Majority Stakeholder in Air Armenia Accepts ‘Extended Hand of Reconciliation’

Arsen Avetisyan, a majority shareholder in Air Armenia, says he will be discharged from the hospital today (Source: RFE/RL)
Arsen Avetisyan, a majority shareholder in Air Armenia, says he will be discharged from the hospital today (Source: RFE/RL)

Arsen Avetisyan, a majority shareholder in Air Armenia, says he will be discharged from the hospital today (Source: RFE/RL)

YEREVAN (ARKA)—Arsen Avetisyan, a majority shareholder in Air Armenia who was reportedly assaulted in Yerevan by the bodyguards of the president of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA), Ruben Hayrapetyan, issued a statement today saying his partners asked him to, “accept the extended hand of reconciliation.”

According to media reports, Avetisyan was beaten up and hospitalized with a broken nose and other serious injuries over the weekend in an attack which was reportedly led by Hayrapetyan.

The East Prospect Fund, which owns a 49% share in the airline, said in a statement Thursday that the Saturday’s assault on Avetisyan jeopardized its plans to help restart Air Armenia’s operations with large-scale investments. Its chief executive, Vladimir Bobylev, asked Armenian authorities and parties involved in the incident to find lawful ways of solving the existing problem.

“My partners have asked me to demonstrate a reasonable approach to the problem and accept the extended hand of reconciliation. They have also called on me to take into account every detail concerning the future of the airline when making decisions,” Avetisayn said in a separate statement today.

He stressed that he is responsible for every decision. “Therefore, I can accept the extended hand of reconciliation because of the concerns about the future of Air Armenia, because of the efforts of my partners to address the problems of the company, because of the expectations of my family who have gone recently through strings of tests, and because of a healthy atmosphere which is mandatory for the operation of the airline in conditions of harmony and mutual trust,” he said.

Avetisyan said that he was to be discharged from the hospital today, and after treatment at home, will be going back to work as soon as possible.

He expressed gratitude to the Armenian authorities, law enforcement agencies, and the media for their rapid responses to the statement of his wife and brother.

The incident was first reported by Avetisyan’s wife, Izabella Melkumyan, who published an open letter to President Serzh Sarkissian, saying that Hayrapetyan and his bodyguards kidnapped his husband after the beating. According to her, Hayrapetyan demanded that Avetisyan sign a statement that he owes a substantial amount of money to him.

According to media reports, Air Armenia has outstanding debts to another local airline, Taron-Avia, whose owner “ceded” the debt to Hayrapetyan. The violent incident is being investigated by law-enforcement authorities.

In December 2014, Vladimir Bobylev pledged to invest at least $30 million in Air Armenia to replace and expand the company’s small fleet of aircraft. East Prospect Fund is a licensed investment financial fund registered in the British Virgin Islands but headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. It is said to manage $2.5 billion worth assets.


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  1. Armenian said:

    Armenia’s oligarchs are speedbumps to the social, economic, and political development of Armenia. Anyone who tries to justify their actions– even remotely, is a traitor.

    • Lorenz John said:

      Speedbumps…??? How about 6 foot tall reinforced concrete barriers right in the middle of the roadway.

    • Serop said:

      These Criminals should all be got rid of, and the only group with any chance of doing so is ARF.
      However the ARF in Armenia is becoming part of the same corrupt mentality and the only hope left is a peoples revolution

  2. Another Armenian said:

    So, who is next???
    This is beyond and above any justification with any stretch of imagination. President Sarkisian should resign as soon as possible if he has any decency left in him. Sadly this sort of incident is the new norm in Armenia. This is becoming a national shame and questions the very seriousness of our national struggle.
    There should be trial and punishment on this and every each such case; this is not about “reconciliation”? This is not a fight in between two kids that you’re trying to “reconcile”.
    It is not about to “accept the extended hand of reconciliation” any more, this is a matter of law and order, it’s about the dignity, safety and honor of the Armenian Republic and every each one of its citizens. This is the root cause why thousands of Armenians are leaving the country every day. The diaspora should not keep silence and become an accomplice to this criminal reality.
    Mr. H. Sassoonian and the rest ( all our organizations included, hint –hint) should stop playing along with the criminal government enticed by the honorary medals and fluttered by the official attention and receptions they enjoy in Armenia.
    This is about helping Armenia and securing its future. How meaningful and important is talking and pursuing the HAI TAD / The Armenian cause if we are so unable and unwilling to stand up for what’s right.

  3. Serop said:

    Armenian criminal leaders seem to get away with everything their way. First they beat him up and threatened his life should this man not accept their terms, then now they are offering an ‘Extended Hand of Reconciliation’ which really means if you do not shut up and do what we want, then it will get worst.
    The poor man had no choice. We are a group businessmen who formed an investment body with substantial funds, we refuse to invest a single Dollar in a nation ran by thugs and criminals who beat up & kill people, whose children murder innocent Hays and get away free
    This criminal network of families must be got rid of if we want a true azad Hayastan to become prosperous.
    Where are you ARF when you are needed most

  4. Raffi said:

    President Sarkisian should be held accountable and oblige him to resign immediatly

    • Serop said:

      Thats funny, Sarkissian is one of them, all of them belong to one of the 5 or 6 power groups controlling Armenia, all of them corrupt with blood on their hands. Kocharian, Sarkissian all of them criminals, there is no real democracy in Armenia, we are still a nation managed by Criminal Clans with loyalty only to the Clan. Have a look at the corporate nbstructures in Armenia, every sector is controlled by one of these thugs