Nalbandian Denies New Road-map with Turkey

YEREVAN (RIA Novosti)—Armenia’s Foreign Minister denied Friday that a new formula for rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey was being discussed between the two sides.

A leading member of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Wednesday alleged that Yerevan and Ankara had agreed to stay “silent for some time” and evaluate a new, “brilliant” idea on the table regarding Turkey-Armenia relations.

“There is something new on the table. I cannot go into detail, but there is a brilliant proposal on Turkey-Armenia relations and it is up to the Armenians to accept or reject this,”  AKP foreign relations deputy chairman Suat Kiniklioglu said, speaking at an event hosted by a think-tank in Washington.

Nalbandian on Friday dismissed the Kiniklioglu’s remarks as “false information.” Speaking at a press conference in Yerevan, he described the reports as a “downright lie” and said there was “no need to comment on false reports.”

Relations between Armenia and Turkey took a major step forward on October 10, 2009 when Nalbandian and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu signed protocols to establish diplomatic relations and open borders.

The documents, signed in Switzerland, have to be ratified by both countries to come into force. But in April 2010 Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian announced a hold on the ratification process, citing Turkey’s preconditions for rapprochement.

The Armenian-Turkish border has been closed since 1993 when Ankara initiated a blockade in solidarity with Azerbaijan.


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  1. Christo said:


  2. manooshag said:

    Hye, the time has come for Serge and Edward to step down or Armenia and Artsakh shall suffer – as will all the Armenians across the globe.
    As inept and self-indulgent leaders Serge and Edward are the wrong people in the worng place – OUT – step down and allow some patriotic leaderships come to the rescue of our lands, our Haiastan and Artsakh. Leave now, today, before you cause more damages to our aspirations for Haiastan and Artsakh

  3. Abbe said:

    thas right. We have a very very bad leader. He is nothing agians Erdogan… adn that is a shame “/

  4. Edward said:

    Any road map with Cold Turkey is a road to hell.The turks are not as guilty as the western de-mock-racies pumping billions of $$$ into the sick mongol camel of a “man” they call Turkey.Where would the turks be without the spiritual & material support of the whorish West?

  5. MihranK said:

    Serzh and his cronies will never leave their posts willingly, as they are festering their pockets along with their relatives and oligarch friends, sadly we have state run by crooks who will do everything any anything to stay in power, their foreign masters want them to stay in power so that they can implement their agenda at the expense of our national interests, as they have a complete dossier on Serzh and his misdeeds from day one.

    The sooner he and his cronies were slung out the better.

  6. Garo Avedis said:

    there is no point of talking to Turkey,Turkey like the Ottoman’s the only map is interested in is a deportations map of all of Armenians of Anatolia and now a new map for Armenia.Shame on Nalbandyan for shaking the hards of Turkish officals.

  7. Berge Jololian said:

    Our Pillsbury Dough Boy: PDB Nalbandian is not smiling as much as he used to a year ago. You know what is worse than being stupid? (Not knowing you are stupid.)

  8. Mir Ali said:

    Nalbandian looks like a over weight, over fed, over ….naughty school boy caught in the act, If you look at him closely, he looks miserable and repenting. Apologies to all Nalbandian die hard fans, no swearing. this is only my opinion (I can have one)

  9. Vacheh said:

    Once again, Nalbandian and his drowsy undersecretaries have proven to be sleep behind the wheel. A few weeks ago the Turkish chairman of PACE came to Armenia. He met with President Sargsyan and then insulted the martyrs of 1915 Genocide before leaving Yerevan. This week the same PACE declared that Armenia should vacate the regions around Artsakh. Here it is the third blow, another secretive deal behind curtains, blessed by native oligarchs and pushed by grandchildren of “Hayutyan Dahijner”. Unfortunately, the general public within Armenia has been carefully kept in dark. I wish ARF would have raised its voice to let the innocent and hard working ordinary people in homeland know what is going on or alternatively pushed to get rid of Nalbandian ASAP before we suffer further damage.

  10. Nairian said:

    I am in complete agreement with all the posts above. Serze and Nalbandyan with all their cronies must leave. They must go to Dubei or California for all I care; just leave and let their posts run by dignified, Armenian lover, Armenian breathing REAL men. Armenia and Artsakh is not for sale and the sooner they get out of Armenia the better.

  11. Nairian said:

    I agree with you Vacheh. ARF must let the people of Armenia know everything and a coup must be done against those treacherous Serze and Nalbandyan as soon as possible.

  12. Berge Baronian said:

    Sergey and Edwardo need to step down on their own accord and soon…I have tried to be impartial and did give them the benefit of doubt on numerous occasions but now I no longer do…Russia is getting closer to Turkey …. have we not learned our lesson from the past…the question is will Russia drop us again?…. They shamefully did so back then and they are most likely to do it again.
    Armenia and Armenians need to learn from historical evidence and need to become pragmatic in the choices they make….How could a President with so many working visits to Russia not have known or been briefed about Russdia’s plans to become cozy with Turkey?…This cannot even be classified as a commedy of errors….The first Armenian republic disappeared…and this one is on the way to extinsion as well…..

  13. Alex Postallian said:

    This is a switch,we were blaming it all on YELLOW STAIN turkey.So now we are blaming the incompetant Armenian Leaders.Are we ever going to win.Get out the big broom.The behavior attributable to the Russian rule,or do we happen to have some skeletons in our closet.

  14. Araxi said:

    Nalbandian & Sergh total sellout. The billions in their Swiss accounts are rotting so they have to stab all of us in the back again and back turkey.
    Wasn’t this the case the first time round? He denied every thing and then signed the infamous Protocols.
    The present governmant is not working for our people.

  15. Nairian said:

    The only party that tries to do anything in there and abroad is the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Last time the majority of the people in Armenia didn’t even know how treacherous their government was, because the government heads are so devious that they keep the bulk of the people in the dark. Then above all that they lie to our face and to their people too. They don’t announce anything to their people -in fact they hide it- and just recently they tried to pass a bill for minimizing the TV shows in Armenia. The government in Armenia are so controllingly pathetic. Then when the A.R.F. tried to educate the people what’s going on with the protocols, the government for a good while banned even the rallys. Remember dear readers? Do you remember how devious, canniving and cunning our government heads are in Armenia? Namely headed by Sarkissian and Nalbandyan. What I am extremely disheartened about is that poor Fedayi Monte and many many more like him would have died in vain? That small piece of land “our Artsakh” that belonged to us for thousands of years, then our heroes just recently died leaving behind them a great many widows and orphans, and now a “tavajan” Sarkisian and Nalbandyan comes along to spit on the grave of our beloved heroes. Where is the justice here? My beloved people, when are we going to wake up and fight against our enemy from within? When? Or do we all have to pack our bags and go there to see that a greater and a better Armenian government prevails in Armenia? Perhaps it is time for it.

  16. Cristina said:


    I only wish that the ARF here in the homeland would be the same as the one in the Spyurk.
    I myself am a supporter of the Ho Hi Ta, i even planned to try to become a member of their youth organization. But (and there is always a ‘but’)… recently, not more than a week ago, they held a meeting before the elections (in Shushi). one of their sentences completely struck me in the head: ” drsits ekadz martkants chpiti ajaktsenk” or ” we should not protect and help people coming from outside”.. this in the conditions that ARF is part of the government here, in Artsakh.
    I moved to Artsakh voluntarily, 2 months ago, exactly because i think that Armenia is the home of Armenians (including Artsakh). My fiance did the same thing 6 years ago. He has been living in Shushi for the past 6 years and he knows alot of people, including the leader of the ARF in Artsakh, who was also present at that meeting. Since i am not a citizen of Artsakh, therefore i don’t vote, therefore i don’t ask questions like everybody else did during the meeting, i asked my question after the meeting, when i went outside and met the man.
    My question was: ” if you say that people coming from outside should not be protected or helped, then do you think that i should go back to where i came from? i think that the repopulation/resettlement program is important, do you?” .
    You should have seen the reaction; ” noo, i did not say that. nooo, not at all.. it’s just that, you see, there are alot of rich people coming from other countries,. who buy up all the land, don’t use it, just speculate, and in the meantime our people doesnt have a job, or is hungry. i don’t think you agree with that..?”
    So you see, this made me think about ARF, as much as i respect them and agree with them…
    WHy did this happen…? :(

  17. Cristina said:

    Btw, this is not the only thing that Serj does to prove he is a tavajan. I recently got a hold of a book with interviews and articles regarding different politicians position about artsakh, generally, and other specific issues in artsakh.
    Surprise-surprise, what do i see there..??
    In an interview of baron Serj from 2006, a very concludent remark: “i said it before and i will repeat it to you: Aghdam is not our Homeland” !!!! ( therefore it can be given back..)
    Aghdam!!! Where lies the ancient ruins of Tigranakert, one of the citie4s built by King Tigran the Great!!!!! Aghdam!!! Where Monte Died!!! How can you even think about giving that back???
    But oh, wait..Serj is is from Stepanakert 😉

  18. Cristina said:

    And yes, it is time to pack your bags and come back here!!!!

  19. Araxi said:

    Thank you Cristie. What you have said sounds like ‘God only knows what’s going on.’
    Things will turn very ugly if the government is not careful.

  20. Barkev Asadourian said:


  21. Nairian said:

    Parev Cristina,
    Thanks for giving me ample information and examples. Although I have been and still a firm believer to the ranks of the A.R.F.; but obviously I don’t appreciate to what they say whatsoever, of course the repopulation is extremely important for Artsakh. Are you kidding? There is only 130,000 population in the whole region of Artsakh and they need for the newcomers not only to be protected and helped; but if possible they should be somewhat renumerated until they are able to settle down and have a job. We surely need that region to be populated with more Armenians. If what you are saying is true, then of course I am in total disagreement and appaled with what the ARF are saying and doing in the Artsakh region. You know, I am going to inquire about this here in the USA from high ranking people for this. It is totally unacceptable and against our principles. Plus we have been asking and urging from Armenia’s government to repopulate our people in Artsakh. This is also very important for land claiming and land holding purposes.
    Unfortunately the 70 year old Soviet regime has been so instilled within the veins of the people in Armenia and especially the corruption within the government and the so called oligarchs, the rich and the ones that are closely connected with the government, that it has become pathetically desruptive for our nation and Artsakh. It may take a decade or two for things to become much better and have less corruption; but having a small and a new nation, we cannot afford a lot of time or we may lose both our nations.
    Cristina, you don’t surprise me that Serge doesn’t mind giving back Aghdam. I think those in government today are so corrupted, half witted and money hungry that I can expect anything and everything from them, and I don’t mean in a good way. Whether in the ranks of ARF or whoever and whomever, we definitely need a government in Armenia with the spirit and the patriotism of Monte and the likes of him. We need very righteous, patriotic men and women who will lead our country thinking solely about the people and the sovereignty of their nation and their lands; certainly not their bulging pockets.

  22. Nairian said:

    I don’t know how, where and when we’ll find such patriotic Armenians to rule our country; I was hoping in the ranks of the ARF or from within one of the better parties in Armenia; but we better move fast before we lose everything and I mean everything.

  23. Arman said:

    Nairian, I totally agree with you. We got to move fast before we lose everything.
    Unfortunately there are some ARF members in our homeland that do not belong to ARF. This people try to get some high posts and some of them succeed. Just take a look at the Artsaxh parliamentary election’s results. Free Fatherland party 46%, Democratic Party of Artsakh 29% and ARF 20%. I do see problem in here. ARF was one of the first who went to Artsaxh to fight. I remember people greeting us as their savers.
    The question we should ask is, what the hell happened in Artsaxh (a land that was in war and might be in one in the future) whose people do not elect a party that is the guard of their freedom? There should have happened something that changed the thinking of this people. The same situation is in Armenia. It seems that these people who do not belong to ARF doing something that discredits ARF on people’s eyes. ARF should be one of the first to stand up for our nation’s interests, whatever issue it might be.
    I think people criticize ARF more than anyone because they believe that ARF is the only one who can stand for their rights. I hope that ARF realizes this soon or we are I a big trouble. I believe that if something is going to change than it is going to be ARF.

  24. Vacheh said:

    Dear Cristina, Nairian, and Arman,

    Thank you for your comments and thoughts. There are many valid issues in all of your writings which I share. Dashnaktsutyun is not just a political party with a number of registered members. It is a reflection of the genuine aspirations of our nation to restore justice and sovrienty to what has been unfairly taken away from us in the most brutal manner. There are many Armenians who in their hearts and minds are true Dashnaktsakan, without themselves realizing. This is true for both Armenia and Diaspora. ARF needs to make sure that opportunist individuals are not admitted to their ranks, as they not only hurt ARF but also cause setbacks to our “azgayin azatagrakan paikar”. Internal oligarchs and the grandchildren of “hayutyan dahijner” are the greatest beneficiaries of such situations.