‘Every Turk’s Duty is to Kill at Least One Armenian,’ Says Azberbaijani Writer

Azerbaijani translator and literary critic Abbas Abdulla
Azerbaijani translator and literary critic Abbas Abdulla

Azerbaijani translator and literary critic Abbas Abdulla

BAKU (Panorama.am) — Meti Osmanoglu, an Azerbaijani scholar specializing in literary science, shared his memories about a dialogue between Armenian writer Levon Adyan, who was a member of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers, and Azerbaijani translator and literary critic Abbas Abdulla, a specialist of literary science, Moderator.az writes.

“I remember Levon’s conversations with Abbas Abdulla, who told Levon, ‘Every Turk’s duty is to kill at least one Armenian.’ Levon, come on, I will kill you, too,” Osmanoglu said as cited by the website.

According to the Azerbaijani reports, the materials and stories of the local media have recently seen a rise of use of insults, obscene language and unpleasant expressions when covering Armenia and the Armenians. In 2014, the head of the Department of expertise, programming and analytics of the National Television and Radio Council of Azerbaijan, Tavakkul Dadashev, called on Azerbaijani media to go on using insults in the articles covering Armenian topics as much as possible.


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  1. eastofwest said:

    Shows everyone what evil we have to deal with and why the world has to recognize Artsakh as part of Armenia. Our Turkish “neighbours” are EVIL!

  2. edward demian said:

    We each insult each other. The Armenians live to insult the Turk, while the Turk strive to live up to the insult.

  3. danoog said:

    Bring it Papa Smurf! BTW, isn’t “Azeri intellectual” an oxymoron?

  4. Ararat said:

    He has got it backwards and the wrong number. Every Armenian should kill 150 Turks to remotely even the score and to reciprocate for Turkish hospitality.

  5. Sylva~MD~poetry said:

    Let this unfair, unethical, slayer
    who calls himself a writer
    do his DNA…
    And see if he has few Armenian genes …
    Thus he must be killed …Like he recommended…
    He is not a writer he is savage killer …
    If such writers exist on this earth
    The earth will be destroyed …
    He has …no respect, no dignity …
    He is not a human …

    Writers write to educate people to save humanity …
    they are not born to slay humans …

    Dr. Sylva

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Sylva: Only in jerky turkey,and azerbaturk,are they scholars,because ILLITERACY LEVEL is 79%…..Over here,they are called PHYSCOS.

  6. Argishti's Rights said:

    Turk’s actually never had alphabet, writers or intellects from their rise to these days. Their culture is that of bow and arrows of swords and horses. This is not a surprise to hear from a bloodthirsty Azeri/Turk “translator,critic” whose ink runs blood red. May he rot in Hell.