Eva Rivas Sets Stage on Fire at Eurovision Rehearsals

OSLO, Norway—Eva Rivas rehearsed the Armenian act for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest for the second time on the stage Friday at the Telenor Arena in Oslo. She will be singing Apricot Stone during the competition this Summer.

Rivas has been well received in this year’s competition. Describing her first rehearsal in Oslo, Oikotimes reporter Lilian Brunell writes how she was impressed by Apricot Stone.

“It’s a song that goes immediately into my heart and it feels so genuine! I think this entry will appeal to the TV-viewers,” Brunell said. “An apricot will of course be on the stage.”

According to Brunell, Rivas “has already been appointed as the most beautiful woman in Eurovision 2010.”

Rivas, whose first performance is on May 27, has been leading in Eurovision charts in recent weeks.  Commentators of the event speculate she may have a “great shot” at winning this year’s song competition for Armenia, especially after reports were confirmed that she would be performing alongside famed Duduk master Jivan Gasparian.

That Rivas is in the lead comes as no surprise to her director, Diana Mnatsakanyan, who oversees the Armenian delegation to Eurovision. “Eva’s song is about a love of motherland and not only about love to Armenia, but rather a love toward a motherland for any person in the world,” she said, adding that she has been very pleased with Rivas’ performance thus far.

The Russian-Armenian performer arrived in Oslo after a promotion tour of Europe, where she performed her token song. Rivas planted Apricot trees in every country she visited along the tour.


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  1. Zareh said:

    A very ordinary, if not altogether a mediocre piece of music…and performance! The author of this article either does not know what kind of music AND performance actually can set a stage “on fire” or he is talking about literally setting the stage on fire, as in the type that would trigger the fire alarm.

    She and the “composer” of this music have no business in appearing on an international stage.

    • Raffi Nakashian said:

      I read this comment somewhere before.
      It was in a Turkish site.
      I didn’t know tou were a music professor.

  2. Sue said:

    OK with the distinct possibility of sounding like a total moralist is she there to represent Armenia with her talent and this song or by using notable body parts? i mean, common ppl don’t sell out so easily and lets show some class pls!

  3. Beth said:

    These are the dumbest lyrics I have ever heard. I have to believe that she is not the best that Armenia can offer.

  4. Steve said:

    Wonderful musical composition. Performed excellently. This will most likely be the winner in 2010.

  5. hayrenaser said:

    are all of you critics oblivious to the endless parade of trash that has been disgracing, and contaminating the public airwaves, since rap, hip-hop, and now… music for simpletons moved out of the ghetto and into suburbia,
    much throughout the U.S. Europe and to some degree the rest of the world for the past 10 years??? compared to what’s out there, in pop culture of course, oriord eva rivas and her performance is a refreshing upgrade

    • Edward Demian said:

      I agree. Mainstream Music media has changed from beautiful, soothing or hearthfelt music to something else; music that sounds more like “hoodlums arguing in my living room”. Yet the Media seems to make money on it. I expect that for visual entertainment we’ll be watching voodoo chicken sacrifices next. Or maybe bathroom humor.

  6. Arthur/USA said:

    There is an old saying: Fox couldn’t rich to grape and complained that grape was sour.
    So it same with this low class critics. If you don’t like that is fine, but posting such low class opinions is shameful.

  7. Abbe said:

    Gooo EVA 😀
    I will vote for you a 100000 times. And I hope everybody else does that too !!
    thanks !!

  8. Edward Demian said:

    I assume that much of Eva’s appeal is that she reaches out to our hearts, with themes that are symbolic to Armenian culture. The Apricot and the Pommegranate have much symbolism. Those who don’t understand that, are non Armenians and those much removed from that culture. So perhaps she ranks higher to Armenians than to others. I didn’t see all the competitors, but none that I saw had a more complete package. By that I mean presence, content and voice quality. In my untrained mind, I felt she had all three. However, the experts may disagree.