‘Death to Armenians’: Thousands Rally in Baku Demanding War with Armenia

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Baku on Tuesday demanding war with Armenia
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Baku on Tuesday demanding war with Armenia

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Baku on Tuesday demanding war with Armenia

“Death to Armenians” and “Order Us to Go to War” were some of the slogans being chanted on Tuesday night in Baku’s main Azadliq (Liberty) Square where thousands of protesters were demanding an all out war with Armenia, after 11 Azerbaijani soldiers, among a them a high-ranking general, were killed during three days of fighting after Azerbaijani forces attempted to breach the border with Armenia at Tavush Province on Sunday.

Observers are describing the Wednesday rally as one of the largest in Azerbaijan. The Turan news agency estimated the crowd to number at 50,000 who are angry at the losses suffered by Azerbaijani forces at the border and were calling for the government to declare war.

Before the protest was dispersed by police, a number of demonstrators briefly occupied the parliament building.

The lasted well into the early hours of Wednesday morning. Demonstrators chanted a number of pro-war slogans, including: “End the quarantine, start the war,” “order us to go to war,” “Hey soldier, get up and cross that border” and the tried and true Azerbaijani slogan: “Death to Armenians.”

In addition to chanting pro-war slogans, the protesters also called for the resignation of Najmaddin Sadigov the long-serving Armed Forces Chief of Staff and Deputy Defense Minister.

"Death or Armenians," chanted the Azerbaijani protesters in Baku's Azadliq Square

“Death or Armenians,” chanted the Azerbaijani protesters in Baku’s Azadliq Square

The demonstration comes as reports were confirmed that Azerbaijani units had surrounded their own villages on the border and were using civilians as human shields in their advance toward the Armenian border.

According to Azerbaijani media, a smaller gathering of several thousand people rallied in nearby Sumgait, where the body Major-General Polad Gashimov, the high-ranking Azerbaijani official killed on Monday, was due to arrive. Gashimov is reportedly the highest ranking member of Azerbaijan’s armed forced to be killed in combat since Azerbaijan broke away from the USSR.

Of course, Sumgait is the Azerbaijani city where thousands of Armenians were brutally massacred in 1988 after hundreds of thousands of Armenians in Stepanekert rose up to call for Artsakh’s reunification with Armenia–expressing their right to self-determination–sparking the Artsakh Liberation Movement.

Government officials arrived at the rally to try and calm the crowd, seemingly to no avail. At one point, protestors apparently overturned a police vehicle.

In the early hours of Wednesday, riot police moved in and began to disperse the crowds with batons and water cannons, making numerous arrests. Tear gas was also reportedly used. Reportedly, some 100 people were arrested.


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  1. joe said:

    Death to Armenians??? they would do it yesterday if they could. GLORY TO THE ARMENIAN ARMY! the ONLY true guarantee of our motherland against these Asian invading pedophiles. Azerbaijan doesn’t have the stomach or the funds to go to war. I would have a plan however to separate the Azeri people as friends of Armenia, from the regime as an enemy to all. I would be careful of Nakechivan as Turkish direct support can come from that front..
    Arm the army to the teeth..
    Destroy anything everything Turkish as a virtual plan always..
    Diaspora army units NOW!
    One Armenia Artsakh and Diaspora! Its up to US!

  2. Seda Grigoryan said:

    It is very important that yoy stress that a demonstration of such scale would not be possible without state support and guidance. It’s obvious that Aliyev is trying to show that there is public demand for war so he can justify his such actions. We all must be alert to this and not let him get away with this maneuver, the international media is already presenting these protests as selforganized. Which they surely were not. Read about it in my post and watch the video where they are waving this Turkish flag and showing the Grey Wolves sign.

  3. Norin said:

    What is it with these animalistic people? Aren’t they tired of warring and attempting to bully indigenous people in the area? MotherF%#*{^{, we won the war and reclaimed land that was gifted to you by Stalin, get over it and focus on your own state! You aren’t even Anatolian, you Turkish mongrels are Ghengus Khan’s bastard kids when he was roaming with the Golden Horde. You are not native to the Caucasus area, there was NO AZERBAIJAN before Stalin created it. There has been an Armenia for thousands of years and there will be an Armenia for thousands more!

    This time if you start another war, there won’t be England or US or great power telling Armenians to stop the advance, you dogs. This time we will go to Aliyev’s palace and put his head on a pike in Baku and you will all bathe in your own blood.

    Stop playing with fire. The international community needs to reign this animals in or next war get out of the way and tell Turkey to stop lifting its skirt so Azeris can hide under it.

  4. GB said:

    Actually these frustrated crowd want to overthrow Axeri corrupt leader. They know can’t beat Armenian professional army.

  5. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    I am looking forward what will Pashinyan react. I am not suprised if he will give in.

  6. Norik baboorian Checkosky said:

    We will not allow every 100 years a new armenian genocide to occur, we need to stand up against these evil forces . We need to take any steps available to us even it is unjust. This is a survival issue. Our nation is on the brinks of being annihilated , 50million turks and Azeris against 3 million Armenians is morally and humanly unjust and unacceptable .

  7. Steve Derderian said:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sorry time to make a smart deal with the Kurds in Turkey. Start stirring things up there a little bit see how the Turks like it.

  8. Hovsep1 said:

    Perfect time to launch a drone!! Get ready for another beating!!