Russia Suspects Downing of Warplane by Turkey Was Planned

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Source: Maxim Shipenkov/AFP via Getty Images)
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Source: Maxim Shipenkov/AFP via Getty Images)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Source: Maxim Shipenkov/AFP via Getty Images)

MOSCOW (Bloomberg)—Turkey may have planned to shoot down a Russian warplane near its border amid questions over its support for Syrian rebels, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“We have serious doubts that this was an unpremeditated act,” Lavrov told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday. “It looks very much like a planned provocation” and the question arises whether Turkey is defending areas of Syria to protect rebel infrastructure, he said.

The situation with the Islamic State’s illegal oil trade in areas it controls “stands in a new light” after Tuesday’s downing of the Russian jet over northwestern Syria, Lavrov said. The incident “happened after our aircraft began making extremely effective strikes on the oil tanker trucks and oil fields,” he said.

Turkey said it shot down the plane after the pilots ignored repeated warnings about violating its airspace. Russia’s Defense Ministry said Turkey made no attempt to contact its bomber before firing. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attack “a stab in the back from the accomplices of terrorism” and warned of “very serious consequences,” though he’s ruled out military retaliation against Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Lavrov said Russia wants to know if Turkey sought U.S. permission to attack its plane. He said the new Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told him during talks that lasted more than one hour Wednesday that the Russian jet violated Turkey’s airspace for 17 seconds. While his Turkish counterpart offered condolences, he also reserved the right to defend airspace violations, Lavrov said.

Reexamine Relations

The downed Russian plane didn’t leave Syrian airspace and NATO covered up what Turkey did, Lavrov said. While Russia doesn’t intend to fight with Turkey, it has questions about the actions of the present Turkish leadership, he said.

Russia will reexamine the entire spectrum of its relations with Turkey because “we can’t leave what happened without a response,” Lavrov said.

Russia supports French President Francois Hollande’s proposal to close the Turkish-Syria border as a way to halt the flow of weapons, Lavrov said. Hollande held talks with U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday and is due to meet Putin in Moscow on Thursday as he seeks to forge an alliance against Islamic State after the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

Terrorists use Turkish territory to carry out attacks in Syria and other countries, Lavrov said. Russia will ask the United Nations Security Council to discuss which states are backing terrorism in Syria, he said.


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  1. zarkim said:

    Public knowledge:
    1. Turkey has been openly backing ISIS Terrorists and other terrorist groups;
    2. Turkey has used Turkmens for looting Syria and Iraq;
    3. USA, Israel, NATO and allies have been encouraging these acts of crimes against humanity in Syria and Iraq organised by Turkey with funding, training and supporting terrorists;
    4. Turkey has used NATO as a weapon against Russia.
    Why is PUTIN so surprised about this Turkish attack?
    Putin must learn to deal with nations that are good in HITTING BELOW THE BELT.
    This is not a refereed JUDO tournament. This is dirty war Mr Putin.

  2. Vindicated Man said:

    There’s absolutely no need to suspect anything: The downing of the Sukhoi bomber was planned well in advance. There was even a cameraman from the Turkish television, ready to start shooting the footage.

  3. ara said:

    Fact- Turkish govt supports the bastahds that are killing all- remember the soccer match-they yelled for their God- well that is their mentality=a perpetual enemy of every Armenian, French person. Brits-and anyone who does not worship their way-we know- the rest of world will and has seen some of how them dirt bags kill- well wait for what-another march to take over Vienna-Austria and the rest of the free world? no way- Russia is our pal-more than ever- and odd that the Turks messed with them- turks care about us as much as what we flush down the toilet from # 2

  4. Harutik said:

    This criminal act by Turkey is a blessing in disguise for Armenia.

    With the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance standing firmly behind it, the confident Turk has once again provoked the Russian Bear and has drawn first blood. Russia will retaliate in some form sooner or later. There is now a very serious divide between Moscow and Ankara. Will Armenians have the political maturity and foresight to exploit this historic opportunity? Until now, Russians looked at Turkey as a geopolitical competitor and a potential opponent. Now, Russians will begin looking at Turkey as a despicable enemy. Will Armenians have the political maturity and foresight to exploit this historic opportunity? Russians finally got a little taste of what Armenians and Greeks have been going through for the past one thousands years. Will Armenians have the political maturity and foresight to exploit this historic opportunity? This was a serious offense against Russia. This is a historic opportunity not only for Armenia but also for Artsakh. Russians must be made to understand that Ankara and Baku are being governed by Asiatic squatters with a pan-Turkic agenda. Moscow must be made to understand that Ankara and Baku have always been and will continue being exploited by their Anglo-American-Jewish masters. Moscow must be made to understand that as long as these Asiatic squatters remain at the helm in Ankara and Baku, Russia’s vulnerable underbelly will continue being threatened by Western powers and Islamic extremists. Now, for Moscow, the Turks is no longer just a geopolitical competitor but an active enemy. Will Armenians have the political maturity and foresight to exploit this historic opportunity?

    My heartfelt condolences ot the families of the two martyred Russian servicemen.

  5. Raffi said:

    If Turkey and Russia are fighitng terrorism, why did Turkey down the Russian fighter (even if he had crossed the border) if both coutries are fighting terrorism? the truth is that TURKEY can’t be trusted, he betrayed, and will betray Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, Putin should have known this by now, it is RUSSIA’s MISTAKE.

  6. Antranik soultanian said:

    I regret the loss of life(Russian pilot and marine) but this must be a lesson to Russia.Next time this bloody Turkish helicopters or planes cross the Armenian border please shoot them down don’t even warn them like they did.

  7. edward demian said:

    I knew it! As I have commented many times before, I will repeat. Turkey will get too big for its britches, and when it becomes advantageous to the powers, they will break up Turkey, into its Ethno regional parts. As Israel lobbies the US so successfully, we need to do the same, but this time Russia. Too bad for the US missed it’s chance to have another Israel in the Caucasus. Be sure Russia will not. A Western Armenia, a grateful Kurdistan and Syria, a friendly Iran, all beholden to Russia is what Russia has dreamed off in the last 300 years. Russia has naval presence in the Mediterranean, at Latakia, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that soon, it will be welcomed in the Persian gulf, with a naval base in Iran. I’m sorry to say, that while US foreign policy was focusing on pleasing Israel, it dropped the ball everywhere else. America betrayed its revolutionary democratic traditions by supporting undemocratic regimes that oppress it’s people. Our foreign policy has no vision, no ethics and no soul. We are rightfully viewed as vampires and not messengers of peace. In our advance toward the future more mechanical, more electronic, we’ve lost respect for history.

  8. Antranik said:

    Bolshevik Russia betrayed us Armenians. Soviet Russia did the same. I just hope that Russian federation have seen the light and uses the Armenian factor. I think there cannot be a bigger slap to the Turk’s face than that.Gabrenk yev gedesnenk.

  9. Sylva~MD~Poetry said:

    Yes, Sir Lavrov
    Your guess must be fair
    Yes ….
    It was planned
    And as the Armenian genocide.
    They are savage planners
    To kill,
    Every thing must be easy for them,
    Since they arrived a millennium ago.

    Sir Lavrov …
    Still you trust them!
    If they genocided 1.5 million innocent lives
    Still they deny…bribing dishonest men
    To act their way…
    You should know that they are
    “A well-known race to stab in the back”

    Thus…for them… is very easy
    To shoot down the aircraf by American missile
    And shoot the pilot in the air …
    Like shooting a bird…barbecuing to eat…
    And say, the aircraft entered their confiscated land
    Iskenderun’s south border…
    Which was a Syrian land
    Before French played their game
    Handling that piece to Seljuk-Tartars in 1937, Changing its name to Hatay
    As they change Ararat name to “Agre”

    The saviors arrived to save innocent lives
    ‘Cause all honest nations are against them.

    Every honest human want to live in peace and
    Breathe bloodless air …
    Thriving their children
    In fearless, beautiful terrains.

    November 26, 2015