Parliament Vice-Speaker Accused of Attacking Opposition Activist

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan (left) and Adekvad party co-founder Artur Danielyan (right) who sustained injuries after allegedly being attacked by the former.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan (left) and Adekvad party co-founder Artur Danielyan (right) who sustained injuries after allegedly being attacked by the former.

Alen Simonyan, the Deputy Speaker of Armenia’s National Assembly from the ruling “My Step” faction was involved in a street brawl, during which he allegedly attacked Artur Danielyan, a co-founder of the opposition Adekvat party at Yerevan’s Mashdots Park on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on Arami Street at Mashdots Park, when, according to a post on Adekvad’s Facebook page, Danielyan was walking with a few friends in the park and allegedly was approached by Simonyan who physically attacked Danielyan, who sustained injuries to his nose.

Speaking to’s Armenian Service, Simonyan claimed that he was walking through the park when Danielyan and his friends began hurling what he described as homophobic slurs and they attacked him and punched him. When asked by the reporter to clarify whether he was beaten up by all three, he alleged that Danielyan was beating him up while the other two were trying to break up the fight. Simonyan said he had sustained injuries to his face.

Adekvad member Konstantin Ter-Nakalyan told that Simonyan attacked Danielyan. He also posted a Danielyan picture showing significant injury to his nose.

In a Facebook post, independent parliament member Arman Babajanyan said that Simonyan was attacked and the two reported the incident to the police.

By Wednesday evening Danielyan and two others were arrested in connection with the incident, with Danielyan being taken into police custody before getting medical attention for his injuries, a police spokesperson, Edgar Janoyan, told Armenpress. As a member of parliament, Simonyan has immunity from prosecution.

Janoyan also said that an investigation was underway into the incident, but did not identify the other two who were arrested alongside Danielyan.

The Adekvad party is comprised young nationalist activists who oppose the government of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Co-founder Danielyan was arrested last year for allegedly inciting violence, but was released the same day.

Despite his position as Armenia’s Deputy National Assembly Speaker, Simonyan is known for being a loose cannon, using his social media platforms to blast individuals or groups expressing opposition to the government.

Last year, he took to social media to propose changing Armenia’s National Anthem with the one used during the Soviet era. When individuals, many of whom from the Diaspora, voice opposition to his proposal, Simonyan blasted them by saying Armenians who do not speak Armenian should not express their opinion.

Most recently, Simonyan called for the resignation of His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians after the pontiff urged the authorities to release former president Robert Kocharian from custody due to his health conditions, citing universal concern for the well-being of citizens during the COVID-19 crisis.


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  1. Zareh Sahakian said:

    This Russian named “Adekvad” group is nothing but Kocharian-financed low-life agents of provocation. (as if an Armenian group cannot come up with the proper Armenian name “համարժեք”. Russianized English word for “Adequate” is in fact the perfect name for this dangerous foreign operators lurking in the streets of Yerevan. This so-called organization, and its thuggish leader Artur Danielyan, assumes the unofficial role of a porte-parole for the old discredited regime and their criminal leaders. Don’t take my word for it, you just have to hear them “opinionate” in Kocharian-owned TV interviews in such TV stations as “Kentron” and These people thrive in thrashing the Pashynian government with such language that one can only look for the nearest bucket to throw up.

    These are criminal Russian/Armenia oligarchic stooges who are planted to destabilize the Armenian society. Therefore, the Armenian society in its turn must give a համարժեք political evaluation and corresponding punishment. These dangerous 5th column operators must be prevented from abusing the freedom Pashynian regime has established in today’s Armenia and for the sake of Armenia’s national security must be outlawed.

  2. Papken Hartunian said:

    Simonian should have been wiser not to give an opportunity to get into a fight with Danielain. Because Danielain did not have anything to lose. However, Simonian had everything to lose. We must stay away from tradition of self-ruling. Once one becomes a physical, then he passes the threshold of civilized people.

  3. Barséghian Ardachèce said:

    In any case he has asked for the end of destructive reign of the leader, in usurped power, of our Holy Church is amply founded

  4. Tavit said:

    Alen Simonyan is a bully and loose cannon. He should be kicked out of parliament peacefully or should be resort some other way. This individual is disgrace for Armenian’s parliament and to Parliament’s Deputy Speaker position.

  5. Barséghian Ardachèce said:

    Don’t forget that 30 years have been settled since the implosion of the Soviet system that the mentalites have absolutely not changed in this type of reaction the citizens answer me “you know Ardaches we are Armenians” to which I answer “yes of the Soviet era, even of the Middle Ages” and our Church needs profound reforms or even a revolution to eliminate a multitude of ritual habits that socially exhaust families but certainly not with this hierarchical band. I learned to me in my exchanges in society, Europe the US are still far away in this area of where Simonyan, Marukhyan, Adequvat and so on within the state up to the village. Come!!! Does the epidemic have added to your perception of these so-called ‘civilized societies’? Citizens products to consume is to live … family, ANIMAZD