Two Karabakh Soldiers Killed by Azerbaijani Forces

An Artsakh Army serviceman at the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border

STEPANAKERT, YEREVAN—Azerbaijani forces on Wednesday killed two Karabakh soldiers in clashes along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border as military escalation continued along what is called the Line of Contact.

“Azerbaijani armed forces attempted to attack Armenia’s defensive positions” at the Karabakh frontline, the Artsakh Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Karabakh Army soldier Nahapet Asatrian, 33, was identified as one of the soldiers who died in combat.

In a separate incident across the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, 35-year-old Armenian army soldier Arman Udumian, “died of mortal wounds as Azerbaijan violated ceasefire,” Armenia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Two Karabakh soldiers were reportedly killed in similar incidents on Tuesday and Saturday.


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  1. Ohannes Boghossian said:

    my dees condolences to the family’s of our heroes.
    My real advise to Armenian and kerabakh leaders for get the world opinion
    every time Azerbaijan break the ceasefire and Armenian solders get killed
    we have to kill 20 Azerbaijani solders this is the only way they will get the massage
    there is no outer way

  2. Svetlana Swanson said:

    When are we going to get the details about the Azeri casualties due to the ARTSAKH Resistance?

  3. Set said:

    Dear Mr. Defense Minister Ohanyan,
    I am deeply concerned and saddened by the daily news of losses inflicted on our nation and the families along the borders.Being guarantor of our nation’s peace and security, we relay on your courage to call for necessary measures to mitigate and avoid this horrific situation which resembles our bitter past. Our Nation and You Sir, must be strong and unforgiving, to the actions and attitude and of our sentries old enemy with proven track record which desires nothing but total inhalation and destruction of our Armenian Nation and peace loving population.
    I pray for your strength,courage and wisdom and the health of our servicemen and women defending our motherland.

  4. Varouj said:

    This is very frustrating I’m just wondering what strategy we have as far as our defenses go, and what changes can be made to limit the loss of life…are there some best practices they are not following?

  5. Xunsap'ha said:

    There will be more Armenian soldiers dying, until such time as those high up in the Armenian military decide to kill two, three or four of the enemy for each one of their own dead soldiers. Until Azeris are made to realize that they will pay a heavy price for each provocation, they will not stop. Armenia had better wake up and realize that the defensive mode it has adopted is costly and ultimately self-destructive.

  6. Janapar said:

    With the collapse of the price of oil, Azerbaijan will not have the cash to continue to buy arms and widen the military gap with Armenia. Therefore they would be wise to attack now while they have the advantage.

    So it would be best if the CIA stuck its nose in and cooled things off by helping with a regime change that gets rid of Aliyev before a lot of people get killed. Just think of all the good that would come from all around friendlier Azerbaijan in the Caucasus.

  7. MZB said:

    Over again two soldiers killed by Azerbaijani forces.What the Armenian authorities are waiting?
    More dead soldiers?When will respond harshly?More fragmented families?Strange delay to retaliate.
    May God help us!!