Asbarez Website Attacked

The Asbarez website is being attacked
The Asbarez website is being attacked

The Asbarez website is being attacked

Most of you have had limited, sporadic or no access to our website for the better part of the day. We have experienced the same situation on our end, because the Asbarez website was the targeted and attacked in what is known as very aggressive case of DDoS—distributed denial of a service.

A DDoS is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. This means fake bot attempt to log onto to a website at an accelerated rate and overwhelm its servers.

This particular attack started—slowly—late Wednesday and accelerate on Saturday morning. Our server host was able to mitigate the interruptions and the slowing down fairly quickly where only the administrators were able to notice the disruptions.

However, on Saturday evening, as Asbarez began reporting on Azerbaijan’s massive attack along all directions of the Artsakh border, the attacks on our website accelerated to a point that neither we, at Asbarez, nor you were able to access our site.

Asbarez has often been the target of cyberattacks and we have taken steps to mitigate them by fortifying our system to buttress these intrusions. Following experiencing similar incidents after the July events when Azerbaijan attacked targets in Armenia, we, again, reinforced our system.

We have often boasted having a large audience, whose reach transcends the United States into the four corners of the globe. However, that reach has not included close to 4 million hits to our site in a concentrated period, two thirds of which originating from countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Singapore, China and Romania. You get the picture.

We are happy to report that we have tried our best to mitigate future such attacks on our site, thank in large part to our website hosts and our talented tech partners at MSDN Solutions, with whom we have been working for months to create a completely new web platform, as well as mobile applications, which we were planning to launch later this fall. We might have to accelerate that process and introduce the new products in the coming weeks. We would like to thank our partners who worked diligently through the night and most of today to ensure that we are up and running.

We also would like to thank you, our readers, for your concern (we have received many emails, text and social media messages, as well as calls). We apologize for any inconvenience and welcome you back onto our site.

While we are covering a war, we must keep in mind that the aggression facing Armenians by Azerbaijanis and Turks is not limited to the battlefield.



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  1. Gadou said:

    Stay Strong Asbarez! Freedom of Speech and factual information reporting from you and other reputable news organizations is a right and imperative at this time.