#ConanArmenia Scores 1.3 Million Viewers

Conan attempts a traditional Armenian dance in front of the Garni Temple (Photo by Aaron Bleyaert
Conan attempts a traditional Armenian dance in front of the Garni Temple (Photo by Aaron Bleyaert

Conan attempts a traditional Armenian dance in front of the Garni Temple (Photo by Aaron Bleyaert

Conan in Armenia Doubled Viewership the Show Has been Averaging

LOS ANGELES—The Armenia-centric episode of Conan, which aired Tuesday, scored 1.3 million viewers that night, doubling what the show has been averaging recently.

According to Deadline.com, an average of 1.04 million viewers caught TBS’ unveiling of Conan In Armenia at 11 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, 666,000 of whom fell into the advertiser-coveted 18-49 age bracket. Another 317,000 viewers of all ages watched a replay immediately after the premiere, at 12:30 a.m. Eastern, 226,000 of them in the 18-49 demographic.

The numbers do not reflect viewer numbers after Tuesday, on various online platforms on which the show airs, including the official teamcoco.com. It also does not figure delayed viewing on DVR and other devices. When those numbers of revealed soon, it should register an uptick in viewership.

Conan O’Brien became the first late-night host to take his show to Armenia. He was accompanied by his assistant Sona Movsesian who was making her first trip to the homeland.

Watch the full episode if you’ve missed the initial airing on TBS.

Ahead of Tuesday’s show, in a phone interview Friday with Asbarez Editor Ara Khachatourian, O’Brien discussed his experience in Armenia and producing the episode saying: “I’ve been making television for 22 year and this episode is one thing I am most proud of.”

He explained that the genesis of the show dated back six years when he moved to Los Angeles and hired Sona Movsesian as his assistance. She said she grew up in Montebello, where she attended the Armenian Mesrobian School, learning the language, culture and history of Armenians. She had never traveled to Armenia and said that she was able to experience what she had grown up hearing about from her family, school and community.

Watch behind the scenes takes with Sona’s family.

“I haven’t quite done television like that. I thought it was very real. I am proud of the whole show,” O’Brien told Asbarez. “It’s a very human story.”


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  1. Haytoug Chamlian said:

    in the segment around the end, about the genocide :

    . in the written text on the black screen,
    the word Turk or Turkish is not used, at all;

    it says that the “Ottoman Empire” etc.
    the word turk or turkish is nowhere to be found

    . and then, Sona deems useful to explain that one of his grand parent’s family was saved by… a Turkish family

    so, the only time when we hear the word Turkish,
    is when she talks about the Turks who saved her ancestor

    for a viewer who does not know anything on the subject (and there are a lot of those),
    it sounds as if the genocide was committed by some other people,
    and thank God, the Turks where there to save us…

    way to go…

  2. Knarik said:

    Yes, there seems to be some kind of “illness” that is going around and it has infected not only the above mentioned TV episode on Armenia but also recently published books on the Armenian Genocide where the Turks, authors of this horrific crime, are portrayed as fine, kind, and cultured people. Yes, “Way to go…” Soon we will forget all about what happened to the Armenians in 1915; it’s such an inconvenience anyway. Let us not think at all about what our ancestors suffered and, as a result, what we as a people and nation have lost.

  3. Sosy Kevonian said:

    How many Armenians have been massacred? ONE AND A HALF MILLION
    How many Armenians have been saved??????
    I don’t know if anybody has done the counting of Armenians saved by the Turks during the Genocide, if not it is worth doing it and let’s be done with this propaganda of Turks saving the Armenians during the Genocide, and that’s only one side of the medal. we’re not mentioning the looting, the possession of our properties, our bank accounts our safe deposits etc, etc, etc…… pleaaaaase a Turk is always a Turk.