Turkish Foreign Ministry Mistakenly Publishes Dzidzernagapert Picture in Official Calendar

An official calendar published by Turkey's foreign ministry includes a picture of Dzidzernagapert for the month of April

ANKARA—The Turkish Foreign Ministry has “mistakenly” published a picture of the Dzidzernagaper Armenian Genocide memorial monument as the graphic for the month of April in an official calendar, prepared to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, reported the Hurriyet Daily News on Thursday.

A Foreign Ministry official told the Hürriyet Daily News that the picture had been “accidentally included with other photographs.”

An investigation has been launched into the mistake and the individual responsible will be punished, the official said, adding that most of the day planners have yet to be distributed.

The official strongly refuted claims that the picture is part of a new “Armenian opening” on the part of Ankara, stressing that elements of any opening on dialogue with Armenians are delivered either by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Shame On Godless Populace,
    Those Who Slay, Confiscate, Rape, Lie, Deny;
    Still with Ceaseless Revenge,
    I Don’t Know What Sort of People They Are!

    Shame on the faithless populace,
    Who slay, rape, confiscate, revenge, lie, deny . . .
    They seaized, raped, devastated the Armenian Highlands . . .
    Belonging to an ancient, sacrificed, artful race,
    Who were innocent, safe, unarmed . . ..

    Victims left their kitchens and their knives . . .
    So could not cut even a piece of bread
    To carry with them to feed their hungry kids, walking
    Through unexpected, cruelest journey on the desert sand.

    “Is this humanity?” I ask.
    They slayed all, one by one
    With their well-sharpened scimitars,
    Without asking the real God . . . but their barbaric god . . .

    They have another Allah, –– The “slayers’ god”
    Who allowed . . . and still allows them to slay,
    To butcher people in their own way . . . .
    Our ancient lands, full of our skulls, breathe still with DNA s!

    They killed my grandfather ‘Mihran Dabbaghian’ and
    His uncle, ‘Garabed Dabbaghian’, a famous lawyer in town
    With relatives . . . all disappeared at once,
    Till today . . . We don’t know where!*

    I repeat and I’ll continue to repeat till I sigh,
    “Shame on a populace who slay, rape, confiscate, lie, deny
    and continue shamlessly to revenge from God fear peoplace,
    I wonder what sort of godless creatures they are!”

    Dr.Sylva Portoian

    April 24, 2010 (Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day)

    From Poetrey collection…”Bring- Out Our Genocided Skulls and Artful Hands” April 2015 I hope…

  2. ED said:

    I don’t think this was done “mistakenly”- This is part of dirty denial policy which official Ankara plays without Armenia now!

    Most probably official Ankara has expected that official Yerevan will fall in the trap of Erdogan’s invention to commemorate there so called share pain during anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli- Now there calculation were wrong and some people were not aware about the answer of official Yerevan…

  3. masis chalabian said:

    doesnt matter still turks dreaming to kill all armenians in the world I dont want any peace with them and as a american-armenian I cant afford to live bad quality life standart in armenia usa much better for armenians

  4. Vindicated Man said:

    … the picture had been “accidentally included with other photographs.”

    Really? Anyone who believes or supports this Turkish spokesman needs to question their ability to think

  5. Mary said:

    Is it a “mistake”, or is it (the Genocide) part of Turkey’s celebration of a “glorious” and “victorious” year, 1915?

  6. Alex Postallian said:


  7. Sarkis said:

    Probably not a mistake and no one will get punished. It was done on purpose I’m sure.