes the rules by himself, no election, unlimited term dictator thief, spends the oil money on heavy artillery weapons war retheoric, threatening our ligimatimate human rights to wage a war on Artsakh/Karabagh, who knows nothing other than war, i give him below “0” in his political knowledge, but over 100% yes he is nothing but a war monger. So where are the leaders of other countries, pressuring Armenia to return our land back to the barbarian leader of Azerbaijan, where their were no Azerbaijan on the global map, they created themseles, who divided Irani boarders North and South Azerbaijan… you world hypocrat leaders always take the side of has a history of 100 years only which USSR gave them lands from here & there and named Azerbaijan, the name which came from North of Iran, Azerbaijan. Many sperpower countries demolished Iraqi, the best oil, in the world, so that to boost Azerbaijan’s oil for political reasons. Please leave our peaceful coun try, Armenia, alone, if there is human right in this world, they put pressure on Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide, return 90% of our stolen land, reperations, leave our peaceful democratic Artsakh/Karabagh, recognize as a country on its own like Kosovo, country after country didn’t spare a minute to recognize Kosovo as its own country. Give back our stolen land of Nakhijevan back to it rightful owner, Armenia. Its drugged on and on for two dacades and can’t solve our Artsakh/Karabagh issue, then give up, pack and go to wherever you came from, don’t delay things for your fat cheques, please be fair and res[ect the Human Rights.