Aliyev Says Armenia Should ‘Liberate’ First

DAVOS, Switzerland—Azeri President Ilham Aliyev told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that he was confident that Turkey would not ratify the Armenia-Turkey protocols until Armenia “returned” the liberated territories around Karabakh and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic itself to Azerbaijan’s control.

“There is a common understanding in the region that there should be a first step by Armenia to start the liberation of the occupied territories,” Aliyev told the Wall Street Journal in an interview conducted in the margins of the World Economic Forum. He also told the Journal that he was “fully satisfied” with Turkey’s understanding of the issue, despite his past harsh criticism.

“If the two issues are disconnected, then probably Armenia will freeze negotiations with Azerbaijan (over Nagorno Karabakh),” Aliyev told the Journal, which reported that Aliyev, in the past, has threatened war.

“Now we are approaching the moment when things get more and more difficult,” President Serzh Sarkisian’s deputy chief of staff Vigen Sargsyan told the Wall Street Journal.

Sargsyan told the WSJ that while Armenia’s government is sending the protocols to parliament for ratification, it is also preparing legislation to enable the president to withdraw his signature from treaties.

“If this opportunity is lost it will push the whole region back, not to where we started when talks began but beyond that,” Sargsyan told the WSJ.

The WSJ reported that Aliyev has expressed anger over the Turkey-Armenia talks by threatening to reroute Azeri natural gas and oil exports away from Turkey. “Azerbaijan can export gas in four directions: Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Russia,” Aliyev told the WSJ.

The Azeri president also expressed his frustration over delays in the construction of the Nabucco pipeline. In an interview with Bloomberg TV Wednesday, Aliyev complained of a lack of leadership in the pipeline project. He told the Wall Street Journal that he would entertain selling as much gas to Russia’s Gazprom if the pipeline were delayed. The concept of the Western-backed Nabucco pipeline is to side-step and diversify supplies away from Russia in an effort to diminish its energy influence in the region.

“So far we do not know who is that leader who will move this process forward,” Aliyev said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “Who will engage itself in negotiations with gas producers, transiters? Who will do the marketing for this gas? What will be the pricing?

“So a lot of questions that are not answered for quite a lot of time,” Aliyev told Bloomberg TV.


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  1. jerry sabounjian said:

    Who is he trying to bluff this dictator. Armenia should not give him back an inch of land.
    Those districts in question are needed for Karabagh to  defend itself.
    Once those territories are under Azeri control no doubt they will use them to attack Karabagh in the future, and Armenians have learned from there past and present,that Turks are never to be trusted.So to give those territories are foolish for the Armenians.

  2. Nairian said:

    Good.  Aliyev threaten Turkey more, so that the protocols will never ever be ratified by Turkey and Armenia.

  3. John said:

    Apparently this mongol didnt tell the WSJ how they started shelling innocent civilians for having a democratic referendum to finally be independent from a country that never had any legal rights to those lands in the first place. Oh and he forgot to mention that after starting the war his side got their ass kicked and lost the war. Please, someone tell this forever corrupt rulling thug that losers don’t make demands. And Karabagh will never ever ever be returned to you!

  4. Grish Begian said:

    I don’t understand how soon this  horse will forget about pogroms against Armenians in Sumgate and Baku…there are hundreds of videos and documents shows how Azeri Turks with their deadly “grad” missiles bombing innocent NKR Armenian population…this new Azeri moron sheikh, definitely do not have any political experience, otherwise he wouldn’t talk for a land where there is no value for his tribal countrymen….

  5. Lusik said:

    Nabuco project is in stagnation – wrongly calculated reserves, badly searched market of demand. The current dynamic projects on energy delivery to Europe are Nord Stream (German-Russian/Transgas) and South Stream (Russian-Serbian/Gasprom).
    Aliev thinks (if so) that among TV watchers somebody will jump and say “I have a company which sells these products”. He does not suspect that first thing any modern businessman does, is market research. Is he naive, or too smart for me to comprehend? He does not understand, that when the president of the country has no clue about fundamentals of what his economics is build on, he attracts only “schulers”.
    The main reason Aliev wants Artsakh problem be solved fast is that any instability and uncertainty in the region hurts enormously economics of his country at most. So, Russians understand and use this. And will try to bind Azerbaijan even tighter. Armenian President must use it in most profitable way for Armenia. The ideal-model would be if Armenian President says (after everything is calculated, of course): “O’K, I will stop blockading your “stable partner” image in international business community, if you give up any claim on Artsakh, Nakhichevan and more”.

  6. Gagik said:

    What a Moron! Who will return LIBERATED territories, which HISTORIC Lands of Armenian People!
    We should make clear to this restarted DICTATOR, that Arzakh (Karabakh) Native people FIGHT for freedom from azerbaijan (country created by communists), and will never accept their “new country” rule over them! Also before he speaks about any land claim, Aliyev should consider the RETURN to the rightful owners of the Nakhidjevan Province which is Armenia!!!
    Another reminder to this war criminals, that they should capture and hand over all the criminals who were involved in Baku and Sumgait (Pogroms) Genocide of Armenian native people!!!
    At the last, these who want Armenian Lands as their own they should come and claim it, if they have enough guts!!!

  7. Norin Radd said:

    How will you export your oil to “Turkey, Georgia, Iran, and Russia” in “more than one direction” with your pipelines in 500 pieces and our oil fields on fire little Azeri mongrel? All Armenian soldiers are made of steel and their hearts are eternal, we will grind you into dust under our heels.
    That’s what’s going to happen if you ONE INCH of Arstakh land is touched, one Armenian is harmed, or the people of Armenia and Arstakh are pressured to give land away or their rights violated.
    Every Armenian on this Earth, in every host country, in Arstakh, and in Armenia is watching our homeland and our motherland ready to protect it at a moment’s notice. This time we will take your precious Baku away from you and burn it down to the ground in front of your eyes. Our people will never be violated ever again.

  8. manooshag said:

    Hye, first of all the Azeris have a short history on their lands… the lands were Armenian lands.
    Secondly, the Azeris, prior to losing the war to the Artstagh Armenians, had initiated the same as the Turkish brethern, elimination of the Armenians…. vile Turkic slaughters, rapes and more.
    Thirdly, it shall be mentioned, that there was a war between the Azeris and the Armenians of Artsagh – AND THE ARMENIANS WON… against the Azeris.  (USA take note).
    The Azeris, in the Turkic stance of bullying, would have the world think the Azeris had won the
    war.  The Azeris would have the world think that they are an ancient and civilized nation – when
    in reality, all they have going for them is their oil today – which they have not even used to advance the lives of their own citizens….  Azeris ape their Turkish brethern thinking  that by acting brazenly, bullying, lies, lies, lies, will get them what they seek. 
    Azeris have much to learn to join the civiilized nations… Oil they have today… but when the oil is no longer there –  as is predicted, what shall the Azeri citizens have – despotic leaderships.

  9. Nairian said:

    This ugly horse forgets his pogrom azeri vermins’ annihilations towards helpless civilian Armenian women and children; and because of it Artsakh’s people fought, practically with their last breath.

    Here is a couple of heartwrenching videos how our people HAD TO FIGHT against those azeri pogrom vermins for the safety of our Armenian people in the Artsakh region.

    A Story of people in war and peace

    Karabakh Hero Monte in English Part 2

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  11. Koko said:

    Aliyev cann’t be trusted. After all, who trusts mongols and Turks? They are both 1st cousin’s in commiting Genocides against all peace loving people. Aliyev should return more historical Armenian land to their legal Armenian owners. He’s not in a position to demand anything from Armenia or Artsakh.  Azerbeijan didn’t exist 100 years ago. Their original land is in Mongolia.

  12. Grigor Markaryan said:

    Not an inch of liberated Artsakh lands will be returned to azeri-mongolian turks. Instead we are demanding return of Nakhijevan to the Armenian people.

  13. Grigor Markaryan said:

    The message is clear and loud.. The Armenians are demanding the return of Nakhijevan to its rightful owners the Armenians..