Germany Sees Turkey As ‘Key’ To Solving Region’s Problems

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet)—German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called Turkey the “key country to find solutions in the region” during a reception attended by Turkey’s EU negotiator in Istanbul on Friday morning.

“Turkey is surrounded by the most problematic region of the world,” he said after he met with EU negotiator Egemen Bagis.

He also said there was work to be done by the European Union regarding Turkey’s bid to join the bloc and that Turkey also had work to do, reiterating a statement he made Thursday during a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu.

“As Germany, we have a great interest in Turkey,” he said, according to Anatolia news agency reports. “The visit to Turkey is not a coincidence. It is a symbol.”

His trip marked the first visit by a German foreign minister since the September 2009 elections in Germany, after which Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and Westerwelle’s Free Democratic Party formed a coalition government.

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  1. Sima Aprahamian-Hovhannessian, Ph.D. said:

    Someone should inform Minister Guido Westerwelle that Turkey is the main “problem” in the region. It had hostile intent over a decade ago and continues to do so with its blockade of Armenia & its insistence on conditions for the so called “normalization” of relations with Armenia. It also is harming its own people – it has been denying rights to … See Morethe Alawites & is not respecting its minorities including the Greeks, Assyrians…& its recent assault on the Kurdish people is testimony & reminder of its numerous atrocities…its crimes against humanity & Genocide are too many to list including its non-recognition of Cyprus – an EU member!

  2. Robert H. Ajamian said:

         Germany back in 1915 was actually actively involved with the Young Turks to remove the Armenians from the crumbling Ottoman Empire they oked the plans for the Armenian Genocide because they had investments in railroads to transport oil from Azerbaijian to the world market with the wealthy jewish bankers the Rothschilds who owned Dutch Shell Oil company.The armenian genocide of 1915-1923 was planned by Germany,Turkey and  wealthy jewish bankers in europe for their oil profits they wanted armenians cleared off the land so shipments of oil by railroads would not be disrupted.The profits of oil were more important to them than the lives of 1.5 million to 4 million armenians who were genocided in the process.The Germans,Turks,and these wealthy jewish bankers are evil money hungry animals that will genocide any group for their profits.These same groups are behind the genocides of today including the economic collapse so they can exterminate as many people around the world through financial hardship to low the population worldwide.These are the evil of evils that will do anything for their greedy selfish profits.  

  3. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Germany used to think the same way after World War 1, in its pre-fascist and fascist periods.  Mr. Radik Martirosyan of Armenian National Academy and Mr. Simonyan of Yerevan State University think the same way.

  4. Kiazer Souze said:

    Turkey key to solving regional problems? Really? Turkey is the biggest supporter of state sponsored terrorism. Ergenekon is affiliated with Al Queda and various other State Department listed terrorist groups. They are the ones who killed:

    1) Bobby Kennedy
    2) Hrant Dink and other journalists
    3) the 7 CIA officers
    4) Christian clergy

    and they attempted to assissinate Pope John Paul.

    The scum who attempted to murder the Pope is writing a book and they are going to do a movie about his murders and attempted murder. Yet he only gets 19 years for the attempted murder and 10 years for murder  for a Turkish journalist exposing Ergenekon. 

    I think its about time they release Sassounian . He has done his time.

  5. greg davidyan said:

    Why did not the German foreign minister say that turkey was and is the main problem of this world of ours? This sick man and plight of Asia! Enough of this diplomatic ass kissing of turks!

  6. greg davidyan said:

    I guess Serzh Sargsyan and his puppet Eduaed Nalbandyan will next say that turkey is Armenia’s savior! Turkey in order to save herself resorts to killing, murdering, raping, cheating,stealing and you can name it all. This sick man of Asia fools the Americans, fools the Russians, fools the Europeans and fools the entire world and wants to be solving the world’s problems! What an absurd wishful thinking..

  7. gharakhanian said:

    birds of feather flock together…or do they dare…given their backgrounds, they probably look at each other and wink and smile cause they approve of each others past and anyways the Germans master minded it all so the Turk looks to them like the big brother, like you said so they are like thanks bro-ing each other and i got your back sort of thing. i mean they have to back each other up, like what can the German say to the Turk you Genocide committing scum of the earth, and the Turk is gonna say oh yeah, but we got the lands the wealth and the women and their little boys bro and got away with it not like you fools who are still paying for it. German gonna say ok, ok, but we are not like that anymore, The Turk is gonna say, come on bro i know you like it like that bro, come on now we two of a kind, you can’t fool me, you just got caught, its ok i got your back, and you got mine right? am i right? the German is gonna say, you are the man, you are my man bro, you are the man, i got yours, heh, heh, heh, yeah, i got yours, you are right bro we are good for each other, the Turk is gonna say, so we are in EU right? the German gonna say bro, bro, just hold it ok, am in knee deep, and you are up to your neck, ok? so lets just cool it for now ok? The Turk, yeah ok, am just playing for you know am playing right? bro, anyways i got your dam Ergenekon, the Kurds, the Armenians and the Greeks and you know all this other business going on, its not like i can join the EU, i know that but as long as the west and the east thinks am gonna join it gives  us status and leverage, ha? yeah we are civilized we got talks going on yeah ha? you know, like we are power player right? we have it together am i right? cause bro, we are sick of all this bashing we are getting, we are the man, right? the German goes, yeah bro you are as civilized as us ha? anyways i could go on and on, but the thing is we have nothing to worry about, these two fools, what they say, it means nothing in the big picture, what Germany says or does, its not up to them.  they are so far off from joining the EU and can’t do nothing in the region ether, i wish our leaders could see that and wouldn’t buy into the propaganda Turkey is dribbling out, i think this is all playing out big because they are finally gonna be nailed with the Genocide now and they have to create all kinds of havoc and supposedly business and ties in the east and west and up their you know what in the hopes of saving themselves but no one is gonna save them with the Genocide not Germany for sure, cause they would not count no one no Islamic nation not Israel anymore not the US no one not Russia, not China, no one gonna go near them, not Iran, they are trying to save themselves but its too late, writing is on the wall… it has come to head and its done, there will never be a historical commission, that was done years ago, its done they are grasping at ploys, they would kill their mothers, their desperation their weakness, so clear, we must focus on not buying into any threats regarding Azerbaijan and what ever they got nothing is gonna stop us now I believe American is ready, and willing now, and all this mess is gonna backfire on the Turkeys, they are gonna create an international crisis  just to camouflage the elephant in the room, (Genocide)you know, so we need to get our focus and our leaders in line so they can see what the pay off is for themselves and us. I see Turkey coming apart as a result of their own doing that’s what the world is gonna say. sit back … its like any criminal you see on film that finally their own start stabbing each other and finish each other off.