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The statement signed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on November 10, 2020 to end the war is nothing but a defeatist and humiliating document, which is not only a great crime against the interests, desires and goals of the homeland and the entire Armenian nation, but also it unequivocally endangers and violates the absolute right of the future generations of the Armenian people to live in an independent, secure and developing country and to build a dignified future.

This reprehensible and unacceptable document on the complete surrender (capitulation) of Armenia and Artsakh has infuriated and angered the Armenian people, whose just demand, in order to salvage the situation, is for Nikol Pashinyan leave without incident.

In the wake of the popular uprising, the ruling regime has begun arresting opposition party leaders and other public figures in order to evade responsibility, extend its rule and silence the people by force. We strongly condemning the illegal arrests and stress that with such actions it is impossible to curb a just wave of popular protest and anger.

At the same time, we consider the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan vital for the implementation of the steps envisioned by the trilateral statement and the negotiations on the next stages of the settlement of the Artsakh conflict in general, in order to create an opportunity to defend the interests of the republics of Armenia and Artsakh and the Armenian people in a worthy manner.

The prime minister’s resignation will signal that he places national interests above his personal political ambitions. If the Prime Minister really signed the tripartite statement in order to save the remnants of the Homeland, by the same logic he should resign, to allow political forces to unify our national potential and emerge from this situation. We caution the Prime Minister not to destabilize the country with his violence, persecution and provocations. We call on our people to be vigilant and not to give in to provocations.

At the very least, the Prime Minister, himself, knows full well the ARF’s unconditional and unwavering devotion to the homeland. From the first moments of the war we expressed to the prime minister, personally, our willingness to put aside all our differences and the ARF’s readiness to enlist, with its entire structure, in the Armenian Army. In the days that followed that willingness and responsibility was proven on the battlefield and on the sidelines on internal and external fronts. We conveyed this to the prime minister on several occasion during the entire duration of the war.

Finally, we call on our youth around the world to not to despair, not to be disappointed and not to discouraged. Our commitment to defend our national interests is unwavering. Through our unrelenting struggle, albeit sometimes unsuccessful, we will finally achieve our national aspirations.


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One Comment;

  1. Urardatsy said:

    I expect the ARF and/or the other opposing political parties to come up with a suggestion to find a viable alternative solution to the mess that we are in. Your suggestion should include a viable replacement to Pashinian. What if your suggestions are worse than the status quo? People are entitled to know the details of your proposed plans. People do NOT want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. You will definitely help by clarifying the alternative that you are suggesting.