It is not Wise for Armenian Officials & Catholicos to be in Conflict

Columnist Harut Sassounian
Columnist Harut Sassounian

Columnist Harut Sassounian


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic which is killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including in Armenia, and paralyzing the economy and societal life as we know it, the biggest controversy these days in Armenia and the Armenian communities in the Diaspora has become a statement issued by His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians, and the harsh reaction by various Armenian officials and some members of the media.

Unfortunately, such a confrontation was not unexpected. Ever since the Velvet Revolution which brought Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to power in Armenia, there has been a tense atmosphere prevailing in Armenia and the Diaspora regarding those supporting Pashinyan’s government and those opposing it. While there is nothing wrong to be on the opposite sides of a political issue, the confrontation is so heated that often insults, cuss words, and even physical threats are exchanged, particularly on social media. In an earlier interview with the Armenian media, I had urged that Armenians should not treat those who disagree with them as enemies! I had said that “we can disagree without being disagreeable.”

It is understandable that most Armenians viewed the previous leaders as oppressors under whose unjust rule the Armenian people suffered tremendously. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians emigrated to Russia, Europe and North America not just because of economic hardships, but also due to social inequalities. Therefore, to a degree, it is natural that the majority of Armenians would harbor such toxic feelings toward the previous regimes.

However, I suggest that Armenians should focus on rebuilding the economy of Armenia rather than being consumed with hatred for the rest of their lives. Those who abused their positions and enriched themselves should be tried in courts and properly punished for their misdeeds.

Turning to the latest episode of the current acrimony, Catholicos Karekin II issued a statement to last week, suggesting that former President Robert Kocharyan’s detention in prison be changed. Here is the translation of the statement by the Catholicos:

“Under the circumstances of this pandemic, we are seeing that in various countries of the world special attention is being paid to individuals who are detained in prisons, welcome steps are being taken toward releasing those who do not pose a danger to society or changing the terms of their detention, in order to protect them from this virus. In such issues the position of the Church is based on the divine message of love, care, and compassion, and in this context, our counsel is that the authorities of our homeland continue to take the necessary steps in this direction. Regarding Robert Kocharyan, the second President of Armenia, being informed of the expert opinions of doctors about his health, we consider it important that along with implementing justice all preventive means and measures be taken, including the changing of the method of detention, in order to protect his health from future complications during this pandemic period.”

The next day, Alen Simonyan, the Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, a member of the ruling party, wrote in his Facebook page the following harsh response to the Catholicos:
“Today Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II said that he considers it important to change the terms of detention of Robert Kocharyan. Let me say that thousands of citizens of Armenia have already for a very long time considered it important the issue of changing the All Armenian Catholicos. I think citizen Ktrij Nersessian [the layman’s name of the Catholicos] who has been continuously silent, silent and silent for decades, today, under the new conditions, can freely be the guarantor of citizen Robert Kocharyan, and for that sufficient funds can be found.”

Also reacting to the Catholicos was Mane Gevorgyan, spokeswoman of the Prime Minister. She curtly stated that the government does not intend to comment on the “hopes and desires” of the Catholicos. The spokeswoman also recalled that Priest Vahram Melikyan, spokesman of the Mother See of Etchmiadzin, had presented a guarantee that if businessman Samvel Mayrapetyan is released from jail and goes to Germany for treatment, he would return to Armenia, but has not done so since January 2019.

To make matters worse, the Deputy Primate of the Diocese of Yerevan, Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan was charged by the Armenian government last week with fraud and money laundering. The National Security Service [NSS] claimed that Archbishop Kchoyan had colluded with an Armenian businessman to defraud a third person. The NSS announced that Kchoyan owned 33% of an offshore company. Archbishop Kchoyan’s lawyer denied the accusation.

Etchmiadzin reacted by urging government officials and the media to respect Archbishop Kchoyan’s presumption of innocence. The Church headquarters also stated that it is “bewildering” that the NSS announced the charges one day after Catholicos Karekin II called for a change in the detention terms of former President Robert Kocharyan. Several high-ranking clergymen also criticized the officials who had attacked the Catholicos.

We hope that the mutual accusations will cease as Armenians would become more respectful of everyone’s freedom of speech, without insulting those who disagree with them. At a time that the pandemic is taking many innocent lives and Armenia’s economy is in peril, it would be wiser to concentrate on resolving the grave issues facing our nation.

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  1. Hye said:

    my opinion is catholicos Garegin II has been in conflict with Armenian people and God since his election, or maybe even before that.

  2. serge said:

    I agree %100 not only is not wise, it is destructive, it will make our enemy happy, which we don’t want.

    • ardachece barseghian said:

      like this we perpetrate the order that has the only solution “sweep” believe me our popular and international force decuplera

  3. ardachece barseghian said:

    Sir and dear Friend, you know that over the last 30 years citizens have been oppressed, the tyranny of successive rulers, on a daily basis, a social and political situation obliging families to exodus with its disastrous consequences on the destruction of the family unit, the economic exploitation of rural families in the face of monopolies that appropriate agricultural production below the cost of forcing to go through the bank system with rates of 30 to 40% with property forcing these families to leave their seized habitat. Until the rite of passage, burial, the end of the religious rite you know why? Simply because the leader appointed by these autocrats, dictators, had edited a tariff inaccessible to families who were thus rejected … to hell. We know the turpitudes of this so-called spiritual leader of our church and some of his archbishops whom I have never seen for 30 years take a stand at the odds of our families NEVER by voluntary submission to those who had them placed on the trone. These humiliations were little or no known of the diaspora that was rushing under the oripeals of our Church confiscated by this polluted hierarchy. Besides that these families for 30 years did not have access to health services, male female children, faced with an inhumane corruption practiced by ALL hospital staff, until today or the caregiver who collects the urine of patients demands payment. Access to higher education is unaffordable for rural families, a huge loss. The media and their staff are complicit in political terror. In all these areas and many others, tell me, is the strongest reason for the diaspora, when the Church and her servants are at the side of the people? This people who shed blood and sweat for the nation. Would you bear to be in this situation as a Parent and see the oppulence of these servants who ride BENTLEY under the blessing of the head of OUR EGLISE SAINTE for which the whole nation sacrificed itself in 1915 and to liberate ARTSAKH? Yes the task is immense and ungrateful to get out of this hell and I can not bear that the diaspora can dare to give the lessons of democracy to this people martyred for 30 years. Come to the country and serve the recovery that requires frank cuts in the administrations, the media, because the nostalgic of the looting and torturers of the country are still powerful, they straighten the head to have their human and financial strength still well placed. While these men of the Church serve the faithful and our people in memory of OUR KHRIMIAN HAYRIG and ARAM 1st.

  4. ardachece barseghian said:

    Alors que ces hommes d’Eglise servent les fideles et notre peuple en memoire de NOTRE KHRIMIAN HAYRIG et ARAM 1er.

  5. ardachece barseghian said:

    While these men of the Church serve the faithful and our people in memory of OUR KHRIMIAN HAYRIG and ARAM 1st.

  6. Serop said:

    Garegin II does not serve the people and the faithful, he serves his masters who organized his ascent to the highest level of our Church. He has removed most who opposed him and opposed the oligarchs, the man is a disgrace to our nation & our Church and having met him twice and a few of his close advisors I can say that the man is the most Godless leader ever to lead our Church.

    • Barséghian Ardachèce said:

      Serop, my friend I am sad to admit what you are describing and what the vast majority of all Armenians know. Yes Serop a shame and a danger because all the new sects of the world were able to convince the faithful of our country to detour from their secular history.