Trump is ‘Last of Washington’s Ankara Apologists,’ Says ANCA

Presidents Erdogan (left) and Trump in Washington
Presidents Erdogan (left) and Trump in Washington

Presidents Erdogan (left) and Trump in Washington

The State Department on Tuesday said that the Trump Administration’s stance of the Armenian Genocide remains unchanged, despite last week’s historic recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Senate and the House of Representative’s earlier signaled an across the board—Republican and Democrat—consensus on the matter.

“The position of the administration has not changed,” said State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus in a statement on Tuesday. “Our views are reflected in the president’s definitive statement on this issue from last April,” she said.

She was referring to the White House statement issued on April 24, in which President Donald Trump refers to the events of 1915 as “Medz Yeghern,” a precedent set by his predecessor President Obama when he was attempting to circumvent the use of the word “genocide.”

“It’s unclear how long President Trump remains loyal to Erdogan, enforcing – against all reason – an anti-American autocrat’s veto against honest American remembrance of Turkey’s extermination and exile of millions of Christian martyrs,” said Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

“With more than 98% of Republicans and Democrats having backed Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, the President finds himself in an untenable position – isolated and alone as the last of Washington’s Ankara apologists,” added Hamparian.


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  1. Mike Sarian said:

    It is a very disappointing statement form this Administration. There should be no more defense on this! The United States Congress by both chambers of the House and the Senate passed it with overwhelming majority of democrats and republicans and now Administration should follow the wish of the people of United States and not anyone else wish!

  2. Satenik said:

    Idid not expect anything other than this from Trump. He is a bully, a coward and best friend with Erdogan. I never thought that he would do anything for Armenians and I am puzzled why some Armenians love him!

      • Raffi said:

        Promised or not Armenians should act the way he acts, he doesn’t do anything for Free, nor should Armenians. If he wants Armenian votes and sympathy he should wet himself, if he loves so much Erdogan and his interest lies with him, than the answer is very simple for Armenians, look somebody else to deal with, DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING FOR FREE.

      • Raffi said:

        Please do not make him stupid, he is too smart, only that he is in the business of what’s in it for me, not America first, my pocket first.

  3. Ted said:

    I will probably be reviled for asking this, and my comments probably won’t be visible for the rest of the public to see, but, here goes –

    a) What is ANCA’s end game if the genocide is recognized?
    i) Will Armenians get historic lands back?
    ii) Will Armenians get Artsakh recognized (two separate issues, yet both are intertwined)?

    b) If Turkey is pushed out of the American orbit, whose orbit will it land in?
    i) If Turkey lands in the Russian orbit, have Armenians done enough NOT to antagonize Russia?
    A) Pashianyan and his Levon Ter-Petrosyan allies are very much patrons of the west, and have done nothing but antagonize Russia
    B) Armenian civil society, especially AGBU sponsored civil society is very much involved with the emasculation of the country
    C) If Armenia’s current leadership has antagonized Russia, and Turkey lands in Russia’s orbit, what repercussions should Armenia expect? (Think Abkhazia’s situation with respect to Georgia)
    ii) If Turkey reclaims its position as the head of the Islamic world, where does that leave Armenia?

    I know asking questions is not an Armenian thing to do, and I expect a lot of hate for this. Whatever, bring it.

    • Mgl said:

      Armenians don’t ask questions? What a stupid statement! The number 1 priority should be recognizing officially Arzakh. And who cares if WH did6 say the G word. Move on!

  4. Raffi said:

    Though for Trump everything boils down to $$$, OIL and GAS, for the sake of world peace, best solution is to redraw Middle East map and divide Turkey into smaller countries, lining Geopolitical interests of the East and the West.