ARF Sues Lawmaker Arman Babajanyan

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Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Armenia has filed a lawsuit against member of Armenia’s parliament Arman Babajanyan for statements he made against the party last month in parliament.

During a speech delivered in parliament on December 6, Babajanyan, who is an independent lawmaker not affiliated with any of the blocs represented in the legislature, attacked the ARF saying the party is known for “its terrorist past.”

The lawsuit calls on the courts to compel the lawmaker to publicly apologize for his comments. ARF’s attorney, Haikouhi Sedrakyan, told that the party is also seeking nominal financial compensation.

“Evidently, the plaintiffs  have found the [Babajanyan’s] statement to be offensive and defamatory,” explained Sedrakyan.

Sedrakyan also referenced a social media post by the lawmaker who says “see you in court,” who surmised that Babajanyan rejects the charge against him.

Member of Armenia's Parliament Arman Babajanyan

Member of Armenia’s Parliament Arman Babajanyan

“Member of Armenia’s National Assembly Armen Babajanyan must come to court and provide a basis for his announcements, hear evidence and apologize. There is no other solution,” ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Ishkhan Saghatelyan told on Friday.

“He [Babajanyan] has made accusations, for which we are asking for a public apology… At this juncture we have decided that the best course is to resolve the issue through legal avenues,” added Saghatelyan.

Saghatelyan is joined by Ashot Simonyan, Simon Simonyan, Shaghik Maroukhian, Armenuhi Kyureghyan, Lilit Galstyan, Mikayel Manukyan, Arthur Khachatryan, Hakob Matilyan, Taron Tonoyan and Artsvik Minasyan as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

According to public records, the case has been assigned to Judge Avag Gabrielyan of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan. No court date has been set.


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  1. ardachece barseghian said:

    Understand the political climate that still reigns in Armenia the legacy of the force of Soviet propaganda according to which any political organization outside the country in particular our Party was and is considered as enemy or even traitor going so far as to support that genocide was the responsibility of the Tashnags who de-endorsed the country in GOLD with the development of bolchevism. The fact remains that the Party’s antenna is so inefficient that such deputies, ignorant and therefore imbecile of this nature, allow the right to insult on the antennas, in the assembles. The party’s structures must be dissolved and re-started from independence, because we are moving a Soviet citizen with the concept. From grace, intellectuals, political cadres, see the form of this refoundation because it is no longer bearable only 30 years passed, with noble ideals, of national salvation, those who sold our country to the foreigners, Soviet and Turkish, of the 1920s, insaning the sacrifices of rebuilding our miserable country with a venerable government, until the implosion of the Soviet system can still allow themselves to insult us and continue the destruction of our country. Let’s start by cleaning our house

  2. albert haroian said:

    The past is gone. The circumstances were different then. We should be united and avoid such comments.We should concentrate on the present behaviors.Enemies are watching us.

  3. Hourig Azirian Kalebdjian said:


  4. Tavit said:

    If ARF was/is a terrorist political party then why Armen Babajanyan is still alive? Why other Members, ex-ARF-ers, of Armenia’s National Assembly were cowardly quite? At least 50% of NA members did not serve military or joined Artsakh freedom fighters AND one of them was, Armen Babajanyan, the coward.

  5. Gaidzag Shahbazian said:

    Arman Babajanyan left Armenia for US in 1996 when Levon Der Bedrosyan was the president of Armenia. In US he was the editor of Ժամանակ newspaper, also he had TV show. Always, he was writing against ARF and attacking ARF in his TV show, at the same time he was praising Levon Der Bedrosyan. One day, I called him, if you like Levon Der Bedrosyan why you left Armenia? His answer was the following “because your ARF came to Armenia that’s why I left Armenia”.

  6. ardachece barseghian said:

    This type of personality, uneducated, are still very numerous and the personalities who intend to represent our party, have only aggravated this type of sickly heritee conviction of the Soviet era with the BolshevikSwho who sold our country (Nakhitchevan, Artsakh, Djavarkht) thanks to lenine stalin mikoyan and Ataturk