Kerry: It Is Important to Name Da’esh Crimes ‘Genocide’


Secretary of State John Kerry, during his March 17 address. (Source: NBC News)

From The Armenian Weekly 

WASHINGTON (A.W.)—U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press statement on March 17 that the militant Islamic group ISIL/Da’esh has and is continuing to commit genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and Shiite Muslims in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. Congress had set a March 17 deadline for Kerry and the State Department to make public their findings about labeling Da’esh’s crimes as genocide. Kerry’s statement marks the first time that the U.S. has used the term “genocide” to describe an ongoing conflict since Darfur in 2004. Kerry also condemned Da’esh’s ongoing destruction of cultural heritage, including Armenian churches and other historical monuments.

“We know that in areas under its control, Da’esh has made a systematic effort to destroy the cultural heritage of ancient communities—destroying Armenian, Syrian Orthodox, and Roman Catholic churches; blowing up monasteries and the tombs of prophets; desecrating cemeteries; and in Palmyra, even beheading the 83-year-old scholar who had spent a lifetime preserving antiquities there,” said Kerry, who called the militant group “genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology, and by actions.”

“The fact is that Da’esh kills Christians because they are Christians; Yezidis because they are Yezidis; Shia because they are Shia,” said Kerry, stating that the group’s entire worldview “is based on eliminating those who do not subscribe to its perverse ideology.”

Kerry also said that naming these crimes is important; and stopping them is essential. “That will require unity in this country and within the countries directly involved, and the determination to act against genocide, against ethnic cleansing, against the other crimes against humanity must be pronounced among decent people all across the globe,” said Kerry.

Watch Kerry’s remarks below.

U.S. House Unanimously Condemns Genocide of Middle East Christians, Minorities

Kerry’s statement comes three days after the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously condemned as genocide the group’s ongoing crimes against Christians in the Middle East by adopting H.Con.Res.75. On March 14, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) reported that H.Con.Res.75 was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously (393 to 0), condemning the ongoing Da’esh crimes against Christians—including Armenians and Assyrians—as well as Yezidis and other religious minorities in the Middle East.

H.Con.Res.75 was spearheaded by the co-chairs of the House Caucus for Religious Minorities in the Middle East, Representatives Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nev.) and Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), both of whom offered powerful remarks following passage of the measure.  Eshoo made specific reference to her Armenian and Assyrian ancestry, noting the importance of House reaffirmation of the Armenian Genocide.


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  1. Norin said:

    Wow, it only took them 3 years, hundreds thousands of displacements and killings to recognize the obvious. I guess it takes a while to own up to the havoc they created themselves.

  2. hye said:

    is this guy real. If administration called armenian genocide a genocide then people comiting this what administration calls “autrocities/Mets Eghern but not a genocide” could have been prevented.

  3. zarkim said:

    Kerry, Kerry , Kerry
    Where have you been? In the JOINT?
    Very SLLLOOW off the mark!
    Only now he has woken from the deep freeze.
    Wake up, Sally, yeah, the cops are here
    And they keep knockin’ at the door.

    • Buffalo Bill said:

      Well said zarkim.
      American Administration needs permission from Israel before they are allowed to tell the truth.
      What about TURKISH act against the KURDS? Killing them every day using different excuses.
      What about TURKISH terrorist targeting and killing Armenians in Kesab? And Aleppo?
      Kerry being a SWEETHEART needs permission before commenting about these occurrences.
      Kerry must stand on his mother’s shoulders to be able to reach and kiss LAVROV’s cheeks.
      Kerry looks very tired! Goodnight Irene.

  4. Sylva~MD~poetry said:

    Dear Kerry before recognizing ISIS as the recent “Genociders” …

    Recognize their grandfathers the Turks…
    They arrived almost millennium ago….to kill and confiscate…
    Read from Wikipedia,
    * In 1064 a large Seljuk Turkish army, headed by Sultan Alp Arslan, with the help of the Caucasian Georgians headed by King Bagrat, attacked Ani and after a siege of 25 days they captured the city and slaughtered its population. An account of the sack and massacres in Ani is given by the Arab historian Sibt ibn al-Gawzi, who quotes an eyewitness saying:
    ““The army entered the city, massacred its inhabitants, pillaged and burned it, leaving it in ruins and taking prisoner all those who remained alive . . . The dead bodies were so many that they blocked the streets; one could not go anywhere without stepping over them and the number of prisoners was not less than 50,000 souls. I was determined to enter city and see the destruction with my own eyes. I tried to find a street in which I would not have to walk over the corpses; but that was impossible.” 

    The ISIS did nothing compared what Seljuk-Turks did …
recently they trained ISIS to kill…and destroy Armenian Churches in Allepo
    and famous Martyrs Church of 1915 in Der Zor …the genociders Land
    You should immediately recognize Armenian Genocide …
the criminal father of ISIS …
    No way to deny and hide your head and your President’s head
    behind tinted dark glass
    To hide your faces …
    Awake and say yes…
    It was a True genocide …
    You are not more important than Pope Francis …
    Whose words will lyric like a symphony for ever …
    but your voices will die …and you will be named
    Betrayers Liars

    Dr. Sylvs….A soul from Genocide

  5. Sylva~MD~poetry said:

    Every Armenian who arrives from Genocide should write something without fear …
Awake Armenians and write …
Be brave like your ancestries …

    who lost their honest genes …

act and write at least …

    “how you American administration deny Armenian genocide
after 85% of your states recognized …”
    Copy from me this phrase …

    Enough is enough
    Dr. Sylva