Irritants II

By Garen Yegparian

Today we’ll hit some more items that leave me peeved!

Why don’t we hold "louder" remembrances of the Sumgait massacres? I’ll bet you can’t even remember the month and year they occurred! Such activities would certainly keep Azerbaijan’s diplomatic corps and their hirelings occupied with denial instead of being able to act preemptively to Armenia’s detriment.

Why don’t we create more of a fuss over Azerbaijan’s disruptions of the ceasefire? This too would keep Azerbaijan’s representatives skittering like cockroaches to do damage control.

Why didn’t we picket or otherwise counteract the Holocaust memorial held in LA last April featuring that despicable–genocide-denying-Holocaust-survivor of a Congressman from the bay area–Rep. Tom Lantos? There were full page ads in the LA Times with that cretin’s picture. I shudder as I remember it!

Why is the Soviet spelling of our language still in use both in Armenia and diaspora? That divisive–orthographically destructive obscenity should be sent off to join the dinosaurs!

Why don’t we CELEBRATE–and yes I mean exactly that–the assassination of Talaat Pasha and his ilk? Imagine. We’d be drinking toasts all night to Shiragian–Tehlirian–Torlakian–Yerganian–and the others. It’d be great!

Why do we keep purchasing massive quantities of made-in-Turkey products? I know–I know–this is a rerun–but well worth bringing up again because it’s so abhorrent!

Why are we not cynical about the publication of General Antranig’s biography in Turkish earlier? Is the translation true to Chelabian’s original? Did the author pre-approve it? How could that happen when Antranig is one of the biggest ogres in Turkish eyes? What’s up?

Why do we tolerate vermin such as those Armenia’s who are willing to become willing tools of Turkish and American diplomacy by lending their names to TARC (Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission) or anything like it that might come as recently reported by Harut Sassounian. These people are traitors–pure and simple. We ought to shun them completely. The let’s see what kind of legitimacy they can bring to such debauched initiatives.

Enough–more in a few months.


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