ANCA Backs Expansion of Federal Funding Programs to Include Armenian Genocide Education Grants

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The ANCA is exploring  administrative and legislative avenues to secure federal funding for public education regarding the Armenian Genocide

The ANCA is exploring administrative and legislative avenues to secure federal funding for public education regarding the Armenian Genocide

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America welcomes U.S. House passage of H.R.943, the Never Again Education Act, a measure that – if passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Trump – would authorize the Department of Education to make annual $2 million grants to support Holocaust education in each of the next five years.

In the wake of last year’s unanimous (100 to 0) Senate adoption of S.Res.150 and near-unanimous passage (405 to 11) of H.Res.296, the ANCA is exploring both administrative and legislative avenues to secure federal funding for public education regarding the Ottoman Empire’s World-War I-era genocide of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Arameans, and Maronites.

“Turkey’s extermination and exile of millions of Christians has been condemned by Congress and recognized by past presidents, yet is still actively denied by Turkey, including through a vast campaign of toxic lies and distortions dumped into America’s schools and universities,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “Our federal government needs to arm America’s schoolchildren with the truth as a barrier against this sort of destructive foreign influence in our nation’s schools.”

The House version of the Never Again Education Act was authored by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). The Senate version was introduced by Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and currently has 28 cosponsors.

A resolution along the same lines as the Never Again Education Act, H.Res.27, encourages more states and school districts to include Holocaust education in their curriculum. This measure has been referred to the House Education and Workforce Committee. The ANCA has written to encourage this panel’s Chairman, Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), to allow for the consideration of amendments supporting increased public education regarding the Ottoman Empire’s genocide of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Arameans, and Maronites.

The Genocide Education Project reports that among the numerous states that require instruction on genocide, fifteen specifically note the Armenian Genocide as a primary example: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. Review the various genocide education curriculum requirements and curriculum education materials offered by the Genocide Education Project.

To learn more about state-by-state advocacy for Armenian Genocide education, reach out to ANCA Eastern Region: or ANCA Western Region:


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One Comment;

  1. sylva portoian,MD said:

    Classification of the Armenian Genocide to
    Many Types During 1915-1923

    Ottomans genocided every element that God created, piece by piece;
    living bodies ended undefined genocided skeletons.

    1st Type: Genociding Intellectuals –
                    They killed the most literate, around 600 of them, by crushing
    their skulls open, to discover why they were so clever and stripping
    them off their clothes because the garments were European.
                      The Ottomans then proceeded to abuse reproductive organs.    
                      “Genociding Intellectuals”: the date for the Armenian Genocide
    was April 24, 1915, whilst the same fate befell Arab intellectuals
    on May 6, 1916.
    2nd Type: Genociding Wealthy Families –

                    They extinguished whole families from the unborn   
                      to the elderly, confiscating homes and belongings. 
    3rd Type: Genociding thru Deportation to Der-Zor Desert –

                     They could not annihilate any more, so the Ottomans deported
    people to Der-Zor dessert without food. Many were left to die on
    the way.
    4th Type: Genociding thru Rape –
                      In many other sad events, soldiers raped and left…(an example 
                      is during the Bengali Genocide by Pakistani militants on 
                      March 25, 1971), but Turks raped and slayed.
    5th Type: Genociding Pregnant Brides, Women –
                      They lanced bellies of the pregnant women with their scimitars in
    order to discover the sex of the unborn! Arab Beduin’s eyes
    witnessed most events.
                     I heard from Syrian women who hailed from Dara’a, Syria, that
    every night the sound of a baby-boy crying would fill the air in that
    village. The Sheikh explained to them that this sound was the “Soul
    of a Baby” who had been alive when his mother’s belly was ripped
    open …. Ever since then, many years ago, he has cried every night!
    Fiction may be, but it illustrates the degree of suffering endured by
                     Armenian mothers.

    6th Type: Genociding Boys above 8-years old after measuring their heights-
    I read the story of this man on the Internet long ago. He was an
    Armenian who immigrated to Australia later and was Turkified, . . . He wrote, “I was 12 years old then, but I was very short; they
    measured my height and thought I was younger than eight.
    So I was very lucky not to have been slayed then . . . ”
                   Those below the age of eight, once Turkified, were taken to
    under a new identity become soldiers in the Turkish Army.

    7th Type: Genociding Young Girls by employing them as household
    unpaid servants – later using them in many other ways!

    8th Type: Genociding by throwing the whole village populace into valleys.

    9th Type: Genociding Identity: Turkification, . . . –
                     (They used Turkification on Arabs as well, which defined in
    Arabic language as ‘Tattreek’).
    The rest of the Armenians who were left were Turkified, changing
    their name, surname, religion, language, culture, ethnicity;
    (Genociding Identity: De-identification, Islamization
    Languageification, Cultureification, Ethnicification, . . .)
    10th Type: Genociding Skeletons –

                     Shipping and selling the genocided bones to factories, they
    produced products. The factories that bought them should
    11th Type: Genociding Buildings: Homes, Palaces, Factories, Churches,
    Cathedrals, Monasteries, Schools, Domes, Altars, . . .
                      They transformed the best buildings to Turkish Temples or
    stables, I would not call them Mosques because in the Islamic
    religion it is not permitted to change Churches to Mosques
    according to Khalifa Omar Ibn al-Khattab (584-644). See Index

    12th Type: Genociding Ancient Sites which Existed B.C. –
    They changed Portasar Temple to Gobekli Tepe.

    13th Type: Genociding Lands, Gardens, Trees, . . . –
               These had been planted and cultivated by Armenian hands
    for millenniums.
    14th Type: Genociding animal names from Latin names in their dictionary–
            those, which were defined as Armeniana, Kurdistanica they said
    that any animal carrying Armenian and Kurdish names before
    B.C. must change to Turkish. Wild sheep called Ovis Armeniana
    became Ovis Orientalis Anatolicus. Roe deer are known as
    Capreolus Capreolus Armenus became Capreolus Cuprelus
    Capreolus.) 15th Type: Genociding History, Archives, Books, . . . –

    Turks tried to prove that Armenians never existed in their
    ancient land.

    16th Type: Genociding Armenian Language, Alphabets, Culture, Music,
    Arts, . . .
                     Well-known genocide music “Adana” with Armenian lyrics was
    reinvented as Turkish music, but was discovered late!
    The Ottoman government ordered genociders to cut the tongues
    of those who spoke other than Turkish.

    17th Type: Genociding Names of Mountains, Cities, Streets, . . . –

    Ararat’s name was changed to Agre This was refused by Geo
    graphical Maps, History books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries,
    Wikipedia … because it is Biblical-God defined it as Ararat and
    never Agre.  No human agreed to change Ararat. The word Agre
    was not even accepted by the Internet.
    I say, “Who can agree on something unagreeable?”

    18th Type: Genociding Statues, Tombs, Khachkars (cross stones) –
                    Insulting the skeletons of the dead from centuries before the birth
    of Christ. They took grave stones, some those expensive stones
    and marbles were used to build Ottoman homes.

    19th Type: Genociding Wealth: Gold, Insurances, Bank accounts in many

    countries including in Great Britain, . . .

    20th Type: Genociding Possessions –
    The Ottoman government took possession of all “abandoned”
    Armenian goods and properties, which no-one was allowed to
    claim later.

    21st Type: Armenian Orphans –
    After the genocide of 1915, Turkish military followed Armenian
    orphans into Ottoman occupied territories, searching Beduin
    tents, and orphanages in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq to Turkify or
    annihilate them, see Index.

    Recent genetic studies prove that almost 10% of Turks carry Armenian genes if not more!

    This classification should be entered under the word ‘Genocide’ in the
    Oxford and Cambridge Dictionaries as well as in the
    Merriam–Webster of the USA.

    By©Sylva Portoian, M.D. – April 24, 2010

    Poetry should enter Genocide Education …
    Poetry has a soul …
    “Carve Poetry INTO Your Psyche
    To breathe again and again …
    Infinitely …”
    From my Poetry Book
    “BRING OUT our Genocided Skulls & Artful Hands”
    The Book Inauguration was celibrated in Komitas Museum Yervan May 2019

    “I Am Your Soul
    From Your Genes ~
    Your Genocide!”

    From the Ruins
    I heard a Voice
    Calling my Name
    Calling my Cross

    From the Ruins
    I heard a Voice
    Calling God’s Name
    To read . . . the prose

    From the Ruins
    I heard Music
    Music that guides the roads
    How to reach there?

    From the Ruins
    I heard a Cry
    Cry of a child
    Ceaseless . . . Melancholic . . .

    From the Ruins
    I saw a Light
    A Light Shining
    From Sighing Eyes…!

    From the Ruins
    I heard a scream
    A scream . . . continuously
    Tinnitus-ing my ears . . . till sigh …

    Calling, “I’m alive –
    I’m Your Soul from Genocide!”

    February 21, 2014
    Genocide Is

    Genocide is Genocide
    What to comment …
    How to comment more?

    Speechless tragedy
    Lamenting daily
    As are our prayers.

    God refused to hear our voices
    Hence, we continue
    Grieving over dried roses.

    We must initiate spiritual power
    And ‘Demand Justice’
    For our lost, neglected causes!

    We ask honest nations …
    Who can read … feel …
    With our hidden crosses!

    July 12, 2012
    Armenians Genocided
    Thru Centuries

    A new verb ‘Genocided’
    In my Glossary of Terms: Neologism;
    Formed . . . when the original land owners
    Of the Armenian Highlands were
    Scimitared . . . Turkified . . .
    Lost their identity soundlessly
    Thru centuries and endless times!

    Armenians were slayed
    From 1064* – 1923 AD . . .
    Till this day, civil-day!

    They were followed everywhere,
    The recognition of their Genocide
    Suppressed by the so-called
    Civilized democratic states . . .

    Who proudly display
    In full view of the world
    The “Statue of Liberty”
    On their highest sea-sight.
    The irony being it was designed by
    The French Architects—
    A nation well-known
    To be the most liberal of All.

    The Gene of Freedom**
    Ignites eternally in the French’s Blood:
    (Cardiomyocytes, Astrocytes, Dendrites) and
    Tries to illuminate the spirits of other nations . . . lost;
    Thus, this can overthrow tyrants . . .
    Those who with their criminal minds,
    Dim their nation’s light.

    April 24, 2007