Confidential Document Targeting Hrant Dink Exposed

Confidential document that was revealed during Dink's case. (Source: Armenpress)
Confidential document that was revealed during Dink's case. (Source: Armenpress)

Confidential document that was revealed during Dink’s case. (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN(Armenpress) — A document in the appendix of the indictment prepared for Hrant Dink case revealed that Turkey’s intelligence agency, known as MİT was monitoring Armenians, Greeks and other non-Muslim communities under the title of “Ethnic Separatist Activities.” According to the document, Dink had become a target of the intelligence agency.

One of the documents that was found revealed why Drink was not given a passport for many years, according to Agos Newspaper.

For nearly 25 years Drink applied to the Regional Security Office in Istanbul to receive a passport, but his applications were always sent back. In the sidelines of the investigation of the journalist’s murder, a document dating 1997 was revealed, which is labeled “confidential.” In addition to Dink’s name, the names of the then vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople and the current Patriarch Mesrob Mutafyan were also mentioned.

“An individual named Firat Dink is among our targets due to his pro-Armenian activities. He is the editor-in-chief of Agos periodical, published by Armenians, and is in close ties with the vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate Mesrob Archbishop Mutafyan, famous for his Armenian nationalist inclinations,”reads the document.

The court demanded this document within the framework of investigating the complicity of former officials in Dink’s case.

Another document exposes that the state had been interested in the ethnic belonging of the murderer of Hrant Dink Ogun Samast and the murderer’s accomplice Yasin Hayal. In a justification sent by the Intelligence Department of General Directorate of Security that Yasin Hayal’s background has been explored. The observation showed that there are no non-Muslims or apostasy cases among the members of his family. The same has been revealed for Ogun Samast.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    All those who love Turkey, congratulations.
    ‘Turkish democracy’ is an unfortunate oxymoron. Question is, for how much longer will they remain in NATO? They are an obvious disgrace to the solid organization, aren’t they?

  2. Zorik said:

    Yes, they are but unfortunately western countries including United States pampering her like a innocent new born baby.

  3. Mabubalah said:

    How long will Turkey remain in “the solid organization”, NATO? Turkey would be an obvious disgrace, were it not for the fact that NATO itself is an obvious disgrace. Just look at NATO’s behavior vs. Serbia for the last 25 years. NATO is an hegemonic dinosaur which, having lost its mission 25 years ago, has almost doubled in size, and continues to expand as I write this. Why, and why is this not a primal subject of public discussion? Wake up, people!