NSA Head Accuses Turkey of Pushing Extreme Islamist Ideology

General H.R. McMaster, President Tump's National Security Adviser
General H.R. McMaster, President Tump's National Security Adviser

General H.R. McMaster, President Tump’s National Security Adviser

WASHINGTON—The United State national security adviser, national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster, said Tuesday that Turkey was a prime source of funding that contributes to the spread of extremist ideology, reported Voice of America.

“A lot of Islamist groups have learned from” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), said McMaster.

It is he said a “model of really operating through civil society,” McMaster said, “then the education sector, then the police and judiciary, and then the military to consolidate power in the hands of a particular party, which is something we’d prefer not to see and is sadly contributing to the drift of Turkey away from the West.”

“We’re seeing great involvement by Turkey from everywhere from western Africa to Southeast Asia,” McMaster said during an appearance in Washington. “The Balkans is an area of grave concern now.”

McMaster stopped short of accusing Ankara of funding actual terrorist groups. Instead, he voiced concern that Turkey was following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia in the 1970s, and more recently Qatar, by funding groups that help create the conditions that allow terrorism to flourish.

“We didn’t pay enough attention to how extremist ideologies were being advanced through madrassas and mosques, and so-called charities more broadly,” he said.

“The same Erdogan regime that the White House rightfully vilifies for sponsoring extremist violence today is – against all reason – granted a U.S. veto over honest U.S. remembrance of Turkey’s genocide of Armenians and other Christians a century ago,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “It’s long past time for America to finally reject Turkey’s gag-rule, bring an end to Ankara’s denials, and overcome Erdogan’s ongoing obstruction of justice for this still unpunished crime,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry criticized McMaster’s remarks Wednesday, calling them “astonishing, baseless and unacceptable.”

“We expect the United States, which we continue to recognize as our friend and ally, to display the same stance to our country, to cease all forms of cooperation with terrorist groups such as YPG and provide more concrete and effective support in our ongoing determined fight against terrorism and radicalism,” the ministry said in a statement.


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One Comment;

  1. Mert Kivanc said:

    Turkey has been the staunchest of valued allies to the US against Russian communist expansionism during the Cold War. Yet with the collapse of the USSR and the downing of the World Trade Center on 9/11, the US has decided to name Islam as it’s new enemy to replace the Soviets and to justify excessive agression by the Mighty US military machine.
    Soonafter, the American government invaded a country under false pretext of having WMDS (while hypocritically having thousands of their own),and in the process needlessly killed 1.5 Iraqi citizens and used torture against prisoners of war. 
    Fast forward to the Syrian conflict, where the US / Obama Administration sat back and watched while Assad’s forces murdered over half a million of its own citizens.
    US foreign policy miscalculations have only destabilized the region, undermining the territorial integrity of both Syria and Iraq. Turkey’s own national security has also been threatened by US foreign policy mishaps, especially the one involving the arming of PKK-affiliate Kurdish terrorist groups.
    As Trump says, the US simply handed Iraq to Iran after it had worked so hard to invade it.
    There is also no doubt that ISIS, that the US is supposedly fighting in Syria, is the same ISIS that was created with US help.

    Therefore, let’s not kid ourselves because people in the region know who the real destabilizers of the Middle East are, that being the United States of America. The US Administration’s backbiting policies have angered the Turkish nation. Instead of supporting a modern secular Republic founded by principles of it’s leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the US opted to antagonize Turkey’s secular ,pro-western path by imposing Turkey take a “moderate Islam ” stance.
    As a Turk living in Turkey, I reject these false claims by the NSA that Turkey is pushing extreme islamist ideologies. It’s stupid claims such as these that will cause the West to ultimately lose Turkey as an ally.
    But unfortunately, this is what Neo-Cons and Zionists want anyway. The US Administration’s foreign policy is becoming increasingly reckless and more and more determined by Biblical prophecies. The US constitution and by-laws might as well be replaced by Ezekial’s prophecies as it is so desperately longing for Turkey to forge an alliance with Russia and Iran, fullfilling it’s role in the Gog-Magog plan to destroy Israel so that the Messiah Jesus will return and Tribulation will take place.

    Therefore, Americans should wake up and smell the Coffee, perhaps Turkish Coffee to ensure maximum arousal and awakening, so they can see it’s the US that’s pushing extreme ideologies that placing it’s so-called “allies” in the Middle East towards an inevitable collision course and major regional war. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as İsrael’s new capital is only a small portion of this preverse Zionist masterplan. The odds of this plan failing are extremely high as Turkey, Iran and Russia have already read it from a mile away and will take the necessary precautions so reckless US foreign policies don’t dictate the region’s fate.