Azerbaijani Forces Target Armenia’s Wheat Fields in Tavush

Wheat fields in Armenia
Wheat fields in Armenia

Wheat fields in Armenia

YEREVAN—Sporadic fire from Azerbaijan on villages in the Tavush region of Armenia has impacted the country’s wheat fields.

Seryozha Alexanyan, the head of the Voskevan village told Armenpress that Azerbaijani forces opened fire at the wheat fields beginning at 11 a.m. on Sunday for about two hours, making work on the fields impossible.

“No one was hurt in the shooting. The only damage was the 2.5-3 hectares of wheat fields,” he said, adding that while the situation was calm, the threats remainde.

In the Chinar village of Tavush Province farmers are unable to harvest the wheat.

“The [Azerbaijani] sniper can fire at any moment,” a local official said.

Azerbaijan has also opened gunfire at other villages in Armenia. In Koti, wheat fields were destroyed by fire, which resulted from Azeri shooting.

Armenia’s Deputy Parliament Speaker Edward Sharmazanov condemned the Azerbaijani attack on Armenia and called on the international community to take necessary action.

“Azerbaijan’s inhumane behavior—preventing farmers to gather harvest by opening fire—is unacceptable. International organizations must respond to this criminal behavior [of Azerbaijan]. This is nothing else but barbarism,” said Sharmazanovsaid.


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  1. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    Don’t they have wheat fields and other targets? Retaliate with incendiary baloons. When te winds are favorable, paper baloons with small incendiary devices, that could be made by school chilldren could set Azerbaijan on fire. If the Japanese during WW2 could make ballons that travelled all the way to California, Armenians could make ballons that travelled a few hundred or thousand yards. Remember: The Vietnamese did not prevail millitarily with Jets and Tanks, but with Bamboo, mud and gunpowder booby traps.

  2. GB said:

    Armenia has all the power to put fire in Baku’s oil fields, of course if Putin disagree with Axeri dictator monthly payments!

  3. Raffi said:

    International organizations are busy enjoying the monies of Caviar Diplomacy.

  4. Serge said:

    Come on, instead of bla bla do something, at least do the same. How long are we going to take this?

  5. SA said:

    Why doesn’t Armenia fire back, with disproportionate force? The only message these barbarians understand is force….

  6. nazareth samuelian said:

    Retaliate retaliate retaliate what they do is ok with azeri government & military .retaliate or all out war .nothing else America is with u .long live USA.

  7. Varouj said:

    I am sure the ARMENIAN government has at its disposal the adequate answers , heads up my heart soul and wallet is for you

  8. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    I envision thousands of paper-mache incendiary baloons, carried by favoring winds, carrying small incendiary devices, falling out of the sky, setting crops, barns, sheep, on fire. Even children can make those, and they cost nothing.