Armenia Slams EU Parliament Over Unbalanced Karabakh Resolution

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–Armenia criticized the European Parliament on Friday for demanding Armenia withdraw from the liberated territories of Nagorno-Karabakh in its latest resolution on the South Caucasus.

Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said the demand contradicts international mediators’ existing plan to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which has been endorsed by the European Union.

The non-binding resolution adopted by the EU legislature on Thursday does not specify whether the Armenian side should pull out of the liberated territories surrounding Karabakh or the entire Nagorno-Karabakh region as well. It only rejects the notion that “Nagorno-Karabakh includes all occupied Azerbaijani lands surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Nor does the resolution, drafted by Bulgarian Socialist lawmaker Evgeni Kirilov, explain whether the Armenian troop pullout should start immediately and unconditionally or after the signing of a comprehensive Armenian-Azerbaijani agreement. The latter condition is a key element of the so-called Madrid Principles of settling conflict that have been proposed by the U.S., Russian and French mediators co-chairing the OSCE Minsk Group.

Nalbandian said that the resolution demand is at odds with both those principles and a joint statement on Karabakh that was made by the presidents of the three mediating powers in July. “There is an obvious confusion in the formulations, and I think one of the reasons for that is that the author of the resolution has never been in Karabakh and the [broader] region, and did not consult with representatives of France, an EU member state and OSCE Minsk Group co-chair, when drawing up his report,” he told a news conference.

“That is the reason why some of the [resolution] provisions also contradict the EU’s position, which has been repeatedly articulated,” Nalbandian said.

The European Parliament did make clear that it supports the Madrid document and the mediators’ efforts to have it accepted by the conflicting parties. The proposed framework accord calls for the transfer to Azerbaijan of virtually all the liberated Armenian territories around Karabakh in return for a future referendum on self-determination in the Karabakh Republic.

In what appears to be a message primarily addressed to Azerbaijan, the resolution also says the EU legislature “condemns the idea of a military solution” to the dispute. It further stresses that “the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement and the OSCE Minsk Group negotiations are separate processes that should move forward along their own rationales.”

Nalbandian’s criticism was echoed by parliamentary representatives of the three political parties making up Armenia’s coalition government. “Drawing up incomplete and unprofessional reports on such crucial and sensitive issues is unacceptable,” said Eduard Sharmazanov of the Republican Party of Armenia led by President Serzh Sarkisian.

The opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation also criticized the document for favoring Azerbaijan. One of its parliament deputies, Artsvik Minasian, called it “unbalanced” but said the initial version of the resolution was even less favorable for the Armenian side. He said it was amended under pressure from Armenian diplomats and the ARF’s lobbying structures in Europe.

Meanwhile, European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA), a Brussels-based non-governmental group, took issue with the highly negative reaction to the resolution from Yerevan. While agreeing that its Karabakh-related wording is “confusing,” the EuFoA insisted that the European Parliament endorsed all of the Madrid principles.

“This means concretely that the withdrawal of troops can only take place, if there are sufficient security guarantees for the population of Karabakh, a corridor to Armenia, an agreement to the final status of Karabakh through a legally binding expression of will and the right of all internally displaced persons and refugees to return to their former homes,” EuFoA said in a statement. “No EU institution has ever demanded the withdrawal of troops without such a comprehensive solution – this EP resolution has not changed that.”

“The same report for the first time calls for extending EU programs to Karabakh, ending the de-facto blockade for EU officials to travel to Karabakh. This would have a very positive effect of stabilization and progress for Karabakh and would no longer submit such actions to a veto from Azerbaijan,” said the statement. It added that the European Parliament also endorsed Yerevan’s insistence on a normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations regardless of a Karabakh settlement.


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  1. MihranK said:

    The European Parliament’s very negative report on Karabagh is the result of our Foreign Ministry’s bad planning and non existent diplomatic work to insure that such bad reports don’t go through the European Parliament.

    There needs to be a radical shake up of the Foreign ministry and its staff if we are to avoid such reports be it in the European Parliament or Islamic conference.

    Our Ambassadors have become state tourists enjoying the pleasures of their designated countries at tax payers expense, instead of doing aggressive lobbing for Armenia and its cause.They just pay lip service but no action.

    The more this corrupt and crooked Serzh stays in power we will have more such bad news.

  2. Raffi said:

    The Nabucco pipeline (also referred as Turkey–Austria gas pipeline) is a proposed natural gas pipeline from Erzurum in Turkey to Baumgarten an der March in Austria diversifying natural gas suppliers and delivery routes for Europe. The pipeline attempts to lessen European dependence on Russian energy. The project is backed by several European Union states and the United States and is seen as rival to the Gazprom-led South Stream pipeline project. At the same time, there are some doubts concerning viability of supplies. The main supplier is expected to be Azerbaijan in cooperation with Turkmenistan, Iraq and Egypt.

    Preparations for the Nabucco project started in 2002 and the intergovernmental agreement between Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria was signed on 13 July 2009. The project is developed by the consortium of six companies. The final investment decision will be made at the end 2010. If built, the pipeline is expected to be operational by 2015 and it will carry 31 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

    Mihran this is why we have the Resolution, please don’t start blaming others and make our enemy happy.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    The European Union,League of Nations(in WW1) is a COMEDY OF ERRORS,and a BIG JOKE.

  4. john said:

    European Union “parliament” is a complete JOKE IN EUROPE. All they do is sit around and BS all day long. Armenia should never take these idiotic blowhards seriously.

  5. rany said:

    no such step as withdrawal should be taken with a referendom in Karabakh

  6. rany said:

    no such step as withdrawal should be taken without a referendom in Karabakh

  7. stepan sargsyan said:

    “no such step as withdrawal” should be taken with OR without a referendum. This liberated piece of Armenian homeland (i.e. Artsakh) ensures the security of the Republic of Armenia and the entire Armenian world, for that matter. So this is not just a question only to be determined by our brothers and sister living in Artsakh. This is a pan-Armenian matter.

  8. Edward said:

    Yesterday -May 20th- I translated and posted an article about the biased report of a Bulgarian-Turkish EMP -you can still read it today as a comment for EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT URGES ACTION….. It is at the bottom of today`s home page and it explains the E U`s decision.Sadly the editors of this paper should have published it as a separate news item as it is important as you can see if you read it.A brief synopsis: The decision of the EU was based on a report from a communist-turkish EMP from Bulgaria whose party boss is Sergay Stanishev -an Ukraine-born communist jew.He is also a gay and his boyfriend is an azeri guy or a girl /nobody knows for sure/ called Azer Melikov-this is the fairy who has edited the report.Another thing you in the USA probably don`t know or don`t care about:A few years ago top Dashnak leader G. Manoyan visited Bulgaria, met his buddy Stanishev, they drank a toast together and Sergay promised Manoyan help and closer cooperation in their common fight for socialism.Now the ARF & the socialists /former communists/ are colleagues and buddies in something called Eupopean Socialist International so maybe comrade Manoyan can ask his bulgarian counterpart about his azeri love interests helping them on their way to communism, pardon, socialism.

  9. Arman said:

    I completely agree with Stepan Sargsyan. I am going to say this over and over, THERE WOULD BE MANY PROBLEMS FOR ARMENIA AS LONG AS THIS GOVERNMENT IS IN CHARGE.

  10. Nairian said:

    Unfortunately and yes I also agree with Stepan and Arman. The government structure in our homeland seems to be very week – they better change their tactics or we’re going to lose everything. And Haro jan, sure they better kiss their mothers goodbye before taking any arms or any land from our Artsakh. That piece of land is SO VITAL TO ARMENIA, it’s not funny. If Artsakh and the liberated lands go, so will the whole of Armenia. So they better NOT GIVE AN INCH OF OUR LAND TO THE ENEMY.

  11. tom said:

    The EU wants Azeribaijan to resolve its difference with Armenia for 2 reasons. 1st, they don’t want a conflict in the region to threaten the oil pipeline. 2nd, once Azeribaijan is happy with the results, then Armenia may be used as a pipeline route since Europe wants a second route besides Georgia to supply Europe with gas. Reportedly, Russia is trying to topple Georgia’s government to have more influence on oil.
    The EU doesn’t like Europe being dependent on Russian oil–too much leverage! The EU would love to get Armenia away from Russian influence!
    But Iran and Armenia are building a road which hopefully will solve the present economic crisis in Armenia. Armenia doesn’t need Turkey to open its borders.
    In conclusion, everything comes down to oil and oil pipelines.
    I recommend Armenia hold steadfast in keeping Karabagh because Iran (ally of Russia) and Russia will want to keep Armenia in their orbit. If Georgia’s regime is ever toppled, then Azerbijan will be forced to make concessions to Armenia because Armenia may be the only route for an oil pipleline–hence Armenia will be in the driver’s seat!

  12. Nairian said:

    Tom, I thank you for your insights, it’s really appreciated. I just hope that Armenia does indeed hold steadfast in keeping Karabagh, it’s extremely important for Armenia.

  13. Sarkiss said:

    Turkish diplomacy plays the game correctly they have shown Europe, Russia and America, Iran, Greece and Bulgaria that their interests lie in Karabakh’s return to Azerbaijan”s rule . Armenians have to play the same game and show that by losing Karabakh no one is going to get anything from the region and the conflict will never calm down and will continue for centuries a head untill the complete independence Karabakh . and that they are ready to fight it till the last Armenian . no withdrawal Karabakh is ours .

  14. Sarkiss said:

    Today Europe stands by Turkey Tomorrow the whole world all because of the stupid protocols signed by the stupid Armenian diplomats The pressure on Armenia and Artsakh will continue as long as the the protocols are not thrown in the garbage .

  15. tom said:

    The EU is worried about Russia getting its former republics to be pro-Russian again. Ukraine was once pro-Western, but that government was replaced with pro-Russian government. If this happens with Georgia, then the EU, Azeribaijan (no outlet for its oil), and Turkey (currently there is a pipeline through there) are in trouble.

  16. tom said:

    For my last post, I meant if Georgia government is replaced with a pro-Russian government then Russia will be in control of Azeribajan’s oil. They’ll be able to extort a big cut from Azerbaijan and The EU’s hopes of not relying on Russia for oil. Russia will be able to extort EU through its oil policies–the EU and America’s worst fear. So Armenia is the EU’s last hope–ween Armenia away from Russia.

  17. Zarehit said:

    I don’t think that Russia will let anybody mess in that affair. Russia has interests in there, and nobody can swim against the current of the winds that Moscou blows in that direction.

  18. MihranK said:

    Raffi,sadly Karabagh and its liberated areas have nothing to do with the pipelines, you need to look at the resolution and see how bad it is for Karabagh and Armenia.
    We need to be able to say when things are bad and when things are good, blind patriotism is a very dangerous occupation.

  19. Arman said:

    @ Edward
    Armenia is a socialist Republic not capitalist. If what you say is true “A brief synopsis: The decision of the EU was based on a report from a communist-turkish EMP from Bulgaria whose party boss is Sergay Stanishev -an Ukraine-born communist jew.He is also a gay and his boyfriend is an azeri guy or a girl /nobody knows for sure/ called Azer Melikov-this is the fairy who has edited the report”, than I would wish that we had brave gay patriots like yourself to defend our Armenian interests in Europe being boyfriend or whatever of Sergay Stanishev. Probably as you call “Dashnak leader G. Manoyan” visited to Bulgaria to lobby Armenian interests and didn’t success because he was strait. This has nothing to do with socialism or capitalism; it simply means that we didn’t do enough.
    Writing on pages of Asbarez is one way of patriotism but another way is doing something real.

  20. tom said:

    Arman, things aren’t as simple as that.
    It comes down to countries interests=$

  21. Nairian said:

    And what would be doing something real Arman? Fedayi Monte and many more like him died for their historical soil, then Sarkisian and Nalbandyan comes along and betray their befallen brothers and many more alive ones in our homeland and abroad. What can our brothers and sisters do from Diaspora? The only solution would be to either go there and fight against the government and put a more brilliant and a patriotic one instead, or try to fight through our more sanely party and organization heads from Diaspora. If there is another, tell us.

  22. Arman said:

    Nairian, the only solution I see would be changing Sarkisian, Nalbandyan and entire government. It is obvious that the current government doesn’t have the courage to protect the Armenian interests. Now they are getting ready for the next elections and trying to limit Armenian TV stations. I think the people and the organizations in Armenia should stand up against this oligarchs and try to change them. Diaspora should also be more vocal and help the opposition in Armenia. The only power that I see in Armenia that could change something is ARF but for some reason they are not too active now. I think for now everyone should understand that as long as this government is in charge we are in danger. After realizing this people should raise.

  23. MihranK said:

    If you believe that this corrupt government which came into power through fraud is doing such a good job for Armenia, than keep cheering and clapping, don’t complain later on if you hear more bad news such as new protocols, liberated land given back to the Azeris.murders and so on.

    Already TV licenses is being restricted only to pro government companies to prepare the ground for Serzh to be re elected.

    I am very clear on this matter, the sooner these lot were thrown out the better we will be.

  24. Edward said:

    Dear Arman, `If what I say is true`,no Arman, I`m just making up things to show off.How did you find out I`m gay?More information for you:Dashnak leaders visited recently Bulgaria twice ; first they visited the leader of the biggest socialist party who was a former secret service informer for the communists / today they call themselves socialists / He was an 80 year old good for nothing red stooge who squandered his party`s resourses and now it is non-existent.He was a man who couldnt tie his shoes on and everybody here except the dashnak leader knew that.They helped themselves to a whole lot of udel hmel drdig nedel & abushutiun hosel – that was done in front of loads of journalists & TV cameras.We didnt see anybody else getting any help,Arman djan.Next time, comrade Manoyan came here he visited Bulgarian prime /they call him slime/ minister Sergey Stanishev an Ukraine-born Soviet Red JEW whose nickname here is Ser-GAY.Now we all know the proud dashnaks dont talk to turks /they talk a lotta turkey instead/ so comrade or rather tovarishch Manoyan went for help to a man , pardon ,a socialist who was elected with the votes of the turkish minority and the turkish nationalist party here.And again they HELPED themselves to the same udel hmel d. nedel abushutiun hosel.The help Armenia got is evident in the EU deeds. Arman,I know Armenia is a `socialist` “republic“,that means fomer communist creeps becomiing capitalist pigs thru the plunder of their own countrymen.We also know the dashnaks had it very good in Armenia until the protocols.We all also know the dashnaks say they are `socialists`.Now can you tell me, my dearest Arman just one case in world history when a `socialist` party has successfully decided a National Question which the Armenian one is??My gay memory fails we ,but you,being a real man will probably come up with something.

  25. Arman said:

    Dear Edward, I do not understand what is that you are complaining about. I didn’t say that you are a gay; I said I wish that a patriot like you could be one so we could handle Sergay Stanishev better. After all you were the one who complained about Manoyan meeting with Sergay Stanishev. One thing I can think of why Manoyan went to Bulgaria would be that recently some Bulgarian socialist parties wanted to put the Armenian genocide in to their parliament for vote. Manoyan is head of Hay Dat in Armenia so he had to go. I don’t think his visit has anything to do with EU resolution. I don’t understand the nature of your questions and blaming. You present some information, make false conclusions and then blame organizations and people for not having success. Dear Edward, the only side you should complain about should be the Armenian government that doesn’t do a sh**t to protect the Armenian interests. Who you are blaming for incompetents of Armenian government?

    When Dashnaktutun will be in full power, responsible for foreign, protection (army), inner (police) and all power and none power structures of Armenia than you can start blaming them if they do a bad job. Having several ministers in past (culture, education etc) doesn’t give you chance to change foreign and inner policies of Armenia.

    And what socialism or capitalism has anything to do with patriotism? If you are a patriot, than you go to fight when your country needs it. I don’t understand why you bring this issue over and over.

  26. Edward said:

    Arman, I`m not complaining,and please, point out to me a specific false conclusion.The Dashnaks were once in power in Armenia & ended their reign with a treaty with the communists ending the First Armenian Republic.They also helped to power a party called young turks which did some bad things to armenians.Manoyan came to Bulgaria because he is a socialist to meet his RED SOCIALIST BUDDY-they are colleagues in the European Socialist Party.The socialists in Bulgaria votted against the genocide resolution THREE TIMES, that is once before his visit and twice after that,they will vote for anybody who gives them money.The Armenian government is corrupt,yes but we found that out only recently,after the protocols.Patriotism means a love of your country,and socialism is interNATIONAL-the two things are incompatible.And your country is the USA -a NATO ally of TURKEY .You may give advice to armenians,but YOUR TAX DOLLARS – a few billion of them go to Turkey & Israel &other armenian loving countries.So, sticks & stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me say the turks.The only problem is HOW TO FIGHT THE TURKS THE MUSLIMS THE RUSSIANS THE JEWS with their billions of manpower & money resources.Can you tell me?and please be more specific.So far no one has given me any proper answer .

  27. Grish Begian said:

    Well.. we all are off the subject, Artsakh can not be a part of a country where their dictatorial and none democratic elected tribal place is part of Aliyev Sheikhdom…I wonder how much of those oil money gone into EU reps as an “unknown gift” from friends….and I am so surprise, how soon those EU reps forgot about Armenians Pogroms in Baku and Samgate…my question is this “who is going to defend Armenians” if we return our people into barbarian hands, for sure EU do not care and they even, will sensor the news…did they care about Armenian Genocide??not really…we are the only ones that can protect our people and Artsakh with our “unity”…nobody can get into our sacrifice lands unless we “break up” first..this is what Armenians enemy “Turks” are waiting for….

  28. rafi said:

    does normalization of Armenia’s relations with Turkey has anything to do with this resolution . Wasn’t this a Turkish demand .

  29. Raffi said:

    100% agree with Grish Begian, “nobody can get into our sacrifice lands unless we break up this is what Armenians enemy Turks are waiting for…”

  30. Raffi said:

    Mihran, even if we have a Saints as Armenia’s rulers we still be having EU resolutions like this. This is all about Oil, Pipeline and Money which Azerbaijan has all and plus Turkey in its side. The least we can do as diaspora Armenians is to support Armenia against external enemies. I truly believe in opposition and democracy and it will take some generation change for Armenia to fully be democratic and less corrupt. Most of the regular people there believes in corruption and I only blame the soviets.

  31. MihranK said:

    The resolution was accepted by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee in early April and Armenia had nearly two months to influence the process and make notable changes.

    On 21 May, ARF representative Artsvik Minasyan said that the original version of the document had been much worse.

    “I don’t remember the exact wording, but the general idea was that Nagorno-Karabakh was presented as a movement of separatists,” he said, adding that changes had been made through the ARF’s European body, Hay Dat.

    It is obvious that if one political power can use its channels to make changes in this document, official Yerevan could have done much more. Minasyan’s statement leads to the conclusion that either the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not know about the resolution and learned of it only after it was adopted or that it knew and was unforgivably passive. In both cases, official Yerevan is clearly to blame.

    Unlike previous similar resolutions, this one adopted by the European Parliament is of particular concern, because it has come from a structure which has in the past been relatively unbiased and understanding regarding the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    Besides this, the European Parliament is one of the five governing bodies of the European Union, a structure with huge economic and political influence on Armenia, which recently joined its Eastern Partnership program.

  32. Raffi said:

    PACE presidency, Cavusoglu told the Azeri APA news agency that “Karabakh is referred to as Azerbaijani territory in all Council of Europe decisions.”

    If Europeans can elect Turk as PACE president, certainly they can come up with anti-armenian resolution.

    Who should we blame for that?

  33. Arman said:

    Edward, the false conclusion is that you blame Manoyan of not being able to stop EU resolution and being socialist. Am I wrong? What are you bashing Monoyan for? What is your problem with socialism? Armenia is a socialist country and there is nothing bad in that.

    Next, I haven’t linked patriotism with socialism so I don’t know what you are talking about.

    As for the “The Dashnaks were once in power in Armenia & ended their reign with a treaty with the communists ending the First Armenian Republic. They also helped to power a party called young turks which did some bad things to Armenians.”
    Are you forgetting that Georgia and azerbaijan was Bolshevik at that time and the Armenian army didn’t fight because of some Armenian Bolshevik propaganda such as “turks are our brothers do not fight them”? You seem to forget the history and the facts. It seems some people like to blame the once who does something. Try to do something than criticize the others. Yes, patriotism means love to your country.

    You ask “The only problem is HOW TO FIGHT THE TURKS THE MUSLIMS THE RUSSIANS THE JEWS with their billions of manpower & money resources. Can you tell me? and please be more specific. So far no one has given me any proper answer .” I don’t know why we should fight the Russians or the Jews. I don’t see any reason but to fight turks I would suggest doing what I have done in 90’s, go Artsaxh and fight against azeries. Fight can be in many forms, helping the Artsaxh economy if you are a businessman, fight in information field, fight by going and residing in Artsaxh and finally if a war sparks, than going and joining the Artsaxh army.
    Finally, please stay on the subject.

  34. Arman said:

    @ Raffi
    “PACE presidency, Cavusoglu told the Azeri APA news agency that “Karabakh is referred to as Azerbaijani territory in all Council of Europe decisions.”

    Well, that is the problem isn’t it. What Armenian government was doing at that time? Why the killings of Sumgait and Baku are not on the table? Karabakh never was part of independent azerbaijan, it was an autonomy in former Soviet azerbaijan. In soviet laws Karabakh became independent by referendum.
    Finally, EU should clean itself before it can pass resolutions about countries.

  35. Raffi said:

    Anytime there is Pro- Armenian Pro-Genocide resolution in European or US parliementst there is one Armenian traditionaly party always takes credit for it.

    Maybe this time they should take credit for this resolution…

  36. Arman said:

    @ Raffi
    No one spouse to do the job of Armenian government. I hope you got my point 😉

  37. Raffi said:

    @ Arman

    Again my point when there is a success … because of us. diaspora
    when there is failure.. No one spouse to do the job of Armenian government..

  38. Andranik said:

    We shouldn’t listen to those ”Fat Cats” decisions…

  39. zohrab boyadjian said:

    i say its time we become our masters listen to no one we decide whats best for armenia the rest can jump

  40. MihranK said:

    The Armenian government has the lions share of the blame regarding the pace resolution, no point finding excuses as they don’t wear.

    They are the ones who should work at all levels and not be state tourist at tax payers expense.

    The sooner they left the scene the better, as I have no time for crooks,currupt officails, fraudulent elections, murders in police custody, treacherous protocols, injustice all over the place, and you want me to support these bunch of crooks, who are even prepared to sell our mother language.

    NO WAY.

  41. john papazian said:

    So while Armenia is hanging on by a thread,we bicker about personel crap and corrupt officials who are lining their pockets to get a ticket to America.After reading the stats on the homeland,”rich in gold”,why is it that Armenia is the diffinition of being 3rd world?

  42. Edward said:

    Arman, the subject was how to help our country.I can`t fight , because I`m an invalid , I`m not a bussinessman – dont have enough money to send.I`m not bashing Manoyan.He may be honest &straight , but these are not good qualities for a politician.We should be thankful to the russians for their murder of the first Armenian Republic and to the jewish zionists for instigating & financing the `revolution` in Russia &the genocide in Turkey.And if `socialist Armenia` is ok with you then why criticize its leaders?SOCIALISM DOESNT WORK ,besides Armenia today is,no its been for along time a Turkish-Soviet pigsty.See my comment on the brotherly Russian-Armenian relations in Armenian Reporter`s home page, under International , at the bottom of the page,the post is: Armenians join Russians,WWII allies……. One thing more about Hai Tad: This is not the first time socialist EMP Kirilov writes anti-armenian azeri bullsh_ _.He is married to an oil-rich azeri and money talks in politics and Manoyan`s honesty is no match to that.As for the bulgarian socialists &the genocide recognition here in Bulgaria:The turks commited a genocide towards the Bulgarians, too then they agreed to pay compensation which runs in billions of $$$ today and of course they paid nothing., although they committed themselvs in paper – here is another example for those seeking compensations from Turkey.No Bulgarian government , left ,right or center has ever put the question to the turks and they never will.How can you expect them to recognize a genocide towards a 15 000 strong minority???We have 16 or 17 Haidarag Hai kakod organizations here and somebody should have told Manoyan that. Yours, Edward