Davutoglu’s Armenian Advisor Says It’s Time to ‘Heal’; Disregards Diaspora

Etyen Mahcupyan

Turkey should engage with Armenia, not Armenian diaspora, Mahçupyan says

ANKARA—Turkey should turn the centenary of the Armenian Genocide into an opportunity to engage with the Armenian state and society rather than the Armenian diaspora, the Turkish prime minister’s adviser Etyen Mahçupyan has said, claiming that the Armenian state is more open to dialogue, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

Mahçupyan said reciprocal steps by Turkey and Armenia on the centenary of the 1915 genocide would change relations between the two states in a “healing” way, adding that the initial phase should be between Turkey and Armenia, rather than the Armenian diaspora.

“Armenia and its society are more ready to engage with Turkey than the diaspora. But because we hear the state’s voice and as the state speaks as a state, it seems bold,” Mahçupyan was quoted as saying by Hurriyet Daily.

Claiming that “when one speaks to the people on the streets of Armenia, one can understand that they are seeking closure,” Mahçupyan said the same was true for Turkey.

He added that although the two nations were the “children of the same culture” and there was a “longing” between them, the world’s current state system had drawn borders between nations, making inter-state relations more formal and cold.

Commenting on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s invitation to Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian to attend a ceremony marking the centenary of the Battle of Gallipoli — which Turkey incidentally scheduled to take place on April 24, the day Armenians mark the Armenian Genocide every year — Mahçupyan said the invitation was made to the entire world, including Armenia.

The adviser also said that many Armenians soldiers had died for the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Gallipoli, so the ceremony would “naturally be of interest” to the Armenian state.

“But states might not act with moral responsibilities. They hold a more self-serving and bargaining perspective,” said Mahçupyan, referring to Sarkisian’s decision to decline the invitation, but failing to mention Erdogan’s decision to respond to an earlier invitation from Sarkisian to attend commemoration events for the Armenian Genocide in Yerevan.

The Turkish government to this day refuses to acknowledge that the systematic, state-sponsored murder of 1.5 million Armenians and the exile of Armenians from their historic homelands constitutes a genocide. Instead, the Turkish state claims that it was Armenians who killed Turks and that Armenians were relocated from their homes for their own safety. Writers and public figures in Turkey are arrested regularly for speaking about the Armenian Genocide, which is illegal in Turkey under certain circumstances.


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  1. Arto said:

    Dear Etyen,

    The reason you were chosen to be an “advisor” to Erdogan was another cynical attempt by Turks to deflect Genocide accusations by having a “token” Armenian point man for 2015. Once 2016 rolls around, you will be looking for another job.

  2. Hay Ouzh said:

    The Armenian Diaspora is the direct result of the Armenian Genocide , and you turks are unable to reach us with justice and redemption in regards of the Genocide and therefore you apply such dirty means as a shortcut. You are a turkified, so called “Armenian” who has all his friends and buddies in Turkey. Your cowardly actions are nothing compared to the courage and dignity of Hrant Dink, who paid with his own blood for the recognition of the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. Tell your boss Davutoglu that the Armenian State and the Armenian Diaspora are one and the same, and there is NOTHING that TURKS LIKE YOU will do to divide that sacred unity and determination in order to realize your dark aims in extinguishing our sacred and holy mission to make TURKEY RECOGNIZE and PAY for the crime of the Armenian Genocide. Yes… Unfortunately we had so many heroes and traitors in our Armenian history, you happen to be in the group of the traitors who kiss Turkish butt as they order you to say.. “there was no Armenian Genocide”… You can be happy with that medal of shame on your forehead.

  3. tuyn said:

    lol u r so funny old fool and you say you are Armenian , i dont beleive that for a second maybe your last name has a yan and that does not make you a true Armenian , all you are is another bluff to your selfs and that clown davutoglu rest assured we will win the case and we will have our day in human rights court and beleive me our God is with us and you should talk more about the church in mosul that got burned down or torched within one year for the second time , as for the Diaspora you should know better that we are part of Armenia and we will always have our voices heard and you should really stop claiming to be Armenian as for one do not recognize you being Armenian , just becasue your lats name end up with yan that dfoes nor make you Armenian unless you beenbrainwashed and getting paid for the position you are in. Chatlax

  4. Paul said:

    EY is absolutely correct but he is also looking at the situation from a survivor in turkey with a political stake. The diaspora has been painfull educated to the Genocide while others inturkey and armenia have day to day agenda and worries to say the least. Also a lack of information on the subject BELEIVE it or not!!!

  5. Sergik said:

    I don’t believe this guy is an Armenian, for sure he is a Turk claiming to be Armenian.

  6. Barkev M. said:

    For the best interests of both Armenians and Turks, Turkey should engage with Armenia and the Diaspora. For Turkey’s best interests, Turkey will continue to engage with only Armenia. Davutoglu’s new Armenian pet is as useless as the blasphemous protocols. Congratulations Etyan, you have joined the list of cowardly davadjuns (ie. traitors).

  7. Jove said:

    Matchupoglou pasha has thus spoken. Clever move of the government to appoint a turkified Armenian name person as an adviser.

  8. Hagopian hagopian said:

    Just because your last name ends in tan or Ian doesn’t make you an Armenian. Just another turkish puppet.

  9. AG said:

    With whom has Etyen spoken to on “the streets of Armenia?” He can meet many such people, who live and work in Russia, Europe, and the America, who left their country due to economic disaster brought on by Turkey’s blockade. Etyen won’t meet any of those Armenians? Why would he leave his comfortable existence in his homeland (Turkiye)? Etyen can never be relevant outside of that homeland. Let him stay there and thrive there, spewing his trite propaganda, within Turkish borders.

  10. AG said:

    With whom has Etyen spoken to on “the streets of Armenia?” He can meet many such people, who live and work in Russia, Europe, and America, who left their country due to economic disaster brought on by Turkey’s blockade. But Etyen won’t meet any of those Armenians, because why would he leave his comfortable existence in his Turkish homeland? Etyen can never be relevant outside of that homeland. Let him stay there and thrive there. Nobody outside of Turkish borders will heed his “advice.”

  11. Areg said:

    What a jerk!

    This so called Etyen Mahcupyan is talking of Armenians and the Turks of being the ” Children of the same Culture.” Mahcupyan must be kidding!
    Turks are children of Chengiz Khan and Temur Lang who came to the Armenian Lands raping, burning, stealing and destroying anything they saw on their way. They speak a different language, have no alphabet of their own, no music and literature of their own and everything they claim to have is stolen from all others and mainly Armenians. So tell us Mr. Mahcupyan where are you getting the idea that Armenians and the Turks are of the same culture?
    These barbarian Genocidal Turks were called the plight of Asia and sick man of Asia and you want to equate these two people with each other!
    It is no surprise you are on the payroll of this Genocidal Turkish gevernment and you say as you are told to say. And God forbid if this Genocidal Turkish government sends you to represent Turkey on the Armenian Genocide Centenial to Armenia-You are not welcomed by the entire Armenian Nation in Armenia and Diaspora.
    You are not a wise man. You are a fake Turkish puppit.

    • Hagopian hagopian said:

      In reality he needs The video on YouTube from the Library of Congress titled Armenians and DNA.then in his turkish mind set he will understand that armenias have a unique DNA. The onlly reason they are called turks is. because, The Arabs used to tell them et truk Hal dean Means leave this faith And embrace islam. The 400 families that was evading Genghis Khan And showed up in Armenia Not only did they not have a name for that tribe But didn’t even have a word for water In their vocabulary. Don’t ever Claim that Armenians and turks Are one people.

  12. Reader said:

    If this guy has any Armenian blood in him, he should resign immediately. His position brings no honor to him or anyone else. He is clearly being used, and it is disgraceful working for Davutogly, who is no different than his genocidal ancestors.

  13. GeorgeMardig said:

    …..He added that although the two nations were the “children of the same culture”….. for sure he is not one of them, he is one of the son of a bitches that Turks manufactured, who is trying to devide the Armenians.

  14. Ara said:

    This man (Etyen Mahcupyan) hates Diaspora and since he has been so called adviser to Ahmet Davutoglu, who is a fundamentalist moslim and panturkik Primeminister of Turkey. Etyen Mahcupyan is a shame for armenians.

  15. Serj Bulanikian said:

    Through history Armenians had many detractors, including Armenians. Mahcupyan is a good example of 21 Century misguided soul. On the other hand, why should he or could he defend our rights when he is in bed withTurkish denialist?
    It is idealistic to claim that we want “closure”. Yes…indeed, ONLY after Turks accept their responsability.
    What a stupid excuse that the invitation to Gallipoli was OK because Armenians soldiers also died. As a Bolsetzi I am discusted by Mahcupyan ruminations.

  16. Krikor said:

    This person is s paid mouthpiece of Turkish government who is trying to incite Diaspora against Armenia.
    He should understand well that we are one nation Diaspora -Artsakh -Armenia
    and Genocide recognition is our unifying goal

  17. Rubo said:

    Etyen Mahcupyan has become a stoodge messenger of Turkish Government. Once used he will be out of the office.
    This man is pain and grief for Armenia, I strongly agree calling him Etyen Mahcupoghlu.
    This is his official name for him now.
    Let him live and die as Mahcupoghlu.

  18. krikor said:

    In the end he will lose both worlds. Like all who tried to sell their soul before him. He will always be an Armenian bastard in the eyes of Turks. They might praise him for selling out but, no one will consider him an equal being. He is a painful example to those who sell themselves for position and crumbs offered by the butchers. Our history is full of people like that.

  19. krikor said:

    Unfortunately, and very simply, he allowed himself to become a Turkish tool. If he was a fair human-being he’d call on Turkey to recognize the Genocide. That is the humane thing to do. But, to vilify the victims for asking for recognition that shows how corrupt he is.

  20. Rubo said:

    Mr Etyen Mahcupyan
    We are used to these ‘foxy’ tricks by Turks and You are being used. Once you are used then you will be out of office.
    Why should Turks employ an Armenian advisor? Cannot they find one from their people?
    Did you advise Erdogan for his despicable invitation of Sargissian?
    Are you trying to find Armenians who have your views and cause rift amongst us?
    The truth is that you are a messenger under immense pressure by Turks. I feel sorry for you.

  21. Hagopian hagopian said:

    Every April 24th you not only see Armenians from traditional diaspora but you also see thousands of Armenians from Armenia you see thousands of Armenians from every diaspora. Regardless if they just got off the boat or not every Armenian commemorates and demands reparations. there is no difference where an Armenian is from. Just because Armenia is economically disadvantaged that doesn’t change anything. How different are you than a Turk. Shame on you if you have any dignity you should just shut up. You have proven that you are an Uncle Tom actually, Uncle Armen or better yet a Armen Keri. Just another turkish man whore.

  22. Lusik said:

    Yes, he will be put aside and forgotten after April 24, 2015.
    Meanwhile, the valuable information from this case is
    a) Turkish state continues culturing janissaries (janissaries – an elite corps of slaves recruited from young Christian boys, and became famed for internal cohesion cemented by strict discipline and order);
    b) Turkish diplomacy copies (or was coped by) Soviets – whenever some unnatural bill (like twice increasing price on butter) should happen, the masses speak ahead about their dream for price of butter lifted at least twice. This janissary is the “witness” for “simple people of Armenia (who are they?, so they actually exist? if yes, are they citizens of Armenia? and so on) want and bla … bla … bla …”
    c) On the other hand, there is no fume without fire: forces that are bigger than Turkey want to channel energy and momentum of Armenians (without talking about efforts to brake unity of Armenians) into symposiums, committees, conferences, programs and such. Their protocol is simple: dilute, separate, dissolve and forget. We better watch these guys.
    d) He simply looks disgusting.

  23. Garen Yegparian said:

    Wow, I don;t know too much about this guy, but he seems to have lost it!

    Or, perhaps he has always been about his own advancement based on his nationality, serving as the “house Armenian” for his Turkish governmental overlords. Seeing such lackies in acion is always sad, but a part of life.

    This tactic of attempting to pit Armenia against the Diaspora (just another version of divide and conquer) is now so overused and a significant portion of Turkey’s propaganda efforts that it is simply laughable.