Organization of the Islamic Conference Declares Armenia Agressor in Karabakh Conflict

DUSHANBE, Saudi Arabia (Eurasianet)–The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) — a club of Muslim countries that features Azerbaijan among its 57 members — has declared Armenia the aggressor in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The resolution, adopted at a May 19 OIC meeting in Dushanbe, will be the foundation of Karabakh discussions planned at the Organization’s 2011 summit in Cairo, Egypt.

“We must keep raising the issue of Nagorno Karabakh at the OIC meetings, or else we will take a step back,” said Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Tofik Abdulayev.

The Organization also adopted two other Karabakh resolutions that deplore the alleged destruction of Azerbaijani monuments on Armenian-controlled territory and call for aiding the conflict’s Azerbaijani victims.

Armenian officials have not commented to international media about the resolutions, but delivered a jab the day the OIC resolutions came out.

The Karabakh peace process has failed because Azerbaijan has shot down each proposal that comes from American, Russian and French mediators, argued Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharian.

“[A]n impression is being created that Baku is holding talks with itself, arrives at some acceptable decisions for itself and tries to present its own wish as the result of the negotiations,” Kocharian said.


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  1. George said:

    If Armenia was the Muslim country, they’d be condemning Azerbaijan.
    How typical.

  2. Tro (In Australia) said:

    If Moslem countries cast their memories what the Turks they did to Armenian’s In 1915. They should condemn the Turkish government first then Negorno Kharabakh issue later.

  3. Robert said:

    Let’s face it…You Armos are so used to having things your way by Christian nations (be it via intimidation, threats, assault, bribes, etc.) for over 95 years using that old, tired century-old con job, that when over 50 nations now state that Armenia is the agressor and culprit in NK, now you’re all craping bricks in your shorts! How does it feel having the tide begin to turn? Get used to it! Soon, the rest of the world will also see/realize the truth and join us! You’re time is running out!!!

  4. Norin Radd said:

    Now we see that those Hyes that have commented randomly in the past on Asbarez about “religion should not matter, my friend is buddhist, my cousin practices Krishna, and my sister converted to Judaism” or whatever else random religion they found trendy enough to follow have proven themselves to be the fools that they are . These small groups of Hyes should now shut their collective mouths and realize that religion does still play a role in various identities, especially the Armenian one.

    Some Asbarez staff writers should also take note of what is going on in this article in order to tone down their bleeding degenerative “progressive” antics and stop writing nonsense about “bringing back ” the “hidden Armenians” that have been assimilated into Turkish, Kurdish, or some other Muslim ethnic denomination 90 years ago due to the Armenian Genocide. If these “hidden Armenians” were standing at that conference today, they would be spitting on the Armenians of Arstakh and adding their names to the signatories of the conference against the well being of the Armenians of Armenia, Arstakh, and the Diaspora. The loss of such Armenians to assimilation during the Genocide, while tragic, is an acceptable loss the rest of us have to come to terms with at this point rather than try to marginalize those Armenians that have stayed true to their roots for so many years.

    These OIC events are a clear example for the “zargatzats” and “progressive” imbecile Armenians that preach about Armenian-Odar marriages being “okay” and “a good diversity”, read and learn form this article so that you don’t continue to spew any more garbage about the notions of Armenians forming unions with non-Armenians as “non-detrimental” or “a good thing”. Furthermore, attaching negative co-notations to nationalism, ethnic pride, and the idea of Armenian-Armenian unions being of utmost importance for our people’s future is even more imbecilic and damaging to our ethnic identity.

    Rather than writing articles about how well Armenian-Odar marriages can work in the framework of Armenian identity (as a result encouraging current and future generations of Hyes to succumb to assimilation faster), it would be wise for some Asbarez staff writers to heed the warning that this OIC event heralds and start writing Articles about how wonderful the traditional Armenian-Armenian family unit is and how wonderful it is to have large Armenian families of two, three, or even four Armenian children as a result of two Hyes forming a union.

    Clearly if anything the banding of Muslims together even in the face of moral low ground on the issue of Arstakh, if anything, proves that theological, ethnic, and national homogeneity leads to cohesion amongst any group of individuals that are bound together by common religious values or common ethnic identity. In the end, on the geopolitical global stage, “like begets like” and “like supports like” ladies and gentleman, its high time the delusional degenerate “progressives” amongst our Hyes caught up with this global reality, despite what MTV has been trying to convince you and your children of.

  5. john papazian said:

    This is where Armenia gets screwed by the east and west.How can a people,living on thier own ancesteral homeland,defending thier own homeland,be called “the aggressor”?. Come on HiC,your State Dept is a joke not only to the Turks but to the whole of the Islamic world.They,the Muslums,see a predomenently Christian America turning it’s back on the worlds first Christian nation.From the genocide to the wars going on right now it’s as much about religeon as it is about oil.

  6. John Ahmaranian said:

    Armenia an agressor?
    And was poor Turkey was a victim in invading Cyprus?
    Shame on these 57 Third World Muslim countries. Does not deserve the title of agressor when Chechens
    invade a theater or a school to kill 180 students? Or when Armenian and non-Armenian churches are attacked by fanatic Muslims in Iraq? Or when Coptic girls are raped and forced to embrace Islam?
    Turkey is not a agressor when it occupied our entire Western Armenia?

  7. Դրօ said:

    BRAVO, Norin Radd!! I agree with everything you said. I’m so glad there are still some Armenians with a brain left in North America.