ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing of Armenian Priest in Syria

Rev. Hovsep Bedoyan and his father, Hamma, were killed on Nov. 11 by ISIS terrorists
Rev. Hovsep Bedoyan and his father, Hamma, were killed on Nov. 11 by ISIS terrorists

Rev. Hovsep Bedoyan and his father, Hamma, were killed on Nov. 11 by ISIS terrorists

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an attack on Monday that killed an Armenian Catholic priest and his father, who were en-route to Deir-es-Zor to monitor the condition of the Armenian Catholic Church there.

Rev. Hovsep Bedoyan, the pastor of the Armenian Catholic Church in Qamishli, in northeastern Syria, was traveling in a car with his father, Abraham, and Deacon Fati Sano of the Al-Hasakeh church to Deir-es-Zor when gunmen opened fire on the car, reported the Aleppo-based Kantsasar newspaper.

Rev. Bedoyan and his father were killed, while Deacon Sano was injured.

Hours after the attack, the Islamic State—also known as ISIS or Daesh—took responsibility according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that has been monitoring violence on the ground during the Syrian conflict. The news of the Islamic State claiming to be behind the attack was reported by UK-based war monitor, reported Rudaw.

Rev. Bedoyan was ordained a priest in 2014 by the head of the Armenian Catholic Church, Archbishop Raphael Minassian in Arevik Armenia.


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  1. Annie Mehrabians said:

    One must be blind not to see the hands of the Turks behind this crime. Moreover, this is happening at a time, when the US Congress has recognized the Armenian Genocide, therefore, it is an indirect retaliation to the Armenian efforts to urge the US and the world to rectify the historic injustice! Yet this is the latest incriminating evidence that the Turks are behind the ISIS and the likes that have devastated Syria and Iraq to enhance the Turkish penetration in the neighboring countries and exercising the same genocidal tactics that the Young Turks practiced against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, event Kurds and other minorities. All these people should join their hands against Turkey.

    • Nadya Wall-Rossi said:

      I agree with you 100%. It makes me ill that Trump has entertained murderers, Erdogan and “King” Salman, at the WH.

  2. Haig Meguerditchian said:

    I am heart broken to hear the news about Rev. Hovsep Bedoyan, his father Hamma and Deacon Fati Sano. My prayers go out to all those that have been impacted by this cowardly, cold-hearted attack on our Armenian Christian brothers-martyrs. As we wipe away our tears, we stand together in the palm of God’s hand waiting to follow HIS Almighty light toward peace and justice.

  3. State of Emergency said:

    What are Armenians still doing in Syria after all this time? The clergy are prime targets because of their known whereabouts and garb. Armenia has been free and independent for nearly 25 years and yet some people still refuse to take advantage. The homeland needs people to prosper, it needs people to defend her, and it needs people to build her. No amount of presence in neighboring countries will ever contribute to the well being of the homeland.

    • Annie Mehrabians said:

      Indeed! It is time to remind the ”I know all and best” president of USA that he will be entertaining a Turkish leader, who directly and indirectly supports terrorist criminals; the killing of an Armenian clergy is only the latest of the crimes that Turks and their stooges have committed in Syria and elsewhere in recent years or in the past. Yet, Mr. Erdoghan will come to Washington with a basketful of blames against the USA telling Mr. Trump that the Americans have stepped back from their commitments and promises to Turkey in Syria!! How much insult can one take from a criminal Turk?!!! And it is interesting to explore what kind of promises Trump has made to Erdoghan regarding Syria! Has he promised to hand over Syrian territories to Turkey?