SARF Issues Announcement About Armenian Refugee Immigration to US

Syian Armenian Relief Fund

GLENDALE—The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund on Friday issued a statement regarding Syrian-Armenian refugees interested in immigrating to the US. Below is the complete text:

Announcement Regarding Syrian Armenian Refugees Interested in Immigrating to US
The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, SARF, a coalition of leading organizations in the community, has been committed to providing relief and assistance to the Armenian community of Syria since the destabilizing civil unrest plaguing the country that has played host to Armenians for centuries and was a bastion of safety for hundreds of thousands of Genocide survivors.

In recent weeks, public announcements have been made throughout the Armenian community that the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees along with the United States government have initiated a Syrian resettlement program to assist individuals and families who have become displaced as a result of the continuing unrest in the country.

These announcements as of yet are unsubstantiated and therefore misrepresent the breadth of the present commitment of U.S. government regarding processing and acceptance of Syrian refugees to the U.S. Individuals are offering their “services” in return for substantial compensation to initiate immigration processes, the details of which have yet to be determined by the US government.

Therefore we wish to warn members of the public to be cautious when retaining such services.

In addition to raising funds for the Armenian community in Syria and responding to its every-day needs, SARF is continuously monitoring developments and meeting with relevant bodies to obtain the proper information regarding immigration and refugee matters as they pertain to displaced people of Syria.

We recognize the dire predicament in which the Armenians from Syria find themselves and are steadfastly committed to meeting those needs.

We are confident that upon the receipt of any further development regarding this matter the Armenian community shall be informed by various Armenian media sources.

Executive Committee
Syrian Armenian Relief Fund


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  1. Bedros Anserian said:

    What a relief ! Thank you for your clarification. Beware of Immigration scams, the wrong help can hurt. For legal matters first contact your local legal adviser. If you need help filing an application or petition with USCIS, be sure to seek assistance from the right place, and from people that are authorized to help.

  2. Areg said:

    Enough of this nonsense. All Armenians go to Armenia-Hatastan to your homeland. There is nothing for us elsewhere.
    Those bastards who are creating such news or try to confuse the public can all go to hell.

  3. krikor said:

    Utterly painful news article. We as people have lost our compass. We have no sense of direction.
    The historic moment is here, either now or never: For decades Armenians chant that we Armenians have a motherland so why not go there. Now, Armenians who are living in worse places need to leave and if these people will not go to Armenia then, no one will (emphasis added). Otherwise, our cause on the long term is lost cause. I think we could make something good out of this tragedy. At the end, needless to say that what I said about the Armenians in Syria also applies to the Armenians in Iraq.
    If we succeed in this mission: Successfully transferring Armenian communities to Armenia then, we would have served one of the greatest Armenian objectives and would have taken a step in the right direction towards establishing our nation.
    Look at what Netanyahu is doing: he is asking jews in the most stable and prosperous countries in the world to go to Israel. We do the opposite. The difference in attitudes testifies to the difference in status of two peoples and two countries.
    Our organizations’ main raison d’être must be to resettle Armenians in Armenia and to help Armenians survive in Armenia. It must not be transferring them to Ameirca or anywhere else. Resettling them in diaspora will be contribution towards white Genocide.
    We must strive to find a proper shelter form them in Armenia and to help them in starting a business to survive there. This also helps the Armenian economy.
    Urging the government of the United States and other governments to direct some assistance to Armenia so that Armenia can host these refugees will also be of great help.