Biden-Harris Campaign Issues Position Statement on Armenian Issues

Biden-Harris campaign

Biden-Harris campaign

The campaign of Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris on Thursday issued a position paper delineating what they said Biden had done on Armenian issues, and outlining what a Biden-Harris administration would accomplish.

This announcement comes two days after both Biden and Harris, in separate remarks, addressed the Karabakh conflict and called for its peaceful settlement.

The complete text of the campaign statement entitled “Joe Biden’s Support for the Armenian People” is presented below.

Joe Biden’s Support for the Armenian People

“I stand…with all Armenians and the Armenian-American community, which has contributed so much to our nation, in remembering and honoring the victims of the Armenian Genocide.” Vice President Joe Biden, April 24, 2020.

What Joe Biden Has Done

  • As a U.S. Senator, Joe Biden led congressional efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Last year, Joe Biden endorsed bipartisan legislation in Congress that officially recognized and established an ongoing U.S. commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
  • This year on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, he called for the genocide to be fully acknowledged and pledged support for its recognition. He stated then that “[i]f we do not fully acknowledge, commemorate, and teach our children about genocide, the words ‘never again’ lose their meaning.”
  • The Obama-Biden administration provided U.S. assistance to Armenia and humanitarian support for Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). With the Vice President’s leadership , the United States was a full partner in the OSCE Minsk Group peace process to end the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
  • When the conflict reignited in September 2020, Joe Biden called for the Trump administration to more actively engage in seeking a peaceful resolution and to demand that other states, such as Turkey, stay out of the conflict.
  • The Obama-Biden administration pushed for the full normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia, including opening the border and resumption of trade.

What Biden Will Do

  • Joe Biden will recognize the Armenian Genocide and make universal human rights a top priority for his administration so that such a tragedy can never again occur.
  • Joe Biden will strengthen the U.S.-Armenia partnership to improve the lives of the Armenian people.
  • Joe Biden will push for lasting peace in the region, reinvigorating U.S. engagement in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as he did in office , including seeking additional international observers to monitor the ceasefire. He will also work to prevent interference by third parties, including nation-states like Turkey, and foreign mercenaries paid to commit crimes against the people of Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Joe Biden will fully support U.S. aid to Armenia to strengthen democratic governance and promote economic growth, and review our security assistance to Azerbaijan to ensure it is not being repurposed for offensive means.
  • He will continue the long-time U.S. de-mining and humanitarian assistance in Nagorno-Karabakh — which President Trump has tried to end.
  • He will condemn hate crimes committed against Armenian American communities and strengthen protections for faith communities, including by expanding security grants to faith-based organizations and establishing a new law enforcement program in the Department of Justice dedicated to preventing attacks against faith communities.

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  1. Saro Zargarian said:

    Now they want to help us???
    Kamala Harris husband works for a firm paid by Turkey and Azeri for keeping the media in check.

  2. Viken E KRIKORIAN said:

    I shall not be holding my breadth, but we shall see after if he gets to be elected. Numerous previous campaigners promised the same but after obtaining the Armenian vote failed miserably…………..I hope this man is a man of his word!

  3. Allen said:

    But will he support the independence of Artsakh the the territories needed to secure it viability and security.

  4. john abajian said:

    The current occupant in the Oval Office has done and will continue to do NOTHING for the Armenian people – either here in the US or in Armenia. As far as he is concerned – Armenia qualifies as his defination of a “sh–hole” country (his words).

  5. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    Those are only empty words just to win Armenian votes. I don’t trust him.

  6. Michael said:

    Armenian Americans voting for Biden ! We hope that Mr Biden is committed to promises he has made to Armenian people this time, before the presidential election, and will endorse them once he becomes a president of the US.

  7. A shot said:

    To many grey zones to fully support one candidate during elections. Glory to USA!


    Biden is saying exactly the same thing as Obama about recognizing the Armenian Genocide, which Obama went back on his word and as usual it’s an election tool being used and at the end leaving Armenians with nothing. There may be a small chance of truth in this. Trump has already proven that he doesn’t and will not recognize the Armenian Genocide as he had said from the first few months at the White House that as long as he’s president, he will not sign the official document which will make the USA officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. His attention and dedication is to only one country (I don’t mean US).

  9. Yury Avanesov said:

    Dear Joe and Kamala. I wish you good luck. We hope, that you are going to win this election.
    Thank you for supporting armenian people. Thank you for not calling dictator erdogan “friend”.
    Dr. Yury Avanesov.

  10. Dikran said:

    Lies all Lies!! If the Obama Administration didn’t finch or care about us Armenian’s then how is Uncle Joe and Liar Harris going to be any better? They just want the Armenian votes for the elections and after that push us to the side. The Dem’s have proved it time after time — We have a better chance with Trump to stand our grounds and get what we want! Think about it!

  11. Alex Peterson said:

    how come he didn’t do anything when he was VP? Reduced aid to Armenia by 18 percent.

  12. Eliz said:

    This article is an overinflated representation of what Biden has done. Biden hasn’t done anything above and beyond what all of the House has done- Please don’t give him credit for just following the our call to action- you think he was going to deny it? The 4th bullet point is hilarious – that’s common sense, and the last bullet point isn’t something to feel accomplished about- I don’t think Armenia is excited to trade with turkey anytime soon. Overall, this article shows the liberal agenda of Asbarez.

  13. Eric said:

    As an American I am deeply ashamed of my country’s (both Democrats and Republicans) response to what has been an outright Attack on people and the freedom and democracy of both Karabakh and Armenia. If Turkey and Azerbaijan attacked Israel how would America respond ? Too many young Armenian men and now women are loosing their lives fighting for the only independent free and Christian country in the region and now Trump says he can do something if he is reelected. You are the president now take this opportunity to make the correct American response now!

  14. Nikola said:

    Do not trust ’em! They will deceive you! They havent done anything when Obama was a president. America has never been your friend, they arent Orthodox Christians, they dont have your best interests. America is in bed with everyone, its like a towns bicycle it CAN NOT be trusted.