Israeli Politicians Must Stop Using the Armenian Genocide Card

Protesters in Jerusalem demand Israel's recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Protesters in Jerusalem demand Israel's recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Protesters in Jerusalem demand Israel’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide


Every time the Turkish regime does something to anger Israel, the Jewish state’s politicians and members of parliament threaten Ankara with the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, furthering their cowardice as a nation that rose from the ashes of the Holocaust.

The latest such effort was voiced by the leader of Israel’s Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid, who according to The Times of Israel, has said that his party will introduce a resolution in the Knesset, the Israeli legislature, to recognize the Armenian Genocide. This is a reaction to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling Israel a “terrorist state” that “kills children” after the Israeli government launched attacks against demonstrators protesting President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The recognition of the Armenian Genocide has been discussed in the Knesset as a whole or in various legislative committees ad nauseam, yet always it has been blocked by the executive branch as being too risky as it would harm Tel Aviv’s relations with Ankara.

“Erdogan crossed the line,” said Lapid according to The Times of Israel. “Someone who denies the murder of hundreds of thousands of children in the Armenian genocide won’t lecture us. Someone who cooperated with Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, in a war which has left half a million dead, won’t lecture us.”

Lapid’s comments are true. After all this is what we, Armenians, have been saying for more than a century or after the rise of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. So it begs the question: had Erdogan not called Israel a “terrorist state,” would Lapid and his Yesh Atid party have introduced legislation calling for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide? Or, would they have continued to be accomplices to Turkey’s crime and maintained their denial of the Armenian Genocide?

For a state that never misses an opportunity to remind the world of the horrors of the Holocaust, Israel has had a hard time reconciling its respect for human rights and the losses suffered by Jews with the fact of the Armenian Genocide.

A similar scenario played out in the United States where American Jewish organizations fervently pounded the pavement to whip members of Congress into rejecting any and all Genocide resolutions. Some of these organizations changed course and recognized the Genocide, albeit due to Ankara’s posturing toward Israel and because of the backlash from the Armenian-American community. It is worth noting that some of these Jewish groups continue their anti-Armenian lobbying, this time becoming mouthpieces for Azerbaijan and its despotic regime.

If the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel, which should have been a no-brainer, is contingent on Ankara’s whims, then, perhaps, Israeli lawmakers should abandon this effort and forever erase it from their agenda, since, evidently, the crime which served as a blueprint for Hitler to plan and execute the Holocaust does not warrant recognition by them unless Ankara, or more specifically, Erdogan angers the Jewish State.

Israel must recognize the Armenian Genocide not because it’s politically expedient, but because it is a historic fact. By not recognizing it, Israel continues to amplify its own hypocrisy by becoming complicit in its denial.

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  1. GB said:

    Armenian Genocide become a political soccer ball between Israeli and Turkish Government! Shame on them!

    • VR said:

      you don’t know if they would talk about the Armenian genocide without Erdogas saying. don’t jump to conclusions.

  2. State of Emergency said:

    In turn Turkey will recognize the injustices done to the native Americans. There is no shortage of blame to smear around. Human evolution has been built on top of bones and skulls since the beginning of time. Everyone has skeletons in their closet.

    • GB said:

      One differences, that Ottoman Turkey established on top of well advanced Christian civilization, where until today, Byzantines and Armenians built, monuments, history, churches, covered up with moon and star philosophy. I wonder what kind of civilization Turkic herds brought from Altai mountains to their newly occupied lands?? There is no surprises that State of Emergency always will be existed in “Deep State” Turkey!!

    • Serop said:

      Turkey can recognize the pathetic claims of Muslims being first on the moon as quoted by your Islamist President Erdogan
      But it does not mean the world will take notice of what Turkey and your deranged leader thinks
      Yes everyone has skeletons in their closets, but Turkey has the skeletons & blood of 3.5M Christians butchered, unfortunately the Turkish closet could not fit all.
      Now go away with your pathetic Turkish inspired thinking, its just so Turkish of you

  3. Ara said:

    what else is new- we must never answer the call to ISrael or their card on this -they are there for themselves as we should be 100%- we continue with out them- they do not care-they have their own agenda and program adn could care less on the survival scale as they are threatened everywhere

  4. Rosik Assatourian said:

    I Love and read every article he writes he is plain and simple , and this article explains his anger this is a good one bravo .

  5. Gabriel said:

    I was very disappointed to see the Armenian foreign minister Nalbandian visiting Israel a few weeks ago, where he met with Israeli government officials including Prime minister Netanyahu. He came across as begging them to recognize the Armenian Genocide and to curtail the arms sale to Azerbaijan. What a naive person he is! Not only didn’t he get anything out of the visit for Armenia, but he may have potentially jeopardized the friendly relationship with Iran which is on the hit list of Israel. Furthermore, why should we ask Israel to recognize the genocide when they have committed crimes against the Palestinians, taken their lands by force and continue to do so until today?

    • Ani said:

      Thank you so much for mentioning Palestine! Probably the worst genocide that’s happened, next to the Armenian genocide. The sad thing is, is that it’s still currently happening in Palestine now. God Bless Palestine, God Bless Armenia <3 May God also Bless and heal the whole world.

    • hye said:

      I think Kim Kardashyan has than more than nalbandyan in terms of Armenian issues. nalbandyan is a russian clown

    • Dr. Sylva Portoian said:

      Why do you blame Nalbandian …
      He wanted to stop the drones on Armenian soldiers …
      after 6 soldiers were killed …?

      You, Israelis are not allowed to carry Armenian honest flags … Your hands are full of blood Yes…
      The savage Israeli drones killed our
      young, clever, honest Armenians
      The mothers are lacrimating every day
      without closing their eyes
      How they can forget their sons …?!!!
      Is not enough your ancestors shared the savage Turks
      to commit genocide against dedicated Armenians???
      Still… you are continuing your crimes…
      You should know very well
      All the honest nations never like you…
      because your soldiers are criminals.

  6. Raffi said:

    I always said: Israel will recognize the Armenian Genocide after Turkey’s recognition of the Genocide. Israel don’t like competition, they don’t want to compete the Holocaust with the Genocide, currently they are milking the world big time with the Holocaust.

    • sam i am said:

      “milking”?! You PoS. We have suffered like no other. I’m not diminishing the armenian genocide by the turks but, you have no fucking right say what you did. Do you not think that we wish we had out ppl back? God only knows what advancements have been lost because some Jewish kid did not get the chance to invent something that could well save your sorry arse one day!

      • Raffi said:

        $37 billion in 10 years from American hard earned Tax payers money, if is not milking, than tell me what is considered milking.

      • serop said:

        Suffering is not exclusively for the Jewish people to lay claims to, the Holocaust machine unfortunately has been so commercialized by the very people who experienced it.
        Make a movie about the Holocaust and without fail the Oscars roll out, make a movie about the Armenian Genocide and see how every Jewish led Hollywood organization does the bidding for the Turks to stop its distribution
        Do you know how many times the Jewish Lobby has acted on behalf of the the Turkish nation to stop the recognation of the Armenian Genocide?? EVERY TIME. So keep your fucking insults to yourself, you are not the chosen people by God, its a fabricated story by your people.
        Imagine what other inventions the bright Armenian children Children who were butchered by the Turks could also have made that could have saved your racist ass, yes you people are the most racist in the world, we are just goyim & worthless as spelled out in torah, you people live a double agent life, for ever preaching equality & human rights in every country you set foot yet in Israel you treat the Palestinians as sub human .. And dont bother with your cliche anti-semite remarks, because I agree I am 100% anti apartheid Israel for reasons that are so glaringly obvious only an asshole like would miss it

        • Amani said:

          What I am reading in these comments are from a bunch of uneducated people. You obviously arent’ well traveled and where are you getting your news from? First off, the Jews and the Israelis’s are the biggest supporter’s of the truth of the Armenian Genocide. Basically, no one else is (in the world )or it would have been recoginized already. It was the Jewish kids and adults that I learned the truth about the Armenian Genocide. Most people don’t even know or care about it. Instead of being thankful that they are educating people about the truth, you espouse your stereotypes about rich Jews, the Jewish lobby, etc. It is digraceful. Jews are some of the best educated in the world and with eduction comes higher salaries. Get educated if you are jealous and stop the hatred. In regards to the Palestinians if you don’t know the true history then don’t talk about it. I am not talking about the made up history by the people that call themselves Palestinians. In actuallity Jews were always Israelites but they were constantly being conquered and killed. Even in ancinet times Israel was called “Palestine” because of who was ruling it, not because there were Palestinians there. The Palestinians were actually the “Israelites” or the “Jews”. It is only in recent times that Arabs that came from the area of Trans-Jordan started to call themselves Palestinians. They have no historical claim to the land. All the archaelogical digs have never unearthed anything other then Jewish artifacts or from those who were occupying them like the Romans. Also, even if you are not a religious person the Biblet acts as a History book. Jews were there and are the native people of the land! They have always been on that land and have claim to the land even when they became a minority in there own country after thousands of years of people trying to exterminate them. (Imagine if you had no Armenia and someone took it over) So after world war 2 they had a right to go back to their homeland(Israel – but it was called Palestine at the time) when no onle else wanted them- keep in mind there were Jews already in Palestine called Palestinians. Just another fact for those who know nothing about Jews; They were not only nearly exterminated in Europe but Syrian, Egyptian, Iraninan Yemeni, Iraqi Jews were persecuted in there own countries tortured and eventually kicked out prior to world war 2, during and after. What do we do about that if you are so concerned for the Palestinians? Bet you didn’t even know that they had Jews in those countries. Oh and by the way, if you visited Isreal you would see a whole different side to a great country and people where Arabs live well and are not mistreated like in there own countries. If you visited Gaza you would see it is not as bad as they make it out to be ( The Europeans have invested millions). However, you might not come home you might be killed by a Palestinina that has no regard for life.

          As far as Palestinian deaths, below in quotes are exact factual totals since 1948 including Arabs who attacked Israel along with the Palestinians. Ironically, you will see that Arabs kill more of their own then Jews kill Arabs. Beyond that, Since Hezbollah and Hamas fight in plain clothes it is easy to call everyone a civilian even when they are not. As far as children Jewis kids get killed as well and Israel takes every precaution no to have that happen. But when the likes of the associated press Reuters and CNN show Syrian children that are killed and blame it on Israel only to retract it later that doesn’t help the truth ( and they know that). Stop using women and kids and hospitals as human sheilds. Maybe we should bring the Palestinians to the UN security council for child abuse etc. WAIT! that will never happen because they condone that there.

          “Since 1950 there were 85,000,000 overall deaths in the world due to conflict. Of that sum, the deaths in the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1950 include 32,000 deaths due to Arab state attacks and 19,000 due to Palestinian attacks, or 51,000 in all. Arabs make up roughly 35,000 of these dead and Jewish Israelis make up 16,000.

          These figures mean that deaths in Arab-Israeli fighting since 1950 amount to just 0.06 percent of the total number of deaths in all conflicts in that period. More graphically, only 1 out of about 1,700 persons killed in conflicts since 1950 has died due to Arab-Israeli fighting.

          (Adding the 11,000 killed in the Israeli war of independence, 1947-49, made up of 5,000 Arabs and 6,000 Israeli Jews, does not significantly alter these figures.)
          In a different perspective, some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”
          “June 17, 2013 update: A remarkable analysis by Murtaza Haider of Ryerson University, Toronto”
          “From Aleppo in Syria to Quetta in Balochistan, Muslims are engaged in the slaughter of other Muslims. The numbers are enormous: over 93,000 killed in the Syrian civil war and over 48,000 dead in Pakistan. Millions have perished in similar intra-Muslim conflicts in the past four decades.”


  7. Dr. Sylva Portoian said:

    Armenian Genocide is not a playing card to be used by you.
    You are still today refusing to recognize our pains…
    Shame on you and your genes…
    You are not far from Turks with the same principles…
    Killing and harming innocent Palestinian children
    … Are asking for their rights in their lands …
    You are not the original people but you invaded…
    like barbaric Turks, who invaded Armenian highland,
    A place you never been there …
    You starting cutting their Olive trees
    which you never implanted your hands…
    and destroying their homes … you never build them …
    Review your mistakes …and behave like humans,
    Your barbarism are diagnosed in every place
    You can never escape, covering them with your false flag…

    • Ani said:

      Thank you so much for mentioning Palestine! Probably the worst genocide that’s happened, next to the Armenian genocide. The sad thing is, is that it’s still currently happening in Palestine now. God Bless Palestine, God Bless Armenia <3 May God also Bless and heal the whole world.

  8. A.Napetian said:

    Being taken advantage of without any positive result for us is OUR naivety not smart Jews’ fault.

  9. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Personally I do not see any thing wrong Isreali action , I think we should see positively , any thing we get we should take advantage , who knows may be some things come good. I don’t see any thing wrong. Just we should stay back ground and just watch , if Isreal this thinking is bad for Armenians , so what , if we don’t choose side like in Ottoman Empire , we be OKAY. yes , Isreal’s always action taken by them is profit is for them , lets watch , wait , be patience my follow Armenians.

  10. Tigranakertzi said:

    Armenians do not have the luxury of demanding a moral stance for recognition of the Genocide. Unfortunately, insisting on a moral stance will get us nowhere. The recent turn of events works in our favor. We should embrace any Israeli politician that brings up the Genocide issue. Armenia is closely allied with Iran, who advocates wiping out Israel and her people. That is not a moral stance either. With Turkey and Azerbaijan wishing to wipe out Armenia and her people, Armenian leaders really have no choice. We should embrace the turn of events, not demand a moral stance. That is not how the world works.

  11. Shant Davidian said:

    When you are used to excuses working, you keep using them.

    They have ran out of excuses of their own Holocaust and are now grasping at other people’s.

    Armenia should not allow this conversation to be so trivial. Shame on Israel.

  12. Adam V said:

    Israel does not want to recognize the Armenian Genocide because want to hold the monopoly of mass murder for their own benefit. They kill kids and women in the name of self-defense from terrorists and whenever anyone says anything they bring up the Holocust.

  13. Hrach said:

    Wake up Armenians! Neither Israel, nor USA, or west or any other nation care about this issue! It’s all political interests and threats! Stop hoping anything! Whoever cared for Armenia and Armenians recognized the genocide years and decades ago..

  14. Gerald Gardner, Memphis TN said:

    Hello Turkish officials: Thank you for your support of the Armenian Genocide from the bottom of our hearts, BUT NO THANK YOU ALSO FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR ORGANS. KEEP YOUR SUMPATHY TO YOUTSELVES,PLEASE. WE DO NOT NEED IT.
    If you want to help the Armenians, please arrest and bring to justice that SOB defense company worker, who shot and killed 6 Armenian citizens in an effort to sell your KILLER DRONE to Azeries to demonstrate what a killing machine his company was selling for a handful of dollars.SHAME,SHAME

  15. art hagopian said:

    I doubt that Israel will recognize the genocide but we should accept it because it will enhance its recognition in the United States. Let us be honest that most countries follow their own interests. European recognition (including Germany ) is related to their plan to prevent Turkey joining the European Union. They have never been and we cannot expect to be sincere friends on armenian issues. I have evidence that the armenian government also makes decisioins on the basis of its interests.

  16. hye said:

    By doing so Israel is undermining hallowcast for a very simple reason(when a normal person goes thru pain, he/she doesn’t want the other person to go through the same pain)

  17. Dr. Sylva Portoian said:

    When we do mistakes on your site we can’t correct later …
    Because we write instantly …
    And angerly, passionately so we do mistakes…
    Please let us correct …
    Thanks …