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Garen Yegparian
Garen Yegparian

Garen Yegparian


A few months ago, Asbarez reported this tidbit of laughter, or more accurately, guffaw-inducing Ankara inanity.

It seems Turkey’s High Advisory Board is worried that the Armenian Genocide “issue” is hindering people’s “harmonious” life in that country. I’m somewhat befuddled by what’s harmonious about life in Turkey. Ignoring, denying, or covering-up of most of its history? Jailing journalists and otherwise muzzling the media? Persecuting Kurds, Alevis, and other minorities? Forcibly Turkifying not just Christian nations living within its borders but also the numerous Moslem nationalities? Repressing labor unions? Stomping on civil and human rights? Picking fights with its neighbors thus making its own citizens’ lives less secure?

Then we have a more specific attribution, to Fahrettin Altoon, evidently deemed Turkey’s #2 person, after the wanna-be-Sultan (that’s President Erdoğan for thise who have been asleep for the last two decades). This gent said of the Armenian Genocide that some people “use the issue in a bid to damage the harmony of the Turkish people.” Evidently, the topic was on the agenda of the High Advisory Board. In a perverse way, I suppose that’s a good thing. And if the members of this body had any wisdom among them, they’d see the best and easiest solution to the problem, fess up! Admit to Turkey’s culpability for the Genocide.

Let me spell it out for them: If there’s no denial, then Turks of good conscience would not be cast into the artificial role of harmony-busters. Everyone (except, inevitably, some die-hard Pan-Turkists) would be on the same page. Bingo! Disharmony=GONE!

But that may be what the fuss is all about. Given the existence of Article 301 of the Turkish penal code that outlaws “insulting the Turkish nation” (whatever THAT really means), this may be the beginning of a drive to shut people up regarding the Genocide. It’s not hard to imagine a forced/tortured/corrupt link being made between causing “disharmony” and “insulting the Turkish nation”.

But really, fellas (yes, they’re all men, check out the picture here) everything would be much simpler, your lives, Armenians’ lives, your government’s activities, and everyone else’s, too, if you would just man-up an accept responsibility so we can move on to more important issues, like reparations and the Armenian irredenta.

Please, help Turkey’s president’s august advisors see the light of day on this matter. Write them, enlighten the, have some fun with them on this one explaining how foolish, ludicrous, and ridiculous they appear when they go through these contortions to avoid telling the truth.


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  1. V. Ekmekjian said:

    Isn’t the painting in the picture by an Armenian Aivazovsky?

  2. ardachece barseghian said:

    I happen to be severe with you but be assured that I respect you as an intellectual in the service of our history, for our dignite, your historical-political analyses fills me with happiness by the verites you remember. Poor Turkish citizens and intellectuals who are prevented from breathing the good air of history and democracy. Thank you Sir and dear Friend

  3. Hagop Varoujian said:

    Dear Garen
    Thank you for yet another beautifully written article about a subject that Deeply troubles our hearts. Yet What I’ve stated on many occasions in the past I repeat again: “As long as the so-called civilised nations of this world let this rogue country called turkey get away with it , they will deny the Armenian Genocide and will continue to deny all the other vile acts they’ve performed throughout history and still continue to do so to this date” .

    • ardachece barseghian said:

      Dear Friend, I do not know if those you call “civilized countries” were and remain more “civilized” from these Osmanian Turks to this new sultant through the kemalists, because we remember that against a few coins these so-called “country” civilized men” offered us to the sword of The Turk in 1923 in Lausanne. But thanks to our party and its intellectuals (of which I have never been a supporter) our dignite is restored and long wishes long life to this new sultan who works every morning for our Cause. My question is whether, now, these so-called civilized countries will return their jackets? It “seems” that yes. See how the American “civilized countries” in the head have treated the Kurds in Syria … come to YOUR country there is a lot of political work, insurmountable for our neo-Soviet compatriots