Iran Detains 29 Azerbaijanis for Burning Armenian Flag

The Azeris disrupted a game between Traktor Sazi and Sepahan in Tabriz
The Azeris disrupted a game between Traktor Sazi and Sepahan in Tabriz

The Azeris disrupted a game between Traktor Sazi and Sepahan in Tabriz

Iranian security forces have detained 29 ethnic Azerbaijanis for alleged anti-Armenian action, which were reportedly carried out as a reaction to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s visit to Iran last week.

The Azerbaijanis were detained for anti-Armenian actions օn March 1. During a football match between Traktor Sazi and Sepahan in Tabriz’s Yadegar-e Emam Stadium stadium, the fans of the former began chanting “Karabakh is and will be ours,” waved the flag of Azerbaijan and burned Armenia’s tri-color.

In addition, the Azerbaijani activists also vandalized the Armenian Embassy building in Tehran, by sticking posters that read: “Karabakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan.”

The ethnic Azerbaijanis were reacting to a selfie Pashinyan took while visiting the Ararat Stadium and Cultural complex where he met with thousands of community members from Iran. The auditorium was adorned with placards that read “Karabakh is Armenia. Period.”


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    It’s not the deadhead fans that need to be charged, it’s the people behind the action. Let’s see if the VAJA cracks some heads over this.

    • Ararat said:

      First of all, the United States should learn a lesson from Iran for their swift action in detaining these so-called ethnic Azeri racist hooligans for burning the Armenian flag when many of the Turkish security officials who beat up peaceful protesters on US soil in Washington DC with warrants issued for their arrest are still on the run and protected by Turkish Islamo-fascist mullah Erdogan.

      That aside, I think this is much more than just detaining these ethnic Azeri hooligans for burning the Armenian flag. The actions of these idiots play right into the hands of the Iranian officials. There are separatist elements within these communities who consider northwestern Iran as “South Azerbaijan” and the artificial Azerbaijan republic in the South Caucasus, invented for former homeless Caucasian Muslim Tatar terrorists in 1918 by Soviet criminals in collaboration with their genocidal Turkish collaborators, on occupied historic Armenian lands as “North Azerbaijan”. Along with Turkey, this ideology has always been part of their pan-Turkic agenda in the region and those affiliated with such separatist groups are considered as the enemies of the Islamic republic of Iran and many have received harsh punishments over the years. This anti-Iranian ideology is one of the reasons that bring Iran and Armenia close together. It is not by accident that half a million, much less now, ethnic Armenians in Iran have much more rights than these people do. Rest-assured the Iranian officials will find out and identify those behind this action because they, without a doubt, belong to such separatist groups that Iranian officials would love to interrogate.

      Also, this year on Feb 26th the Azerbaijan republic embassy officials in the Iranian capital city of Tehran had a display for the so-called khojaly scheme, planned and perpetrated by Azeris themselves for political aims, in which they displayed a stolen photo of the Armenian Genocide as part of this khojaly scheme. They displayed a photo of an Armenian mother kneeling over her dying child in the Syrian Desert as Azerbaijani and they were caught and humiliated by Iranian press. Imagine forging an Armenian photo as Azeri taken in the scorching heat of the Syrian Desert and portraying it as one taken in the middle of cold and snowy winter of the South Caucasus. These people have no shame!

    • marcus said:

      It’s no secret to Tehran that there are separatist elements in northern Iran who want to dismantle Iran and join the Azeri dictatorship of Aliyev.
      Armenia and Iran are friendly neighbors. These trouble-making separatists belong in prison.

      • Oshin Movsessians said:

        The Ararat stadium management made a big political mistake by fixing the Gharabagh flag beside Armenian flag in the hall where the Armenian prime minister( Nikole Pashinian ) had meeting with Armenian people living in Iran.As every body knows although Armenian people all over the world heartily are dreaming for this event but the republic of Armenia has not officially considered and announced the recognition of Gharabagh as independent country yet,so in similar occasions we have to be alert and careful regarding such political sensitive events by having clear advice from Armenian embassy in Iran.