Hooshere: Provenance

A unique interpretation of traditional Armenian music–with rich vocals–original arrangemen’s–progressive beats–and an inventive–balanced fusion of modern and traditional instrumentation.

Born and raised in New York City–Hooshere is a first generation Armenian-American whose connection to her heritage–coupled with her passion for music–has molded her into one of the very unique newcomers to the world music scene.

A native New Yorker–through and through–Hooshere spent much of her early adulthood absorbing the myriad of cultural and musical riches around her–from the stages of Broadway–to the street performers of the Village–to cultural programs within the Armenian community–within which she often took part. A trained classical pianist–Hooshere was an accomplished young performer throughout her childhood. Singing and performing since the age of three–music has always been central to her life–and her Armenian upbringing was significantly influential in developing her musical tastes and aspirations. While her goal was always to reach a wide audience–she knew that her roots would play a role in how she would ultimately define and shape her music.

Provenance–Hooshere’s debut solo album–is a modern day presentation of songs from times past; while remaining true to the origins of the music–Hooshere infused it with completely new sounds and rhythms–breathing new life into the music of her Armenian ancestors. The album is not limited to revivals–there are three original tracks–written by Hooshere; two of which–with English lyrics–are particularly well poised for a broad and diversified audience.

Provenance is produced by Hooshere–with co-production by AB+–a skilled producer–and seasoned French horn player–having performed with such greats as Miles Davis–Lenny Kravitz–Sonny Rollins–and Gil Evans. The album also features well-known guitarist Matt Beck–who recently toured with Matchbox Twenty–and Lisa Loeb. Playing bass on the album is Konrad Adderley–who has played with Aretha Franklin and Sonny Rollins–among others–and is currently part of the musical cast for the Broadway musical "Wicked."

The traditional Armenian instrumentation on the album could not be more authentic–as it was recorded straight from the source–Yerevan–the capital city of Armenia. Some of the most notable local musicians were enlisted for the album–including Hratjcha Muradian (kamancha)–Norair Kartashyan (blul–duduk) and Alik Peloshyan (dhol).

Recording the album was an incredible journey for Hooshere. Starting out as an experimental few sessions with AB+–she quickly realized that she had found someone who understood her vision–and could help mold the album into what it is today. During the process–she was inspired to write several original tracks–each of which was an evolution all its own. Recording in Armenia was uniquely rewarding–especially while witnessing the Armenian musicians connect with–and interpret her music in such extraordinary ways. The experience of bridging the new with the old–through the remarkable instrumen’s of her heritage–was fulfilling and inspiring–and she feels she captured some of the most essential elemen’s of the album through the process.

The gifted musicians with whom she collaborated–both in New York and in Armenia–each contributed their own unique elemen’s to her music. Together they achieved Hooshere’s vision of creating an inventive–balanced fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds–to propel the music of her ancestry into the present day–for a global audience.

1. Kele Lao

2. Garode

3. Willow

4. Eem Anoush Davigh

5. Hars Em Gnoom

6. Somebody Else

7. Yeraz

8. The Call

9. Zeenvoree Mor Yerkuh

10. Caravan

11. Giligia


Reviewer: Sharistan Ardhaldjian

I hope this is the first of many CDs for Hooshere whose voice is a truly intoxicating marriage of old world and new. In Provenance–Hooshere beautifully pays tribute to a rich heritage while creating exceptionally unique and inspiring renditions of celebrated folk music. Her original lyrics and music are even more captivating–and leave the listener wanting to hear more of her breathtaking voice.

Incredible mix of classics

Reviewer: Raffi Karakashian

Hooshere’s Provenance brings out the invigorating spirit of traditional Armenian folk music. Many of her selections are very familiar for most listeners. The last song – Cilicia – flows beautifully. Her voice takes you back in time to the historic Giligia of Armenia’s past.


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