Americana At Brand Rejects Genocide Documentary Billboard

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"Architects of Denial," a documentary focusing on the denial of the Armenian Genocide

“Architects of Denial,” a documentary focusing on the denial of the Armenian Genocide

GLENDALE—It has been brought to the attention of the Armenian National Committee of America, Glendale Chapter that the producers of “Architects of Denial,” a documentary film about the Armenian Genocide, were unsuccessful in purchasing billboard space at the Americana at Brand on the premise that the content was “too political.”

“Architects of Denial,” which counts Dean Cain and Montel Willians as its producers, provides a crucial lens into Armenian Genocide, as well as the denial of these events by the Turkish government and several other political authorities. Through the retelling of stories from survivors, “Architects of Denial” bridges the gap between the historical mass-exterminations and those occurring today.

This issue is deeply concerning to the Armenian American community, and the decision to deny advertisement space to a film that attempts to raise awareness of human rights violations is quite perplexing.

As history has shown, the denial of the Armenian Genocide leads to the continuation of such hateful crimes. This film has the right to advertise and educate the community about this important subject.

Americana at Brand’s decision to reject a billboard advertisement of the film on the grounds that it is “too political” is unacceptable by this community. It is disappointing to see the management’s betrayal of the Armenian community, the same one that contributes immensely to the Americana at Brand through taxpayer dollars and everyday commerce, the same community that voted to make the Americana a possibility. A denial of the request to publicize this documentary is a sign of disdain to the residents of Glendale and an attempt to censor historical facts.

As citizens of Glendale, it is imperative to take a stand against the denial of the Armenian Genocide and protect the ones who raise awareness. Any attempts at suppressing Genocide awareness is distasteful, offensive, and has no place in Glendale.

Upon learning of the American’s decision, ANCA Glendale immediately raised its oncerns and expressed its disappointment to the Glendale City Council on Tuesday, August 1. An official letter has been sent asking the management of Americana at Brand and its corporate owner, Caruso Affiliated, to reverse their decision.

The ANCA-Glendale advocates for the social, economic, cultural, and political rights of the city’s Armenian American community and promotes increased civic participation at the grassroots and public policy levels.


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  1. Vic said:

    And if Caruso Affiliated does not reverse its decision we can ask the Glendale City Council to come up with an official statement condemning Caruso Affiliated’s anti-Armenian decision. After all, didn’t the City give Caruso all that land for just $1 per year? Also, aren’t 4 out of 5 Council members Armenian?

    • Masis said:

      This is ludicrous. In the heart of Glendale, someone dares to do this. While I agree he has a “right” just as some victims of Genocide play their passive role and admit, the place doesn’t deserve our business. I estimate 80% of people there are Armenians, at least on weekends. We should build Armenicana a block away. With shush kabobs, Armenian cognac bars, and live Armenian outdoor music. That would be out right. Americana will have as many visitors as the South Pole.

  2. State of Emergency said:

    Now we’re being reduced to begging the power establishment. Even if they reverse their decision it will be sort of like giving in out of pity. best to ignore and walk away. Things must be granted through merit and political/economical might, not by begging for handouts.

    • Raffi said:

      It will not be out of pity it will be out of might, for business as usual, without Armenian money, Americana is a bust.

    • Raffi said:

      A good opportunity to make big fuss out of it and take the opportunity to propagandize the Genocide.

  3. Armen T. said:

    The community should be made aware through various media sources and a boycott should be organized against Americana.

    Mr. Caruso had a great deal of respect and admiration for late Kirk Kerkorian. Is he even aware of the fact what’s going on in Glendale?

  4. Rafy Mamian said:

    All I can say is that Turkish Dollars are working at the Americana at Brand.

    • Lusine Hakobyan said:

      Turkish kiosks are at most malls in California, at Americana 5 are owned by ‘Mehmet” (Mike) and they hire illegal workers for cash under the table. Lots of new Turkish students from the language institute and others come and go on visitors visas. They are everywhere from small malls in Visalia (Sequoia Mall) to the large mall at Universal Studios. The amount of Armenians dolling their money over to these shysters is staggering and amot. DOL and ICE needs to bust them and shut them down., they are obviousluy the ones complaining.

  5. Diran Papazian said:

    I think the Armenians region will stop visiting the Americana and as the main
    peoples who go they are Armenians can effect the income of the Americana.
    this is not a political decision but I think it helps to consider to their decision.

  6. eva garibian said:

    i know we cannot get Armenians to boycott the Americana but believe me if we could, they would immediately reverse their decision because the business there would be impacted in a huge way. i would like to think we can come up with such a plan and let Americana realize what we bring to the table as far as business and revenue is concerned. i don’t think they can take a position that is contrary to its largest customer base and expect us to be okay with it.

  7. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    Is this the same company who forbade the selling of Genocyde T-shirts? All I can say is, that a handfull of demonstrators can easily put those businesses out of business. If Armenians can’t advertize, than the landlords that rent space to the billboard company can easily be convinced to vacate their leases. Especially when those billboards start falling down. accidentally.

  8. Harry Kaladjian said:

    This is not about politics. This remains an unresolved crime. Americana should be reminded that we can get political and it will have economic ramifications for it.

  9. Diana Agh said:

    Shame on the Management of Americana! They must be the first in promoting a movie such as the Architects of Denial which is based on true documentaries collected during the past 102 years re the truth cinceeled about the Armenian Genocide. Americana is obligated to support its almost 99% of clientelle who are ARMENIANS residing in Glendale. Should Americana does not retract its immoral decision- -it would be very obvious that they are behraying the Armenian Community who support their Business

  10. berjuhi said:

    All Armenians boycot Americana, for one week no Armenian set foot in Americana, show all businesses how much they will loose. Hit Americana where it hurts.

  11. Raymond said:

    Maybe Armenian’s should stop spending money at Americana ! What about that Mr. Caruso ? I thought you where a Italian Catholic? Disgrace !

  12. sylva portoian said:

    I’m forwarding the film PROMISE to every one i know, to see it through the FB
    Let them stop me … There are many ways to win …

  13. Gor Mkrtchian said:

    Well have they put up other political advertisements? It’s understandable why a lighthearted recreational center doesn’t want a billboard of this nature up. The place is built to give people walking around a pleasant experience. Put the billboard up somewhere else. Also there is no right to advertise and educate in the abstract. Just like I can’t walk into someone’s house and start lecturing them or paint a mural on someone’s business without their permission, I don’t have a “right” to put up a billboard on someone else’s property.

  14. chris said:

    the Armenians should do a guerilla campaign and plaster the posters at americana

  15. Valerie McCaffrey said:

    I’ve never heard of such a thing!!! This is outrageous!! Has Michael Moore ever had a billboard there?