‘Brilliant Proposal on Turkey-Armenia Relations in the Works,’ Says Turkish Leader

WASHINGTON (Combined Sources)—Turkey and Armenia allegedly have agreed to be “silent for some time” and evaluate a new, “brilliant” idea on the table regarding Turkey-Armenia relations, Turkey-US Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) foreign relations deputy chairman Suat Kınıklıoğlu said Wednesday, reported Today’s Zaman.

Speaking at an event hosted by a think-tank in Washington, Kınıklıoglu said: “There is something new on the table. I cannot go into detail, but there is a brilliant proposal on Turkey-Armenia relations and it is up to the Armenians to accept or reject this,” according to Today’s Zaman.

“We are very close to the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations. I am for the normalization of our relations with Armenia. The normalization will take place with the political will of the Turks and Armenians,” Kınıklıoglu added, as reported by Today’s Zaman/

Two members of Armenia’s ruling Republican Party called the Kiniklioglu’s assertion false and a lie.

Armenian National Committee of America Governmental Relations Director Kate Nahabedian was at the event and asked Kiniklioglu to clarify the reasons why Turkey signed the protocols if it had no intention of abiding by its “no pre-conditions” principle.

“Thank you for raising the issue of the protocols I am one of the most outspoken proponents of the protocols. Indeed in 2009 we thought we were very close, but the process is continuing and no one at the outset thought it was going to be easy,” said the Turkish leader.

Saying that no one thought the process would be easy, Kinikiaoglu offered: “Let’s look at the positives, now we have two documents in detail outlining how normalization should take place.”

“I think we have a much more psychologically ready atmosphere on both sides that normalization is possible and can take place. Actually, Azerbaijan has, in recent months, shown a much more constructive and positive attitude to the extent that I continue to be optimistic as I was in 2009,” explained Kinikiaoglu.

“Now let me footnote. Turkey is not blockading Armenia. The land border is closed with Armenia. The land border is closed. Blockading is something very different. Airspace is open, there are—every week—I don’t know how many aircraft landing from Armenia, trade is continuing through Georgia to Armenia and people to people contact, be it an NGO or intellectuals, is continuing. Now let’s be fair and not use the word blockade. Turkey is not blockading Armenia. The land border is closed,” explained Kinikiaoglu.


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  1. shahe Khanasor said:

    Here we go again .. all I know is that when some one is sincere then you say it like it is and not play with words ( but then iguess that is politics) turkeyhas to come cleannnnnnnn period .. NO MORE LIES

  2. Siamanto said:

    Turkey can try forcing any number of their so called “brilliant proposals” down our throats but the bottom line is this: as long as Erdogan and the rest of his caucus of clowns refuse to publish a sincere written statement acknowledging the Armenian Genocide and atoning for their corrupt century old campaign of denial, Ankara’s rhetoric will continue to be local lip service to further radicalize the likes of Murat, Robert and Ahmet (a.k.a. the 3 stooges) into further isolation and xenophobic paralysis. All this in order to ensure the next generation of fascist Turkish youth live up to Ankara’s expectation that they espouse hatred and promote intolerance.

    As of now representatives of the Republic of Armenia have no business discussing anything with an unrepentant Republic of Turkey, unless Turkish officials are sitting at the negotiating table with their cheque books open and President Wilson’s Map.

  3. Nairian said:

    They’re always playing with words, with all their illegal and wrongdoings, still they have to come out looking like spic and span; well they are not – Turkey is anything but clean cut country. They are the same herdsmen barging in to our historical Armenian lands about a thousand years ago from the middle of Mongolia. They constantly speak with both ends of their mouth and they know that they blockaded Armenia for 18 years now, they owe Armenia a great deal of money for that. But again they want to get away with murder, and murder they have been getting away with for 95 years now… and the beat goes on….

  4. Vasken said:

    “Brilliant Proposal”?, the Turks must have found and confered with “Nasreddin Khoja” who lost one ass- without counting the one he is sitting on it… .

  5. Araxi said:

    He’s got azerbayjan stuck on his back and he is saying we have a brilliant idea and we have never blockaded Armenia. Planes fly over Turkey; in which case pipelines can also run through Armenia and Turkey, the what are the BIG bargaining chips all about? According to UN and International conventions, pipelines can be connected between countries even if the borders are closed. Why is the International community not looking at this variant?
    They are not Armenia’s friends, that is exactly why. We have more enemies than meets the eye.

  6. Zareh said:

    Let me guess what a great turkish proposal can be: Forget the genocide; give even more of your lands to the azeri, forget that your sons died and shed their blood to recover these lands and then we will open the borders so that you can come and see your western Armenia… It’s not gonna be like that!

  7. John Ahmaranian said:

    The Turks always had and have “brilliant idea”. They had it when they converted Greek and Armenian Churches into Mosques; they had it when they converted the Sultanate into a Harem, they had it when
    they “passed through Macedonia, Crete and Hellas and left everything in ruins” (Victor Hugo); they had in
    Salonika where they decided to get rid of the Armenians; they had that “brilliant idea” to close the border, and now the same one, to open it.
    The American Newspaper in Philadelphia (Inquirer, in 1920) gave us a hint of how to deal with these “brilliant ideas”. I quote from Inquirer: “The Turk can not be trusted to fulfill the promises he makes”. A better idea than this?

  8. john papazian said:

    It’s blackmail and the Turks know it.Oh sure they’ll claim they’re taking the high road but it’s still blakmail. Brilliant squeeze play is more like it.The sad thing is that American and European diplomats are probably going to fall for it,just like those protocols and historical commision nonsence.In the mean time theres still hope against all hope that America will find out what kind of “trusted ally in the war on terror” the Turks really are.

  9. Arman said:

    There should be only one way of establishing normal relations with turkey and that is turkey recognizes the Armenian genocide. After that we can site around a table and talk.

  10. manooshag said:

    Hye, how the world, I mean the civilized nations of the world cannot see through the Turkish acts of desperation – using over and over the delaying tactics, the lying tactics – now, into today – 2010:
    “Armenia and Turkey are working on ANOTHER ‘plan’ – a newer plan” – say the Turks, again – of which the Armenians shall be ‘informed’…
    Turkey is unable to agree with any nations… that is stay ‘agreed’. Yet, Turkey agrees/disagrees with a
    France, Spain, Israel and more. Then howls like a hyena, but continues trading and more with each of these nations – as if there were NEVER any disagreements – EVER. This behavior reeks of the bully – attacking to see what and how far he can go to overcome his ‘adversary’ – and when the adversary (i.e. France, Spain, Israel and more) do not even BLINK, the bully, in this case a Turkey, resumes ‘business as usual’… So Turkey keeps making new ‘agreements’… with whomever, whose next, for the moment…
    As I see it, the only nation who has been ‘frightened’ by the bully Turk is the United States of America.
    Imagine, the most powerful democracy, the most morally led nation (not lately) the most advanced nation
    in all the endeavors that mankind has achieved – the USA leaderships are ‘gagged’ by the likes of the
    Turkish leaders of today – still in their Ottoman mode. What holds the Turk over the USA?
    Amazing, when of the 50 states of the USA today, the American citizens of all forty-three (43) states have stood up to be counted to recognize the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation –

    Since Turks needed the Armenian lands to gain a homeland for themselves, and,
    of course, too, stole all the advances and wealths and cultures developed over their nearly 4,000 years of existence was ‘owned’ by these Turks – as if all these advances were the Turks – until today, 2010.
    The Turks have, desparetely, delayed and denied the Armenian Genocide (as well as the Greeks, Syrians,
    Assyrians and so many more peoples). Desparately in denials of the Armenian Genocide now for nearly one hundred years (100) in their convoluted mentality – hoping that the Armenians shall disappear, no more
    Armenians… even those who integrated into the civilized nations as Survivors had fled to escape the Turkish terrors… then the Turks shall have succeeded – no more Armenians to fight for their rights to their own lands, their own birthrights – the Armenians gone!
    Well, Turkey, with all your new and ongoing PLOYS – now too, another new plan appears on the horizon – to ‘share’ – the Turk is planning – obviously, another delaying tactic which they believe will fool the Armenians before the world – or are they trying to fool the world’s leaders too?
    Now,Turkey isperpetrating another Genocide… this one is against the Kurdish nation. Not a new project for the Turks, for they have been labelling the Kurds (together with George Bush) as ‘terrorists’ as this enables genocidal Turk to attack the Kurds as the ‘guilty terrorists’. (Turkey’s terrorism?) In fact, Turkey has been treating the Kurds to many forays, and again of late, have openly, without any fear of any ‘voices’ from any morally led nations in opposition. But in the Ottoman mode – bulllying at its ugliest – inhumanity to humans. Still…

  11. manooshag said:

    Hye, kinioglu’s reply to a question was not an answer to the question – lot of kinioglu words… his footnote (last paragraph) – not clear/concise – just repeating/repeating;

    ‘land border is closed'; ‘Turkey is not blockading Armenia'; ‘The land border is closed with Armenia’
    -anyone decifer what the Turk is endeavoring to state as ‘fact’ – in circles – leading to… what?
    Truth being that the Turks closed this border to assert their Turkic stance. Armenians did not.

  12. Nairian said:

    Well, the turks denied the Armenian Genocide for 95 years by gagging USA with filling up the US congressmen’s bulging pockets. They lied, they killed, they cheated and they stole and they bribed. It isn’t any news for us Armenians to have this lier turk Kiniklioglu to lie some more and pretend that the border between Armenia and Western Armenia that is, is closed.

  13. Nairian said:

    It isn’t any news for Armenians to have this lier turk Kiniklioglu to lie some more and pretend that the border between Armenia and Turkey is not closed.

  14. Grish Begian said:

    Armenia and Artsakh paying the price of weak leaders of Armenia.. Turks are maneuvering and looking for new road maps..of course turkey knows how to nest in the middle of a road, where there is no traffic, and I wonder, for how much longer, this stupid wild bird can fool Serge and Edward!!!

  15. Nairian said:

    Dear Siamanto, same as Steve I am undoubtedly more than in agreement with you; but unfortunately our so called Representatives of the Republic of Armenia seem to be half witted or they are so corrupted, greedy and unpatriotic that they are devising again some kind of road-map shmoad-map with the denialist Turks and again without the knowledge of their citizens in Armenia nor us the Diasporans. They are at it again. I cannot believe this; but it’s happening again. If this news is true; both these guys must get out of their seats and the sooner the better.

  16. David Keoseyan said:

    I don’t believe the Armenian Government. People say, “if there is a smoke, surly there is a fire”. I will never call the Turkish ideas or proposals as “Brilliant Proposal.” I call it “Turkish Proposal.” I cannot find any adjective to describe a horrific idea worse than “Turkish” word.

    Lately, Turkey is acting like a global super power, because the U.S. and the European counties are financial hysteria. Turks are trying to lead the Islamic world with the blessing of President Obama. President Obama alone cannot fight against Israeli lobbies, therefore he is using the Turks. If there is a so called “Brilliant Proposal”, it was cooked behind the White House doors when Armenian and Turkish presidents/delegates were in Washington DC for called nuclear conference.