Pashinyan Voices Concern to Aliyev about Azeri Ceasefire Violations

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, far left, and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a dinner marking the 10th anniversary of EU's Eastern Partnership Initiative
President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, far left, and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a dinner marking the 10th anniversary of EU's Eastern Partnership Initiative

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, far left, and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a dinner marking the 10th anniversary of EU’s Eastern Partnership Initiative

During a brief encounter in Brussels, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday voiced his concerns over Azerbaijani ceasefire violations to President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and discussed the current situation on the Artsakh borders.

The two leaders were seated at the same table in the Belgian capital during an event marking the 10th anniversary of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership Program.

Pashinyan’s spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan confirmed the discussion between Pashinyan and Aliyev to Armenpress.

“It was an official event that was organized in honor of Eastern Partnership countries. Yes, the Armenian Prime Minister and the Azerbaijani President were seated at the same table. A brief conversation took place. They discussed the situation that has been created at the Line of Contact. Meaning, an exchange of ideas about the situation,” Karapetyan said, stressing that the talks were unofficial.

Karapetyan added that “concern has been conveyed” regarding recent cross-border shootings by Azerbaijani forces toward the direction of Tavush Province and along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border, commonly referred to as the line of contact.

On May 4, an Artsakh soldier was critically wounded when Azerbaijani forces opened fire across the border. An Armenian soldier was critically wounded on April 30 when Azerbaijani forces fired at the direction of Tavush Province in Armenia.

Azerbaijani also opened cross-border gunfire into Armenia earlier on April 30, wounding an on-duty soldier in Tavush Province.

“We briefly spoke with Mr. Aliyev at dinner. It was a general discussion about the current situation around Nagorno Karabakh,” Pashinyan told reporters, according to the Russian Tass news agency.

“I am confident that the negotiation process will continue, and it is very important now to return Nagorno Karabakh to the negotiation table. It is impossible to achieve a resolution to this conflict without Karabakh,” Pashinyan added, saying that there were no immediate plans for an official meeting with Aliyev.


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  1. GB said:

    Aliyev a headless oilman talks out of his ass, like his corrupted dead father!

  2. Zartir Lao said:

    “Pashinyan Voices Concern” means that he is a weak, ineffective leader, just like all the rest. One puppet goes, another takes his place, nothing new since so-called “independence”.

    • Maiss said:

      That’s a title of an article from Asbarez. We don’t know what info was exchanged and how bitterly. Pashinyan has done more in the international arena than anyone else in the past 30 years. He rebuked Erdogan on the Genocide, challenged the word “occupation” in front of the world, and got his minister to state that in the event of war, we will seek to gain more lands. He boldly backed up that statement. The Azeri firing across has notably diminished, although I agree that it must stop completely. Frankly, Aliyev fears us now for 2 reasons: first if he attacks our response will not be timid. Pashinyan’s ideology doesn’t fit timid. Secondly, this velvet revolution may spill over to Azertbaijan, toppling Aliyev and his cronies. When the soldier feels his country runs in a more virtuous manner, he is more apt to succeed. I think the Armenian soldier has much more of that now.
      He has impressed Europe, Iran, and even China. He hasn’t made much headway with the US because this current administration and perhaps its precedessors have had their head up their behind in regards to the Armenian Genocide and Artsakh.

      None of the materialistic, greedy, sycophantic predecessors of Pashinyan came even close. The proof is in their bank accounts before they held office, while they held office, and after they held office (Admittedly, we can’t examine Pashinyan’s finances after the holds office; I must state this obvious fact because compatriots like you will point that fact out and rebuke or mock whoever they’re debating). None of them had done time as a political prisoner.

      The problem with some of us Armenians is that we are pessimistic and untrusting. Unless we put that said person in charge, they’ll be critical of whoever else. Your pen name “Zartir Lao” is incongruent with the pessimism you hold. Under your approach, I would critique your pen name and ask what a little infant in the craddle can do to ruthless Turkic soldiers. And when he grows up, the massacres will be long over. I’m also not sure whose puppet you think Pashinyan is. Russia? The West? Turkey? Azertbaijan? .

      Frankly, if the Armenian people go against Pashinyan and topple his momentum, then we deserve to remain in the crevices of darkness, dictatorship, poverty, and subjugation, as we have lived for the past several hundred years.