Cenk Uygur Has No Place in Congress

Genocide denier Cenk Uygur is running for Congress
Genocide denier Cenk Uygur is running for Congress

Genocide denier Cenk Uygur is running for Congress

Sen. Sanders Should Reject the Armenian Genocide Denier’s Endorsement


The founder and host of The Young Turks program Cenk Uygur, who is notorious denier of the Armenian Genocide, filed papers on Wednesday to run for Congress to replace Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned recently.

If you ask the Turkish-born Uygur today, he will say that he does not deny the Armenian Genocide and will point to a TYT video released in May where he and co-host/sidekick Ana Kasparian—herself a dabbler in Genocide denial despite her Armenian surname—are “setting the record straight” by uttering the word Armenian Genocide as if to wash away decades of vehement denial, which he at one point ascribed to his ignorance about history.

The fact that he not only refuses to change his program’s name—The Young Turks—but fervently stands behind it should signal that he is not that committed to his recent flip-flop on the subject. Let’s be clear: he didn’t name his program after the Rod Stewart song, but rather for the very entity that orchestrated the systematic slaughter of the Armenians that became the Armenian Genocide. [Imagine the uproar if a German-American hosted a program called the Nazis].

Until having his Eureka moment earlier this year, he has used his platform as a “progressive” to call into question the veracity of the Armenian Genocide, has written articles denying the Genocide and has partnered with organizations such as the American Turkish Association of America, joining their bandwagon in spewing Turkish denialist propaganda.

In fact, Uygur has a history of saying things and later either “clarifying” his statements or feigning ignorance.

In 2017, The Wrap flagged past social media posts, in which Uygur made sexist and derogatory remarks about women arguing that they are genetically “flawed” as beings.

“Obviously the genes of women are flawed,” said Uygur in blog posts from early 2000s. “They are poorly designed creatures who don’t nearly want to have sex as often as needed for the human race to get along fruitfully and peacefully.” Of course, under pressure he apologized in The Wrap, saying he no longer stood for those beliefs. [I have spared the reader more examples of his sexist rants, but a simple Google search can illustrate his behavior].

Justice Democrats, an organization he founded to support primary challenges, ousted him when the sexists remarks surfaced.

So, why would voters elect a person
Who identified as a conservative and now considers himself a liberal/progressive?
Who denied the Armenian Genocide but now thinks it actually happened?
Who disparaged women by needing to “feel their tits” as a rule for first dates, but has now seen light?

The more important question is why would Senator Bernie Sanders—who if asked about all the aforementioned would be appalled and reject those notions—want the endorsement of such a person? Before filing to run, Uygur and Kasparian endorsed Sanders for president calling him a “rock.”

I urge all Democrats—and all voters in California’s 25th Congressional district—to reject his candidacy. I also call on Sanders to refuse and reject Uygur’s endorsement. Furthermore, all lawmakers and activists who truly adhere to the Sanders’ beliefs should distance themselves from Uygur, because in this volatile election season he might prove to be a liability rather than an asset.

Cenk Uygur does not have a place in Congress.

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  1. Sane Person said:

    Ana Kasparian IS Armenian and Cenk Uygur has repeatedly said that he does not deny the Armenian genocide.

    The author of this column: ARA KHACHATOURIAN is clearly an insane nutjob who does not know how to do research and carries misplaced hatred in his heart.

  2. State of Emergency said:

    Ana Kasparian…..Ana, the name says it all. Besides, if the bloody Turkish flag can stand tall in the White House during Erdogan’s visit then naming the loser low rating show The Young Turks isn’t too astonishing.

  3. Vram said:

    He seems to be a REAL politician. Make a statement and then deny it. Promise something and then forget about it. Change your position on an issue depending on the audience… What’s new?

  4. Adam Schuck said:

    Been watching the young turks since I was 16, I’m 28 now. Never, not a single time, have I ever heard Cenk Uygur or Ana Kasparian reference anything relating to the denial of the Armenian Genocide. In fact, the only time I have heard them reference the genocide has been under the context of recognizing that it did indeed happen.

    • PETER DE LILLE said:

      You’re either misinformed of malignant; I saw Ana and Cenk in a panel refusing student questions about the Armenian Genocide just a couple of years ago ….

  5. Rhonda Waggoner said:

    Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasperian are NOT Armenian Genocide deniers. For goodness’ sake, please tell the truth.


    he literally rescinded his claims in 2016, saying he did not know enough about it at the time he made the claims. He no longer denies the Armenian Genocide. We are all susceptible to being convinced of things that are wrong due to our cultural background. What Cenk shows here is an ability to admit when he is wrong and change his position correctly. Aside from this issue, his politics would be very welcome in a state like California, and I plan on canvassing for him. Not surprised that an Armenian run website would be against Cenk though. You are quoting things he said 20-30 years ago. I have said things i have come to regret like 6 months ago. No one is perfect, but in this situation, Cenk would be an excellent replacement for Katie Hill.

    • State of Emergency said:

      So just because he didn’t know enough gives him a pass to deny? Perhaps on the next issue that he lacks knowledge he should keep his trap shut until and when he researches the facts. How stupid one must be to simply take a position of denial on something as important as genocide without investigating. The guy is a total scumbag and belongs in the gutter with the rest of the deniers.

      • Michelle-Paulette said:

        Yah, cause when you grow up , possibly indoctrinated with one set of beliefs, and come to realize that what you were brought up with is false, and then become willing to admit that and mover forward, armed with better information, that’s a win. That is the whole purpose of debates, Changing Minds is a Win.Take the win. Only thing worse than a sore loser….a sore winner.

  7. Jon Aronian said:

    Thanks for the article. I loathe Armenian Genocide deniers, but if Cenk is emphatically saying now that he used to be wrong on this issue, then I believe we should take him at his word. If you listen to his current comments on the matter, he is extremely forceful in condemning his prior statements. Also, I don’t see any evidence for the claim that his co-host Ana Kasparian ‘dabbles in Genocide denial’, and to the best of my knowledge it is false. Same goes for Cenk’s past blog posts, for which he has also apologized, and over which he had to resign from his Justice Democrats group.

    I was brought up in a relatively conservative household. It took me several years into adulthood to figure out my own stances and to rebel against my cultural instincts. In fact, now that I’m on the liberal side, I find that my former beliefs inform me on how to argue now against the opposing position. As such, I’m a huge believer in amnesty and forgiveness. People change; open-minded people will come to our side, wherever they start, and that is a good thing. It even speaks positively for their humility and character.

    Also, the name “Young Turks” does not have a single definition, and Wikipedia says that the term can be used “more generally for young people who agitate for political or other reform, or who have a rebellious disposition”. As he has explained many times, he named it this because of this definition, and he was young and a Turk. The name to any reasonable person does not refer to the group that carried out those atrocities against Armenians. So I do not believe the name of his media group should be changed.

    I realize my perspective is quite different from yours, so I appreciate your consideration.

    • State of Emergency said:

      Your liberalism is clouding your judgment. Let Erdogan and his countrymen change before you grant them amnesty and forgiveness. They will massacre and slaughter every Armenian today if given the chance again. Just because you have ‘evolved’ doesn’t mean the opposing side will follow suite. Wake up, they are still determined to leave only one Armenia for the museum.

      • Jon Aronian said:

        Cenk supported the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey. In my four years of following TYT, I’ve never heard him say a positive thing about Erdogan. Not everyone of Turkish descent is bad. To assume otherwise is, I think, a hasty, tribal generalization, and opens the door to some rather vile demagoguery.

        If you haven’t noticed, I’m Armenian myself. This is personal for me, too. But I take Cenk at his word that he condemns his prior statements, and that Erdogan does not speak for him. He is now a valuable ally to us given his ethnicity and prior views.

        However, seeing as you’ve taken the time to reply to every single slightly pro-Cenk comment here, each time accusing Cenk of being anti-American and being loyal to Erdogan. So I don’t know if you are even open to changing your mind.

    • State of Emergency said:

      Your liberalism is clouding your judgment. Let Erdogan and his countrymen change before you grant them amnesty and forgiveness. They will massacre and slaughter every Armenian today if given the chance again. Just because you have ‘evolved’ doesn’t mean the opposing side will follow suit. Wake up, they are still determined to leave only one Armenian for the museum.

  8. Lene said:

    People grow up and become more educated. He does not deny the genocide anymore. He said so, on-air, less than 30 minutes ago.

    You are just stuck in your old ideas. At least, he is not.

    • serge said:

      How do you know if he is elected he would not change his mind, these are people who go with direction of wind, that means not trustworthy.

    • Ararat said:

      Lene – You are the one who needs to grow up and get educated. You won’t know why Armenians react this way until you put yourself in their place. They have lived among these people and know them very well. But have you had the same experience? Certainly not. You know nothing about the true character of these people. They are experts in feeding bull to unsuspecting people to advance their own agenda. To them, the end result justifies the means. They may say things in public that they want people to hear but have the complete opposite view in private. How is it possible for someone like him with his education and analytical ability and expertise not to know about the facts of the Armenian Genocide in the first place that he has to change his mind about it later on? That makes no sense. Intellectual people don’t act this way. They don’t rush to judgment and then change their minds and take back what they said. They remain neutral in the least and speak about it and express their views until they have researched and studied it. I don’t blame our people reacting this way. We don’t trust them.

      The agents of their fascist state around the world when first confronted about this subject claimed they were unaware of it or they claimed no such thing ever took place. As pressure on their terrorist state started to build up they changed their tune and said Armenians died of diseases as a result of “relocation”, a euphemism for forced deportation and mass murder. Then they said other ethnic groups murdered them. Then they said the number of deaths was inflated. Then their current Islamo-fascist leader Erdogan, a well-known genocide denier, made a televised statement on the eve of the Armenian Genocide centennial, on April 23rd 2015, admitting to killings short of calling it genocide but only as a scheme to throw the possible international recognition of this crime off-course. He continues to deny it to this day. As you can see, there is a pattern here and our people have the right to be suspicious of these people.

      Now, I suggest you go get educated first before passing judgment on our people!

      • State of Emergency said:

        Exactly! Just because he didn’t know enough doesn’t give him a pass to deny. He should have researched before opening his yap. Genocide is a serious charge and any intelligent person will investigate before taking a stand. Apparently. this idiot denied because he was and is a denier.

  9. James said:

    It is called growing as a person. Cenk is now a leader in the progressive movement. He is fighting for campaign finance reform through his Wolf PAC organization and runs one of the most progressive news outlets. As a congressman, he would actually fight for the people and he has the leadership qualities to push Congress in the right direction.

  10. Vincent Liguori said:

    Cenk Uygur took down those articles in 2002 to distance himself from that belief because he had changed his mind back then. To put the topic to bed he wrote this in 2016.
    My question to you is, do you have any Turkish friends? If you had one, you would find that they most likely believe or believed at one point that the Turkish genocide should be called a massacre and not a genocide. The fact that Cenk changed his mind back in 2002 and made an Armenian the lead on TYT is enough to know that he has left his country’s propaganda behind.

    • State of Emergency said:

      You talk utter nonsense. Turks are the ultimate racists. If you understood their language then you’ll realize how they use derogatory and demeaning language to describe other races and peoples. As far as they’re considered Arabs are worthless crooks, Greeks and Albanians are heinous, and Armenians are dogs. These derogatory terms are thrown around casually without regard. In Erdogan’s own words, “You wouldn’t believe the things they have said about me. They have said I am Georgian … forgive me for saying this … even much uglier things, they have even called me an Armenian, but I am Turkish.” They feel they are superior and is the primary reason they’ve always desired to ally with the Germans.

  11. Bernie said:

    Sorry bud. We are going to have a fighter for WE THE PEOPLE who calls out corruption. You can take your little smear campaign and go cry. Also you might want to understand the full english meaning of a young turk: “a young person eager for radical change to the established order.” I understand if you are an immigrant and did not know this, English is a brutal language.

  12. AT said:

    This author of this article apparently cares more about the personal virtues of candidates’ youthful selves than any potential real world benefits their politics might offer. To say nothing of the fact that Uygur long ago recanted his previous denials – the products of familial indoctrination – of the Armenian genocide, to suggest that his election would mean harm to Armenian Americans is patently ridiculous. Any assertion that the politically incorrect blog posts he wrote decades ago – also now categorically disavowed – are somehow more relevant than his now long held and unapologetically progressive stances on women’s rights issues is, again, absurd.

    The reality is that Cenk has spent over a decade as a vehement critic of the unsustainable status quo that threatens the future of humanity. The combination of his charisma, his fearlessness and his media platform could make him a very potent servant of left-wing politics. He would certainly be far more useful than the overwhelming majority of Democratic representatives, who are largely career politicians compromised by funding arrangements.
    And that, frankly, is why it is so disheartening to see this sort of vampire castle meets old world hatred article written about him.

  13. Joshua Bader said:

    After reading this entire piece, I’m going to go donate to his campaign right now. I believe Cenk will fight for the people.

  14. Matt said:

    This is ridiculous. He has said time and time again that he was wrong in arguing against the Amrenian genocide and today said that it definitely happened and was definitely a genocide. For the original post to be so uncompromisingly disingenuous in their rhetoric calls into question the legitimacy of this news source.

    When will it ever be enough for you? I’ve followed TYT for years and have seen cenk prostrate himself for you time and time again. Hes called his earlier statements on Armenian genocide foolish, has admitted time after time that it w the s real, and yet you still lambaste him for keeping the name of the show The Young Turks.

    Funny how you ignore the brand damage that it would do to a company that actively supports your narrative, and that you also forget that in American terms there is a second definition which you give no credence to or context for. In common American slang “young turk” IS accepted as a young revolutionary in America. And you REFUSE to provide that context. What political agenda do you think you’re serving? And how does that possibly help you in the plight that honestly almost NOVODY cares about? Are you for the interests of the people or are you a staunch political hack who only cares about which words offended you at sole point?

  15. Tyler said:

    Cenk denied the genocide 15 years ago and has since changed his views and apologized multiple times. This has been covered extensively. Why is Asbarez comfortable peddling outright lies and defamation?

  16. REALLY said:

    Ana Kasparian has talked about how she and her family were personally affected by Armenian Genocid.

  17. james Forrest III hampton said:

    This steaming pile isn’t even entertaining to read. He said this, but now he thinks he was wrong. What a bad dude. You’re entire article is based on slandering someone for becoming a better person. Also, the Young Turks has been a phrase used by more than Rod Stewart and during the Armenian Genocide.

  18. Beth said:

    Cenk has said his sexist garbage on his The Young Turks show from 2002 til I’m sure 2019 (he said plenty crazy sexist comments in 2018). His fans/cultists refuse to look at TYT videos, which show Cenk saying his lunkhead sexist garbage . For some reason Cenk gets a pass after pass after pass for the lunkhead sexist garbage he’s said on his The Young Turks show for so long, cause it’s a ‘Progressive’ show and Cenk claims to be a progressive (as he’s also said for years on his show that he still has some of his conservative ways/traits/beliefs). Cenk and his sidekick Ana still get away with laughing about stories that were about women raping men. Another example of Cenk being a sexist lunkhead jock is that he held back his Armenian American sidekick (she’s claimed that she’s been culturally Hispanic, since she was a teenager. Ana also said she’d never date an Armenian man. She just doesn’t like Armenian/Armenian American culture. It’s no wonder that she had no problem working for an Armenian Genocide denier on a show named The Young Turks. She also claimed on Twitter that an Armenian American man is sexist when he never tweeted anything sexist to her or ever tweeted anything sexist in general. So she thinks all Armenian men are awful sexists) for many years as he was also claiming to be a big progressive (). Ana Kasparian did spill the beans that she dealt with some sexism at TYT, yet it’s not as bad as it once was (she said this in 2017). No one cares that Cenk held back Ana Kasparian for so long and that she dealt with other sexism, cause after many many years of Ana kissing Cenk’s ass, she became an executive producer at The Young Turks and after that she’s denied any sexism at TYT, of course!!! A former TYT contract worker claims she has a case for sex/gender discrimination and a former TYT employee John Graziano backs her up, yet she can’t afford a lawyer and she doesn’t have the time.

    Cenk always knew that the name The Young Turks offends the Armenians and others, especially as an Armenian Genocide denier and he first chose the name “The Young Turk” for his Public Access Cable show that was a Conservative political show (), so that progressive definition sure didn’t fit then… He chose the name “The Young Turk” later on for his website/blog as he also wrote about his Armenian Genocide denial on a blog post for his blog. Later on The Young Turk website turned into The Young Turks website. Now an Armenian genocide denier naming his radio show and later on his Youtube show The Young Turks is like a Holocaust denier naming his show “The Nazis” meaning people who are strict and the show is about strict people, that would not fly and people would be very upset. Also can you imagine this said Holocaust denier with a show called “the Nazis” supporting organizations, which vehemently deny the Holocaust??? What Cenk has done was and still is a slap in the faces to the Armenians and others, cause he named his show The Young Turks as an Armenian Genocide denier and he also went onto support those Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian Genocide. Ana Kasparian knows Cenk has supported these organizations for years, yet she’s never publicly said anything, so she’s obviously been fine and is fine with his support. Also Cenk will never go into the details about the Armenian Genocide and that’s still technically Armenian Genocide denial. And I’m guessing that Cenk still supports these Turkish American Armenian Genocide denying organizations.

    Cenk isn’t as progressive as he claims to be as he thought Michael Moore’s film “Capitalism a Love story” is too crazy far to the Left. ??? Cenk was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the ousting of Gaddafi, which showed his neocon side and he was a cheerleader for this on MSNBC and on TYT. When Gaddafi got ousted he was so happy and over the moon about it on TYT. Cenk was always for arming the rebels in Syria and these rebels were Isis and Al-Nusra. Cenk has said that he loves Poppy Bush/President George H.W. Bush and that’s probably still true, knowing Cenk. Again, Cenk is not this big progressive that he claims to be (he was the only one who named his kids, for God’s sake, his wife was not allowed to help name their kids). Cenk has gotten/gets funding for TYT from Katzenburg, Nexus group etc and these wealthy movers and shakers are not peace loving progressives (he’s probably also gotten funding from the Armenian Genocide denying organizations). So Cenk is a tricky dicky who loves tricking many… Also ‘the progressives’ Cenk and Ana chuckled about Native Americans’ spirituality being hippy dippy and that’s not progressive, yet they still get away with that (they still get away with so much crap, cause they’re ‘progressives’ ).

    Cenk also did fundraising for a big TYT investigative journalist team and that team didn’t last long and he pocketed nearly all of the money (Ana blurted out once on TYT that Cenk loves to dip into TYT funds for himself). After that fundraiser he bought a $1 million dollar home (kinda convenient). Not many care about that, cause Cenk is like Teflon for some reason.

    And back to Cenk’s /TYT’s big donors, he’ll do anything for them to get their sweet cash. He’ll have his TYT hosts say stories in certain angles/slants. Cenk’s /TYT’s reporter at the time, Jordan Chariton at Standing Rock had to have his slanted reporting and left a lot out about what really happened at Standing Rock. TYT is not as independent as they claim to be. Many say that TYT is TYTMSNBC. Cenk is not as he sells himself to be, he’s not a big progressive at all. Cenk is a conman and he loves tricking people and laughing his way to the bank .

  19. Robert T Weger said:

    I mean, the come t’s were crappy, but he literally has years of admitting his foolish comments (made what, 20 years ago?) But seriously, if he is supporting – and has built a news organization based on supporting – what we need to do on climate, labor/worker rights, healthcare and more, then he’s better than almost anyone in Congress aside from the brave few.

    • State of Emergency said:

      Yes, a Turkish-American will single-handedly fix the climate, labor/worker rights, healthcare and more. I’m going to run out and spread the news and make sure he reaches the Halls of Congress. What will the US do without this man??

  20. Chris said:

    Trash article. I’ve been watching TYT for years now and he’s addressed literally all of your complaints over these years. And apologized many times (way way before he ever entertained tuning for office). People actually can grow and change. This smear article which does not take into consideration nor references the many instances in which he’s personally addressed and apologized for late teen/early adult points of view which have since substantially evolved is disingenuous on your part. And thankfully, there is a ton of video evidence in which people can actually fact check you. Are you anti Warren too? She was a republican once too. I’m sick of the purity tests. I know where Cenk heart is and he’s been backing that up years and years of effort to actually effect a positive change in politics. He has the track record to prove it.

    • State of Emergency said:

      The only trash here is your opinion. Besides, why so adamant about this denier. Does he pay in Lira or Dollars?

  21. Ryan said:

    To Ara Khachatourian,

    On behalf of The Young Turk audience, I am more than delighted to redress your misconstrued descriptions of the facts and your extemporaneous false equivalencies. For clarification, this is not a ‘denial’ of the Armenian genocide nor is it some fanatical ethnic-based retort to your piece. I find your article deeply troubling for an entirely different set of reasons.

    First, your claim that Cenk Uygur ‘is [sic] notorious denier of the Armenian Genocide’ is false and quite harmful. It is comparable to me prescribing you a fraudulent designation like “advocate of Azerbaijani civilian death”—although, perhaps, that description could be supported by your suggestion that Armenian soldiers who participated in the Nagorno-Karabakh War (an inter-ethnic conflict where hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani and Armenians were displaced and thousands killed) were ‘heroes’ (Q&A at the Hammer Museum)—but I would never dare say such a thing. Uygur has fervently affirmed that the Armenian Genocide did happen and has profusely apologized for his earlier erroneous conclusions. Do you have no mercy, sir? Being so ardently pro-Armenian, even to the point of blind fidelity, there must be some part of you that can identify with his indoctrination at an early age. Unlike you however, it seems he had the fortitude to break free of generational ideological resentment.

    Second, your allergy to the basic intellectual history of the term The Young Turks (largely due to your loathing of the Turks) maligns all those who believe in this progressive revolution. You equate Uygur’s network, The Young Turks, to a hypothetical German American program called Nazis in an attempt to mislead your audience towards acceptance of your calculated association between the two things. Allow me to do the hard work for you; contextualized, the significance of the term The Young Turk alternatively means… on second thought… google it…maybe, read a book!

    Ironically, you disparage one of the few candidates that would outwardly fight for your rights to belittle him. There is no basis for your implication that Mr. Uygur continues to deny the Armenian Genocide happened somewhere deep down in his heart. If you prove you are in fact a mind reader, then I will look to you as the one true arbiter of those who believe and those who do not. Candidate Uygur has made it abundantly clear that he recognizes the gravity of the Armenian Genocide. For reference, you should look no further than his campaign announcement. If you are feeling lethargic, know that he articulated his recognition of the genocide in his announcement – a declaration that is entirely uncharacteristic of someone who does not believe it happened.


    Armenian Genocide Acknowledger and Radically Biased Candidate Cenk Supporter

    [mic drop?]

    • State of Emergency said:

      You must either have no life or are a paid stooge to write something this long and convoluted. Perhaps you are actually Cenk himself? In any case, just because he didn’t know enough back then doesn’t give him a pass to deny. The mere fact that as an uninformed idiot he took a position of denial only proves that he will repeat his behaviour of other issues which he might have limited knowledge on. He is simply a loud mouth opportunist who is only interested in himself and his ratings.

    • Jason said:

      And, another person who blindly follows a narcissistic, ratings driven pundit, sexist, and genocide denier.

      And how are things in Turkey these days?

  22. Boghos Jermag said:

    Hey, Cenk is a proud Democrat. If Armenians don’t like the Democratic party, they should march with their feet. Cenk has been there before Armenians… Armenian have a history of betraying their allies like Bob Dole.

  23. Beth said:

    Cenk Uygur shows signs of being an egomaniac and he’s said for years that he wants to be wealthy. He’s gotten what he’s always wanted. He’s gotten the fame and the wealth and he has gotten people to literally worship him as he also loves tricking his own flock/fans/cultists. His TYT Army is truly his TYT Cult (it’s typical for egomaniacs to form a cult). An egomaniac having this much adulation from people has not helped his egomania. Cenk’s head has only gotten bigger. Cenk will do anything to keep the money flowing in and to keep the attention on him. The way he tricks people is amazing. Cenk has a gift of pulling the wool over so many people’s eyes, due to his lawyer/salesman tricks.

    Again he’s not a progressive as he claims to be, he is an absolute conman. Cenk acts like he cares about all people and that he’s against violence as (again) he was for the ousting of Gaddafi and he still gets away with that! Cenk is also a very trashy guy, he has no class. Cenk has the maturity of a 14 year old boy, tops and again he’s loved saying his caveman immature sexist crap about men and women with impunity on his show and on Twitter. TYT HQ has been known as a frat house and that’s no surprise. Yet I guess ‘a progressive frat house’ is aye okay. Cenk probably still asks everyone at TYT how many people they’ve slept with.

    And John Graziano a former TYT employee said that TYT did shady business practices all the time and that certain people were treated better than others. John left TYT for the bad business practices and he also left, cause he knows that Cenk and the rest have no respect for their paying members (they just see their paying members as cash cows . Ana Kasparian even said to certain TYT members on a postgame show to F off! ??? Yeah, Ana doesn’t tolerate criticism from anyone. And Cenk rolls his eyes when people criticize him. These people especially are low and trashy).

    More people on the Left and everywhere else see through Cenk Uygur more than ever. Many say they’d never vote for that Snakeoil salesman. They see him as the conman that he is. They’ve had enough of his b.s. and his giant ego.

    • State of Emergency said:

      He’s a shock jock talking head. Nothing more, nothing else. It’s all about ratings and profits. He’ll say and do anything to stir the pot. Nothing new here, it’s all in the name of grabbing the attention span of the average joe sixpack.

  24. Matthew Guildersmith said:

    It shows that the only criticisms you have of him are his past digressions which he has unlike most politicians when they do something wrong 100% applied for.

  25. Mabubalah said:

    What say we start a new group called “the new Nazis” too, while we’re at it. Sounds progressive, too! How does anyone think that would go over?

  26. HERAYER said:

    I don’t understand why the tv companies allow this idiot to name his show the young turks he is a racist and he knows that they are racist and genocidal

  27. Jason said:

    It amazes me how many people blindly support Cenk, so ignorant to the fact that he’s a ratings driven pundit, narcissist, megalomaniac, misogynist, and genocide denier. People really will defend a person, regardless of how horrible he/she is, as long as that person has the same political ideology. It’s sickening really.