Foreign Ministry Rejects Pashinyan’s Claim about Shushi’s Surrender

The Shushi Fortress
The Shushi Fortress

The Shushi Fortress

Pashinyan called Shushi ‘A Desolate and Grim Place’

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday rejected a claim made by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who told Parliament that the surrender of Shushi had part of the negotiations since 2016.

“At no stage of the peace talks has there ever been a discussion of surrendering the city of Shushi,” the foreign ministry spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan said in a Facebook post, refuting Pashinyan’s claim.

“The same logic was always at play about ending the war: the surrender of the territories including Shushi without the determination [of Artsakh’s] status,” Pashinyan told parliament.

“This was the case before the war. This has been the case since 2016, and the April War was the last indication, with the only difference that this time it was no longer possible to stop the war with any verbal statement or commitment,” added Pashinyan.

The prime minister appeared in parliament Monday to respond to lawmakers’ questions about the “end of war” agreement.

Instead, he presented an often disjointed defense for his decision to sign the agreement, which stipulated the surrender of Shushi, among other Artsakh territories.

While he appeared to take responsibility for the surrender of Shushi, Pashinyan quickly turned his attention to his predecessors offering criticism of the way successive governments had treated Shushi and making the claim that the city’s eventual surrender had been discussed in pre-war peace talks.

“Shushi is a desolate and grim city,” said Pashinyan. “If Shushi was so important to everyone, why was it left in that condition and not developed?”


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  1. Varouj garabedian said:

    I wonder: Is Pashinian a greater liar or Donald Trump?!!! How can he claim that Shushi was on the agenda of the territories to be surrendered to Azerbaijan? Lately he has given several interviews with TV reporters and claimed that he signed the infamous surrender agreement in order to save tens of thousands of soldiers who wound be surrounded and killed. Here goes another lie. At the beginning he was talking about 20000 solders, then the number increased an later on he started talking about 30 to 35 thousand soldiers. Nobody had the wisdom or the guts to ask him: Mr. Pashinian, if we had over 30000 soldiers in Artsakh, how dare you declare that they would inevitably killed? Were not they armed? An army commander named Gagig Melkonyan claimed that there was a military plan to defend Shoushi and repel the attackers with ONLY 1500 soldiers!!! Moreover, why did we surrender the territories that were under Armenian control, namely the northern heights and Kelbajar, when the military are telling us that the would easily defend those territories?
    How long can we tolerate this ignorant man who has lost his sight and vision, he has detached himself from the real world and has practically sold our territories both in Artsakh and southern Armenia in collaboration with another shameless traitor named Araig Haroutiounyan. The present president of Artsakh has proven to be a pure businessmen, who does not care about our fatherland but is trying save his business! Will we be informed someday that he has Azeri partners to do mining in Artsakh?!!! Last but not least, who is going to revive real and impartial accountability?

  2. Serop said:

    For almost 30 years these so called leaders & thugs of Armenia plundered whatever pitiful funds our nation had. It is estimated Between the first 3 leaders and their clans of thieves stole over $1 Billion of our nations money.
    Just imagine if they had invested in technology & arms … As usual traitors & thieves always betray our nation.
    How do peasant’s like Sargissyan & Kocharyan manage to accumulate over $350M in assets each along with other thieves like gago?
    Were they blind? Could they not see how Azerbaijan was arming itself? Buying Israeli drones and developing technologies.. Blind Freddy could see it coming but our leaders were busy plundering our nation to ensure their families live the life of multi Millionaires in USA , Europe and spend millions gambling in European casinos… Hang them all, take all their assets away and then maybe the diaspora will believe a word from Yerevan. I doubt much will change as even the new crop of leaders are mostly relations of previous corrupt families dressed in Armani suits and pretending they care..