ARF Calls for Investigation of Gyumri Tragedy Under Armenian Law

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia issued a statement regarding the ongoing investigation into the tragic murder of a Gyumri family by a Russian soldier, who deserted his post and went on a killing spree last week.

“The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia is deeply saddened by the news of the death of 6-month-old Seryozha Avetisyan who was wounded in the brutal Gyumri massacre and struggled for his life for seven days. On behalf of our organization, we express our condolences and share the pain, grief and protest of the relatives of the Avetisyans, Gyumri residents, and the entire Armenian nation. No words of condolence can ease the pain and emotional anguish of our compatriots,” said the statement.

“We also reaffirm the demands our representatives expressed earlier – the investigation into the killing of the Avetisyan family and the trial should be held in Armenia and under Armenian laws,” added the statement.


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  1. Hratch said:

    This tragedy was bound to happen. Nothing good can come out of having armed foreign soldiers on your soil. Humans are animals and with that comes all sorts of abuse and corruption. I don’t care if it’s God’s army itself, once they settle in they will rape and pillage til the last man standing. The only solution is for the natives to pledge absolute loyalty to defend their land, otherwise, don’t expect anyone else to defend you. If you neglect your own, you will be destined to go the way of the dinosaur.

    God protect Armenia from all Odarphiles both foreign and domestic !

  2. hiedi said:

    *** Absolutely..!!! the investigation in to the killing of the Avetisyan family and the trial should be held in Armenia & under Armenian lows… PERIOD.!!!!

  3. zarkim said:

    Mr Putin has promised full employment for Russians even if they have mental problems.
    Russians should keep their mentally unstable citizens in their own country.
    What is this sick person (Valery Permyakov) doing in Armenia?
    Mr Putin must punish Valery Permyakov SEVERELY and COMPENSATE Armenia (100,s of Millions $..) and pay the same to the effected family for all costs and future rehabilitation for the pain and sufferings.
    This sick soldier should be QUESTIONED by Armenians to prepare a comprehensive report about the incident and find out how many people were involved?
    Who encouraged (Accompanied) this sick dog? Who else WAS INVOLVED? What took place?
    These questions MUST BE ANSWERED.
    Mr Putin’s soldiers are a danger to Armenia unless they are answerable to the ARMENIAN POLICE if they misbehave.
    Armenia should make sure that there are NO MORE SICK RUSSIANS in ARMENIA.
    Russian soldiers should not wonder the streets if ARMED. A special Armenian army unit should monitor their movements.
    An Armenian court should question this soldier. We cannot trust the Russians to do it properly.

  4. Armenian said:

    The fact that the ruling “regime” resorted to apologizing for Russia, caving in, and didn’t even bother to issue a national day of mourning for the deceased family shows you exactly who they’re working for, and just how much the regime itself embodies the dog-like Armenian loyal servant mentality.

    Then the people who want to overthrow the government are accused of being “traitors”. Irony.

  5. Vindicated Man said:

    The crime took place within the Armenian jurisdiction. This means that the murderer must be tried and punished by Armenians, in Armenia, and under the laws of Armenia. Russia has nothing to do with this, other than it is it’s citizen that had committed the crime. It must not be involved in the investigation, trial, or punishment.

  6. Urardatsy said:

    There is no alternative but trying that criminal Russian soldier in Armenia according to Armenian criminal codes. In addition, retributions should be made by the Russian authorities to compensate for this horrible crime against innocent civilians.

  7. Harutik said:

    Regardless of who/what carried out evil crime, this has been a severe blow to Russian-Armenian relations, one that will resonate for many years – Uncle Sam’s lemmings throughout Armenian society will make sure of it. It is now primarily up to Moscow to resolve this matter in a way that will not make things worst between the two historically allied nations. With that said, I see fault with Yerevan: Armenians have failed to become a lobbying presence inside Moscow (assuming it’s not necessary since Russia is a strategic ally) and have instead concentrated on establishing closer relations with Western bodies. Russians, for their part, have neglected little Armenia, assuming that Armenia is an ally and will stay an ally no matter what. Essentially, both sides are sure of each others fidelity, so both sides have neglected each other. Therefore, both sides are fundamentally at fault. The provocateurs inciting violence during the recent protests in Gyumri and Yerevan have revealed once again that President Sargsyan’s policy of appeasement towards Western powers has given Western mercenaries a free hand in Armenia’s internal affairs. Armenian law enforcement bodies must stop these people from politicizing this tragedy. Yerevan must not give Washington’s troublemakers a political platform in the country. Armenia must place all its resources in establishing a permanent presence inside the walls of the Kremlin because the only reason why Armenia exists today is its alliance with Russia. Moscow, for its part, must understand that Armenia’s internal problems are being exploited by Western/Turkish interests and used against Russia’s presence inside the country. Kremlin officials must understand that the situation in Armenia may get worst in the future because Western propaganda is targeting Armenia’s youth. Although I realize Russia is in a historic fight for its life against Western powers and Armenia is therefore not very high on its priority list, I do nevertheless call on Russian officials to begin paying more attention to their little Armenian ally in the south Caucasus.