Officials Release Video of Permyakov’s Interrogation

Valery Permyakov during an interrogation by Armenian officials

GYUMRI, Armenia (Arka)—Armenia’s Investigative Committee has released video footage of the interrogation of Russian military serviceman Valery Permyakov, who has plead guilty to the murder of a family of seven in Gyumri, the press office of the committee reported.

The interrogation by Armenian law enforcement authorities took place in the presence of a defense attorney and an interpreter, according to the report. It was recorded as required by law. The faces of the interpreter and the attorney in the video are hidden for security purposes.

The report says Armenian investigators took samples from Permyakov for forensic examinations, such as DNA tests.

For an ostensibly more effective investigation into the murder case, the heads of Armenia’s and Russia’s investigative committees, Aghvan Hovsepyan and Alexandr Bastrikin, signed an agreement earlier to set up a coordination office comprising of ten representatives from each country.

All investigative measures will be taken in line with international law and as per the military base agreement between Armenia and Russia, according to officials.

The Russian side has charged Permyakov with murdering two or more people and deserting his military post with a firearm.

Criminal charges were also brought against Permyakov in accordance to Armenia’s criminal code.

Ex-President Kocharian Criticizes Officials
“The Gyumri crime which shook Armenia is striking in its brutality,” Former President of Armenia Robert Kocharian said in an interview with

“It was obvious that the people’s indignation could grow into large-scale protests with unpredictable outcomes. The authorities should have taken measures to prevent them,” Kocharyan said. “And first of all, they should have unequivocally ensured the investigation of the crime by Armenian law enforcement agencies and the trial of the accused by Armenian courts — we already had a precedent of such a decision in 1999,” Kocharian continued.

“I am convinced that both the Armenian and Russian sides would have benefited from such measures, as it would have prevented any attempt to extrapolate this tragic case to be about Armenia-Russia relations in general.

“Blurred, contradictory and confused statements from our officials only poured oil on the flames, adding a flavor of national humiliation to the escalated situation. And this is already a highly explosive combination and unfortunately, people’s anger was poured on Armenian policemen.

“In any event, it was a horrifying tragedy. My family and I are deeply shocked by what happened and are mourning together with everyone”, Kocharyan said.


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  1. Norin said:

    Sounds like “Rob” is trying to sound genuinely concerned for the common Armenian in preparation for the next Presidential elections.

  2. Hratch said:

    Kocharian is right, but Mother Russia’s typical heavy handed approach escalated the issue. Similar to Soviet times, they made an immediate and hasty decision without consulting local authority. Their complete disrespect and recognition of Armenian sovereignty politicized this tragedy. Until and when Armenia demands equal treatment among nations, we will continue to suffer at the hands of foreigners. Yes, this monster committed the crime as an individual, but Mother Russia took it upon herself to further the tragedy by rubbing salt in the wound..

  3. Areg said:

    Mr. Kocharian:

    Thank you for your remarks.

    With all the billions that you have made during your presidency you can built all the destroyed homes of over 4000 homeless families in Gyumri. Do it or get the hell out of Armenia.

    Serzh Sarkissian with his family’s billions must also join you and keep our people out of this misery. He must do it or get the hell out of Armenia.

    Levon Ter Petrosian who destroyed Armenia economically can also get the hell out of Armenia.

    We need true nationalist leaders in Armenia who just do it, rather talk and back stab. The money is there in your pockets and Armenia needs it more than ever.

    We also need fedayis running our beloved nation to give a final lesson to these bastard Azerbaijani and Turkish animals for attacking our nation. Enough of their Genocidal crimes against the Armenians.

    And to all this so called superpowers and the Western leaders in particular shame on you for supporting these barbarian Genocidal Turk in advancing your superficial and unreasonable goals of world domination through support of Pan Turkism and Pan Turanism. Enough of sucking the Armenian blood with the help of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Our blood is on your hands.

  4. Edward Demian said:

    This was a criminal act probably amplified by alcohol.These Russian soldiers are young, lonely and in a society that is too conservative to allow their daughters to offer any relief. Russia should comprise their military units in Armenia with Russian citizens of Armenian background. That way, the relations between the local population would be more natural. The ramifications of such a policy would be beneficial far beyond the immediate goal. Young people dating, marrying, settling down. What could be better. Lets turn this tragedy into a positive lesson.