Paylan Slams Davutoglu for Anti-Armenian Statements

Turkish-Armenian Member of Parliament Garo Paylan
Garo Paylan

Garo Paylan

ANKARA(Combined Sources)— Garo Paylan, Armenian member of the Turkish parliament from Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) severely criticized the Prime Minister during the discussion of the budgets of the ministries of Interior, Health, Culture and Tourism on March 3.

Paylan showed a photo reading “Armenian dregs.” ”Unfortunately, it is not only the security forces that do this,” he mentioned. Paylan reminded Davutoglu’s anti-Armenian statement, where the Prime Minister, criticizing the HDP, had said, “Armenians seek to cooperate with the Russians gangs.”

“Today Turks cooperate with the ‘Islamic State’ and if I refer to those Turks as Turkish gangs, it will be considered a racist statement,” said Paylan. He then accused Davutoglu’s statement of being racist.

In a response to Paylan’s statement, head of the ruling “Justice and Development” party faction Naci Bostancı supported Davutoglu and accused Paylan of “hate speech.”

Last week, Davutoglu accused the Kurds of being like “Armenian gangs and collaborating with Russia.”

Speaking at a meeting with NGOs in Bingol, a conservative majority Kurdish city, the Turkish Prime Minister under the guise of criticizing the HDP said:

“Today I greeted you in Zazaki (a dialect of Kurdish) and Kurdish. In the past this would have been unthinkable. They said they would disarm but they brought more weapons into the country. They are taking advantage of the situation in Sur and Silopi. Like Armenian gangs they are collaborating with Russia. They are opening diplomatic missions in Moscow. Who has turned the region into an arms depot? Who placed snipers there? Who is tricking young children and taking them to their deaths? They are going to do this and we, the state that you voted for, is going to just watch, would you accept this?”

Political commentators immediately began criticizing Davutoglu’s comments with one saying, “Finally he has made his true feelings clear,” in regards to the Prime Minister’s comparison of Kurds and Armenians.

Back in 1915, the Turks gave the excuse of Armenians collaborating with Russia as an excuse for the Armenian Genocide. And now the Prime Minister has compared the situation of the Kurds to the Armenians which poses a huge threat for the Kurds.


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  1. eastofwest said:

    Correction: Zazaki is not a Kurdish dialect but a language of its own.