ANCA Endorses Dr. John McGoff for Congress

WASHINGTON–The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) on Friday announced its endorsement of Dr. John McGoff in the Republican primary race against Rep. Dan Burton in Indiana’s 5th district.

“We are encouraged by Dr. McGoff ‘s strong stance on issues that pertain to Armenian –Americans” said ANCA National Board Member Steve Mesrobian. “Dr. McGoff offers us a real opportunity to not only remove Rep. Burton, who so vigorously supports Turkish government interests, but also to elect someone in his place who has the moral judgment to speak truthfully on human rights issues.”

In his recent response to the ANCA questionnaire, McGoff wrote, “in the early part of the 20th century, the Armenian people suffered the unspeakable horror of being targeted and systematically removed or killed by an oppressive government that showed no regard for humanity. These are the facts and the truth cannot be denied nor can it be spun for political purpose.” In regards to a historical commission he adds, “The Armenian Genocide is a fact. Any opinion to the contrary is ignorant, uninformed and false. I will vehemently oppose any effort to call into doubt the Armenian Genocide. ”

Rep. Dan Burton, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has been the incumbent Congressman since 1983 and has consistently received an “F” grade on the ANCA Report Card. “Congressman Burton has proactively worked to defeat resolutions affirming the Armenian Genocide, and has essentially become an Indiana advocate of Turkish interests,” said Varoujan Chalian DDS, who is supporting McGoff in the primary.

Dr. McGoff holds positive and promising stances on additional issues including ending the genocide in Darfur, Nagoro-Karabagh’s right to self-determination, increasing US assistance to Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh, and ending the illegal Turkish-Azeri blockades of Armenia.


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  1. Armen, N.J. said:

    Please post a website or mailing address for contribution. Armenians should contribute to favorable candidates campaign regardless of their state of residence

  2. Armen, N.J. said:

    I don’t understand this “awaiting moderation” clause. This is pure sensorship.You should allow everybody’s openion heard. Who is the moderator anyway? Who died and made him moderator.He removes openions that he does not like. This is unamerican. Go publish in Turkey if you want only your side of the story published. You should know better, have been publishing in u s for 100 years.If you are not a coward, do not delete this message

  3. Arman said:

    Rep. Dan Burton must accept the truth of the Armenian Genocide and must understand that not only are there no more Armenians in Western Armenia, but that there are also no more Indians in his home state Indiana…………this country, like modern Turkey, was also founded on genocide.