Erdogan Doubles Down At Sheridan Circle

Turkish American Steering Committee supporters taunting peaceful Armenian protesters at the annual April 24th rally for justice in 2016.  This year, they have been permitted to occupy a portion of Sheridan Circle, site of the May, 2017, Erdogan-ordered attack on peaceful protesters.

Turkish American Steering Committee supporters taunting peaceful Armenian protesters at the annual April 24th rally for justice in 2016. This year, they have been permitted to occupy a portion of Sheridan Circle, site of the May, 2017, Erdogan-ordered attack on peaceful protesters.

WASHINGTON—Washington, DC-based allies of Turkish President Erdogan are doubling down on his May, 2017, attack at Sheridan Circle, attempting, once again, to prevent Americans from exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of expression.

The Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC) – taking a page from the playbook of the Westboro Baptist Church and neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville – is gaming America’s First Amendment, not to express its own views, but rather to obstruct the free expression of U.S. citizens set to gather this April 24th at 4:30 pm in Washington, DC’s Sheridan Circle to protest Ankara’s denial of the Armenian Genocide.

TASC has a track record of using loud dance music, songs, shouting, and even air-horns to drown out speakers at annual April 24th demonstrations. This year they have, for the first time, secured the approval of the U.S. National Park Service to engage in their disruptive activities from an area adjacent to the Armenian Genocide protest, within the actual confines of Sheridan Circle. This traffic circle, across the street from the Turkish Ambassador’s residence, is infamous internationally as the site where, less than two years ago, Turkish President Erdogan’s bodyguards brutally beat peaceful American protesters. TASC Co-Chairman Gunay Evinch is among the lawyers hired by the Turkish Government to defend it in a lawsuit brought by victims of this attack.

The organizer of the Armenian Genocide protest – the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Ani Chapter – was joined by the Armenian National Committee of America in arguing vigorously against the Park Service granting a permit for a counter-protest at Sheridan Circle, on Constitutional and public safety grounds. Over these strenuous objections, the Park Service has permitted TASC to occupy roughly a third of Sheridan Circle.

The AYF is expecting a strong turn-out from the local Armenian, Greek and Assyrian/Aramean/Syriac communities – all of whom remain undeterred in raising their voices for justice on April 24th in the nation’s capital. To support the peaceful protest, join them from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at Sheridan Circle, located at Massachusetts Ave. NW and 23rd St NW. Buses are available from Soorp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Church (4906 Flint Drive, Bethesda MD) at 3:15pm. For more information, email or

The ANCA will be live-streaming portions of the protest on its Facebook page.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Money is louder than shouting. Turkey is a vital source for US economic interests. No amount of protesting will replace economic incentives. Offer something of monetary value and watch how quickly the scenario flips.

  2. Maiss said:

    I’d say get Hye Fighters group go there to protect our people. Then if a brawl erupts, like it did, some heads will roll.

  3. Dr. Sylva Portoian said:

    This classification is in my new historical poetry book
    the opening will be celebrated on May 11, 2019, In Komitas Museum, Yerevan
    Being a physician …I have learned how to classify each subject …it is part of training in medical education …

    Classification of the Armenian Genocide to
    Many Types During 1915-1923

    Ottomans genocided every element that God created, piece by piece;
    living bodies ended undefined genocided skeletons.

    1st Type: Genociding Intellectuals –
                    They killed the most literate, around 600 of them, by crushing
    their skulls open to discovering, why they were so clever and stripping
    them off their clothes because the garments were European.
                      The Ottomans then proceeded to abuse reproductive organs.    
                      “Genociding Intellectuals”: the date for the Armenian Genocide
    was April 24, 1915, whilst the same fate befell Arab intellectuals
    on May 6, 1916.
    2nd Type: Genociding Wealthy Families –

                    They extinguished whole families from the unborn   
                      to the elderly, confiscating homes and belongings. 
    3rd Type: Genociding thru Deportation to Der-Zor Desert –

                     They could not annihilate any more, so the Ottomans deported
    people to Der-Zor dessert without food. Many were left to die on
    the way.
    4th Type: Genociding thru Rape –
                      In many other sad events, soldiers raped and left…(an example 
                      is during the Bengali Genocide by Pakistani militants on 
                      March 25, 1971), but Turks raped and slayed.
    5th Type: Genociding Pregnant Brides, Women –
                      They lanced bellies of the pregnant women with their scimitars in
    order to discover the sex of the unborn! Arab Beduin’s eyes
    witnessed most events.
                     I heard from Syrian women who hailed from Dara’a, Syria, that
    every night the sound of a baby-boy crying would fill the air in that
    village. The Sheikh explained to them that this sound was the “Soul
    of a Baby” who had been alive when his mother’s belly was ripped
    open …. Ever since then, many years ago, he has cried every night!
    Fiction may be, but it illustrates the degree of suffering endured by
                     Armenian mothers.

    6th Type: Genociding Boys above 8-years old after measuring their heights-
    I read the story of this man on the Internet long ago. He was an
    Armenian who immigrated to Australia later and was Turkified, . . .
    He wrote, “I was 12 years old then, but I was very short; they
    measured my height and thought I was younger than eight.
    So I was very lucky not to have been slayed then . . . ”
                   Those below the age of eight, once Turkified, were taken to
    under a new identity become soldiers in the Turkish Army.

    7th Type: Genociding Young Girls by employing them as household
    unpaid servants – later using them in many other ways!

    8th Type: Genociding by throwing the whole village populace into valleys.

    9th Type: Genociding Identity: Turkification, . . . –
                     (They used Turkification on Arabs as well, which defined in
    Arabic language as ‘Tattreek’).
    The rest of the Armenians who were left were Turkified, changing
    their name, surname, religion, language, culture, ethnicity;
    (Genociding Identity: De-identification, Islamization
    Languageification, Cultureification, Ethnicification, . . .)
    10th Type: Genociding Skeletons –

                     Shipping and selling the genocided bones to factories, they
    produced products. The factories that bought them should
    11th Type: Genociding Buildings: Homes, Palaces, Factories, Churches,
    Cathedrals, Monasteries, Schools, Domes, Altars, . . .
                      They transformed the best buildings to Turkish Temples or
    stables, I would not call them Mosques because in the Islamic
    religion it is not permitted to change Churches to Mosques
    according to Khalifa Omar Ibn al-Khattab (584-644). See Index

    12th Type: Genociding Ancient Sites which Existed B.C. –
    They changed Portasar Temple to Gobekli Tepe.

    13th Type: Genociding Lands, Gardens, Trees, . . . –
               These had been planted and cultivated by Armenian hands
    for millenniums.
    14th Type: Genociding animal names from Latin names in their dictionary–
            those, which were defined as Armeniana, Kurdistanica they said
    that any animal carrying Armenian and Kurdish names before
    B.C. must change to Turkish. Wild sheep called Ovis Armeniana
    became Ovis Orientalis Anatolicus. Roe deer are known as
    Capreolus Capreolus Armenus became Capreolus Cuprelus
    Capreolus.) 15th Type: Genociding History, Archives, Books, . . . –

    Turks tried to prove that Armenians never existed in their
    ancient land.

    16th Type: Genociding Armenian Language, Alphabets, Culture, Music,
    Arts, . . .
                     Well-known genocide music “Adana” with Armenian lyrics was
    reinvented as Turkish music, but was discovered late!
    The Ottoman government ordered genociders to cut the tongues
    of those who spoke other than Turkish.

    17th Type: Genociding Names of Mountains, Cities, Streets, . . . –

    Ararat’s name was changed to Agre This was refused by Geo
    graphical Maps, History books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries,
    Wikipedia … because it is Biblical-God defined it as Ararat and
    never Agre.  No human agreed to change Ararat. The word Agre
    was not even accepted by the Internet.
    I say, “Who can agree on something unagreeable?”

    18th Type: Genociding Statues, Tombs, Khachkars (cross stones) –
                    Insulting the skeletons of the dead from centuries before the birth
    of Christ. They took grave stones, some those expensive stones
    and marbles were used to build Ottoman homes.

    19th Type: Genociding Wealth: Gold, Insurances, Bank accounts in many

    countries including in Great Britain, . . .

    20th Type: Genociding Possessions –
    The Ottoman government took possession of all “abandoned”
    Armenian goods and properties, which no-one was allowed to
    claim later.

    21st Type: Armenian Orphans –
    After the genocide of 1915, Turkish military followed Armenian
    orphans into Ottoman occupied territories, searching Beduin
    tents, and orphanages in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq to Turkify or
    annihilate them, see Index.

    Recent genetic studies prove that almost 10% of Turks carry Armenian genes if not more!

    This classification should be entered under the word ‘Genocide’ in the
    Oxford and Cambridge Dictionaries as well as in the
    Merriam–Webster of the USA.

    By©Sylva Portoian, M.D. – April 24, 2010

  4. Jacque said:

    We should not protest for granting the anti Armenian protest permit, we should be ready for them and put them down like dogs if they attempt to do any harm to our protesters..
    We should send a message to Erdogan and all Turks that we won’t lay down like lambs.

    • Onnik Kiremitlian said:

      I believe there should be a complaint to the American authorities for granting such a permit to the Turks, although in a formal way. However, I agree with you that we should be ready for the Turkish thugs and give them their lesson if and when required.

  5. Onnik Kiremitlian said:

    We, as Armenians, should be ready for any provocative action by Turkish thugs sponsored by their criminal head called Erdogan.

  6. HAGOP said: