Azeris Attacked Karabakh Due to ‘Frustration,’ Says De-Classified CIA report

A page from the de-classified CIA report

A page from the de-classified CIA report

A recently de-classified report, published in 1988, by the Central Intelligence Agency discusses the Karabakh conflict in its nascent days and provides the agency’s analytical dimensions about the root cause of Azerbaijan’s use of violence against Armenians.

The CIA report, titled “Unrest in the Caucasus and the Challenge of Nationalism [redacted],” says that Nagorno Karabakh is “Armenia’s cultural and religious center” and that the Nagorno Karabakh autonomous oblast was created in 1923 in an “area of Armenians” where “89 percent of the population are Armenians.”

A sample of the de-classified CIA report

A sample of the de-classified CIA report

“Azeri animosity toward the Armenians has been intensified by political, economic and demographic trends that have adversely affected the political status of Azeris and increased the gap in living standards between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In particular, the rapid expansion of Azerbaijan’s young adult population has put enormous strain on the republic’s capacity to provide adequate jobs, housing and education. Azeri frustration has found an outlet in attacks on Armenia,” the report also adds.


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  1. Vahakn said:

    Thank you, Asbarez.
    Look at the first document above.
    At the top it says, “The Pan-Turanian Idea.”
    Pan-Turanian is another term for Pan-Turkish.
    That idea began in Turkey long ago.
    This is interesting because it means that the US recognizes that Turkey and Azerbaijan are committed to the idea of uniting all the Turkic peoples of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Central Asia in one huge Turkic empire.
    This was also Turkey’s goal in WW 1, and which resulted in the Armenian Genocide.
    In effect, therefore, the US is recognizing the present-day genocidal intentions of Turkey and Azerbaijan.
    Unfortunately, the US and NATO obviously support Pan-Turkism in order to advance NATO and outflank Russia.

  2. joe said:

    Nonsense by the CIA…First why would a report like this be “Top Secret”? The supposed, “created outlast of Karabakh,” is historical Armenian lands, and no mention that it was given to Azerbaijan by Stalin and the Bolsheviks as a means to divide and conquer and a favor to Zionsit Kemal Attaturk under the Treaty of Kars. It doesn’t belong to anything called Azerbaijan. ARTSAKH WAS LIBERATED when the USSR terminated as all its illegal treaties were as well… It will never go back to Azeri rule ever again. The answer to all of this is UNITY: One Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora..Build the Army to the teeth. Start a clandestine nuclear program. Incorporate diaspora army units trained and ready for combat. MOST OF ALL have an eye on eventually liberating Western Armenia, as that is still occupied by the invading rapist murdering Turkish Seljuk tribes that call it “Turkey” Tall task? Yes. But that should be our eventual goal..Its totally justified…