Erdogan Accuses Armenian Diaspora of ‘Exploiting 1915 Events’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a live television interview on Jan. 29. (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

ANKARA—In a live interview with the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that the Armenian diaspora is pushing for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but that “[the] issue needs to be handled by the historians,” Today’s Zaman reported.

“We are saying, ‘If you are sincere on this matter, then come, let’s leave this to historians, let historians study the issue, let’s open our archives,’” Erdogan said

“If the results reveal that we have committed a crime, if we have a price to pay, then as Turkey we would assess it and take the required steps.”

Erdogan said the Armenian diaspora is trying to exploit the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and “drag Turkey into a fight.”

The Turkish President said Armenians have a strong lobby around the world and it is a fact that Turkey’s efforts against them are somewhat weak, according to Today’s Zaman.

Armenian leaders have stated in the past that there is no debate over the veracity of the Armenian Genocide, accusing Turkish proposals for a “panel of historians” of being a ploy to create a debate where there is none; a debate which Turkey-backed historians will be free to derail and stall, giving Turkey another excuse to avoid recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

In another part of the interview, when asked about the latest “Freedom in the World 2015” report of US-based watchdog Freedom House and its heavy criticism of Turkey with regards to increasing interference in the media and judiciary, Erdogan claimed that “no one really takes Freedom House seriously.”

Erdogan refuted Freedom House’s findings and said: “Freedom House doesn’t have any dignity. Zero dignity. They think they are so valuable. There may be others behind organizations like Freedom House. We need to know these facts.”

In other remarks, Erdogan once again criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attending a march in Paris after the attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this month. Leaders around the world marched arm-in-arm for the victims of the Paris attacks in a show of solidarity. Erdogan said he did not understand how Netanyahu dared to attend the march, considering “Israel’s increasingly aggressive behavior,” especially with regards to the “violation of holy sites in Jerusalem.” Erdogan himself has been criticized by the international community for censoring Charlie Hebdo cartoons just days after that same march in Paris.

Erdogan went on to say that Netanyahu’s acts against Palestinians are “state terror” and that Israelis “like to shed blood” and find peace in “sucking blood.”


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  1. Ohannes Boghossian said:

    MR.Erdogan you have great ideas but your ideas are very very danger and evil
    we are talking Armenian Genocide Mr.President Armenian Genocide is not a bargaining chips
    Mr.Erdogan Armenian Genocide is fact
    Mr. President i have great idea for you how but April 24 visit to Armenia and give you respect
    1.500.000 Armenian Genocide victims

  2. GB said:

    Turkic herd leader does not want to know, from where Armenian diaspora came from. This is why most Armenians call them “Turks”

    • hye said:

      right on spot GB. the reason there is an Armenian diaspora is the genocide. this guy does not get it. But I don’t blame him he probably does not bother to do a research, “he just leaves to historians”

  3. Areg said:

    Turkey is behind ISIS Mr. Erdogan! Whom are you kidding Erdogan? And why did you send your body Davutoglu to Paris? Is this a duble standard?

  4. tuyn said:

    Davutoglu marched also you idiot , how can you clarify that part you moron heartless f…k

  5. tuyn said:

    You have invited our President Serj Sarkisian on April 24 to attend galippoli knowing what April 24 is for us , and now you are asking for historians , your archives what archives , look at the tribunals of the perpertraitors of the Armenian Genocide look at tallat pasha , look at the world and then look your self in the mirror and ask your self .

  6. Joseph mardian said:

    Erdogan: “Sucking Blood” This quote to Israel is actually very compatible with Turks sucking the blood of Armenians. Much more: State organized killings, State organized deportations, famine, Sending to death by marching thousands, and killing them and throwing the bodies in Euphrates river in Der al Zor, until the river water color turned red. What kind of thick animal skin do you have to accuse the Armenian diaspora, Mr. Erdogan. You complain of diaspora, man, these are the children and grandchildren of your parents and grandparents victims. Shame on your ignoramus attitude. But you are not ignorant; you are a wolf in sheep skin

  7. ara said:

    these turks are clowns-like they are some intellectual group of-idiots
    this guy probably has come from the guerilla tribe or apes

  8. GeorgeMardig said:

    Who is Erdogan to change the guidlines of who decidess a Genocide, Genocides usualy decide the UN, Genocide perpetrators never admit their guilt, Pol Pot of Cambodia never accepted his committing of Genocide, it is the world that condemns an act of Genocide, I think the Kalifa of Terrorist state of Turkey is losing touch with reality, and believes the rest of the world is an extension of his Kalifate

  9. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Fool and Idiot !.

    I Quote –

    Erdogan Accuses Armenian Diaspora of ‘Exploiting 1915 Events’

    Comment –

    Its Turkeys denial which make the case grow and will eventually swallow Turkey up !.


  10. Sarkis said:

    If Turkey was honest about finding out the reality they should have opened up all their archives to the world and let us all see what is in there.

    The simple fact that the once existing Armenian population and it’s culture is no longer in Turkey and their remnants are spread all over the world is sufficient to prove who is guilty of Genocide. Forcefully uprooting a population and erasing it’s culture is an act of Genocide not to mention all the crimes committed against unarmed women and children.

  11. Hay Ouzh said:

    Israelis find peace “sucking blood?” What do Turks find peace doing? What were Turks sucking, and suck until now?

  12. Ari said:

    State sponsored terror is demonstrated best by Erdogan’s government. Whether it is the suppression of the opposition parties, jailing of the journalists, sponsorship of radical Islamists or continued Armenian Genocide by denial. How can the free World accept this Turkish government as an ally and a candidate for EU membership when actions of this government show nationalistic and intolerant islamist agendas towards non-muslim nationalities and universal freedoms that are rights of each and every nation?

  13. Keyser Soze said:

    Putting something in debate that is undebatable and a fact is the the Turkish strategy for denial. A whole lot of circular reasoning to buy more time results from a debate. The protocols should have been dead on arrival. President Wilson already sued for Armenian lands back with a treaty. No one should have sold those Western Armenian lands in exchange for open borders with Turkey.