Female Soldier Shoots Azerbaijani Sniper Commander

A sniper at the Karabakh-Azerbaijani border

YEREVAN—A female soldier of the Armenian Armed Forces shot and killed an Azerbaijani sniper commander during border gunfire that left four Azerbaijani soldiers dead, reported Armenia’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Arzrun Hovhannisyan, according to the Armenpress news agency.

The Defense Ministry reported that three Azerbaijani servicemen were killed in the Karvachar region in the morning hours on Friday, while the commander of the Azerbaijani sniper unit was killed later in the southern border of Karabakh.

“The Azerbaijani side continues its brazen policy towards its own soldiers and their relatives. Today they lost 3 servicemen only during the daytime in the vicinity of Karvachar. A commander of a snipers’ group was shot dead from the well-aimed bullet of Armenian woman,” said Hovhannisyan.

“Let the Azerbaijani citizens know that the leadership of their country doesn’t only cause death of their sons, but also disrespects them,” added Hovhannisyan.

Earlier, two Armenian soldiers were killed during Azerbaijani attacks on several positions in the Berd area of Armenia’s northeastern Tavush province.

As of Friday afternoon, doctors at a Berd hospital were fighting for the life of another serviceman who was wounded in the attacks.


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  1. Urardatsy said:

    Excellent news. The Armenian and Artsakh armed forces should rely more and more on snipers to “clean” a lot of enemy soldiers instead of going into to hand to hand combat.

  2. Areg said:

    This is the only answer to be given to these animal, barbarian and Genocidal Turkey and Azerbaijan. Enough of sucking the Armenian blood.
    Shame on the West for supporting these barbarian Turkey and Azerbaijan.

  3. GB said:

    Sultan of Axerbaijan has a major internal political problem, for his dictatorial regime over oil Sheikhdom people!

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    Corrupt Aliyev and his corrupt family doesn’t care for his people, their only interest is to stay in power and feed their ego, lives of their soldiers means nothing for them.

  5. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Bravo , This is very good news for all of us. Our women are courageous military personal . We should encourage women to join military service . We must show strength against enemy . Enemy also know only force to apply . She should be decorate with medal . I salute her as a soldier . We need for like her . God Bless Her and Armenia and Armenian People. Sincerely Yours , have a wonderful day.

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    • Charles R Olsen said:

      What is her Name? This young Lady deserves a medal! For her to be out there risking her life like that. I would want her next to me in a heartbeat. Keep doing what you do and watch your 6

  7. Hagop D said:

    One of the best pieces of news recently. God bless her and others like her. Unfortunately for the neutralized terrorists, they will not be getting their 72 virgins, but rather will be entering Hell.